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  • Latin name: Curantyl
  • ATH code: B01AC07
  • Active ingredient: Dipiridamolum (Dipyridamole)
  • Producer: Berlin-Chemie AG (Germany)


According to IUN (international unlicensed name) active ingredient Dipiridamolum (dipyridamole) in different mass parts is a part of all dosage forms of the drug Curantyl.

1 dragee Curantyl 25 includes 25 mg of Dipiridamolum. In addition: macrogoal 6000, monohydrate of lactose, polividon K25, starch corn, dioxide of titanium, gelatin, wax Brazilian wax palm, magnesium stearate, glucosic syrup, talc, calcium carbonate, sucrose, light main magnesium carbonate, dye yellow quinolinic.

1 tablet N 25 Curantyl includes 25 mg of Dipiridamolum. In addition (including a cover): high-disperse silicon dioxide, monohydrate of lactose, macrogoal 6000, sodium carboxymethylstarch (type A), talc, dioxide of titanium, starch corn, gipromelloza, gelatin, emulsion of a simetikon, magnesium stearate, dye yellow quinolinic.

1 tablet N 75 Curantyl includes 75 mg of Dipiridamolum. In addition (including a cover): high-disperse silicon dioxide, monohydrate of lactose, macrogoal 6000, sodium carboxymethylstarch (type A), talc, dioxide of titanium, starch corn, gipromelloza, gelatin, emulsion of a simetikon, magnesium stearate, dye yellow quinolinic.

Release form

The Berlin-Chemie manufacturing firm lets out drug in the following dosage forms:

  • Curantyl 25 – in the form of a dragee on 100 pieces in glass bottles No. 1 in a box;
  • Curantyl N (N) 25 – in the form of tablets in a cover on 120 pieces in glass bottles No. 1 in a box;
  • Curantyl N (N) 75 – in the form of tablets in a cover on 40 pieces in a box.

Pharmacological action

Angioprotektivny, immunomodulatory, anti-aggregation.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The summary to drug positions Curantyl as a vazodilatiruyushchy remedy of myotropic action which has the braking influence on platelet aggregation, improves microcirculation, and also is characterized by soft vasodilating efficiency.

Vasodilating action of small doses of Dipiridamolum selectively directionally on expansion of arterioles of coronary circulation and unlike antagonists of calcium and organic nitrates does not affect larger vessels of this system. Reception of high doses of Dipiridamolum leads to expansion of arterioles on other sites of a system blood-groove from what this medicine is applied to therapy and prevention of vascular pathologies of various character.

Vasodilating efficiency of drug is shown thanks to two various mechanisms of its action which consist in oppression of process of capture of adenosine and suppression of production of phosphodiesterase.

Owing to the dynamic equilibrium observed between emission of adenosine and its return capture, the intracellular maintenance of this nucleoside is at the level of 0,15-0,20 µmol. At reception of small doses of Dipiridamolum control of capture of adenosine is noted by thrombocytes, erythrocytes and cells of an endothelium that leads to increase of its plasma concentration and strengthening dependent on vazodilatation adenosine. High dosages of drug oppress the aggregation of thrombocytes caused by action of adenosine thereby reducing risk of a thrombogenesis.

In turn, high doses of Dipiridamolum oppress the phosphodiesterases which are responsible for disintegration of tsAMF and tsGMF – the effectors influencing suppression of platelet aggregation. In therapeutic doses there is a suppression only of tsGMF-phosphodiesterase. In the course of activation of the corresponding cyclases productivity of synthesis of tsAMF increases.

One more feature of efficiency of Dipiridamolum as derivative pyrimidine, its ability to induce production of interferon is. In vitro drug makes the modulating impact on functionality of system of interferon and increases initially reduced synthesis an alpha and scale of interferon plasma leukocytes, thus, increasing nonspecific resistance of a human body to viral infections.

At oral administration of Dipiridamolum in a dose of 150 mg of TCmax in plasma, the equaling 2,66 mkg/l, make about 60 minutes. Linkng with plasma proteins almost full. The greatest cumulation of drug is observed in erythrocytes and heart.

Metabolic transformations happen in a liver for what the mechanism of linkng of Dipiridamolum with glucuronic acid is involved. Average T1/2 is equal to 20-30 minutes. In the form of a monoglucuronide drug is excreted with bile.

Indications to use

The main indications to use of Curantyl include:

  • treatment of distsirkulyatorny encephalopathy;
  • prevention and therapy of the disturbances of blood circulation of a brain proceeding on ischemic type;
  • treatment of any disturbances of microcirculation (in a complex with the other drugs corresponding to pathology);
  • prevention of an ischemic heart disease (primary and secondary), in particular at personal intolerance the patient of acetylsalicylic acid;
  • prevention of a possible thromboembolism, in the post-operational period of prosthetics of heart valves;
  • prevention of forming of venous and arterial thromboses, and also therapy of complications of a thrombogenesis;
  • the prevention and treatment of a SARS and flu (for a dosage of 25 mg), as an immunomodulator and the inductor of interferon.

Indications to use of Curantyl at pregnancy cover:

  • the prevention of placental (fetoplacental) insufficiency, small-for-date fetus and gestosis arising at the complicated pregnancy;
  • prevention of hypercoagulation and thrombogenesis at the present varicosity.


Contraindications to purpose of Curantyl are:

  • unstable stenocardia;
  • myocardial infarction in the acute period;
  • coronary arterial disease (the stenosing atherosclerosis);
  • collapse;
  • the heart failure which is in a decompensation stage;
  • subaortal stenosis;
  • arterial hypotonia;
  • frustration of a cordial rhythm of difficult character;
  • the complicated arterial hypertension;
  • obstructive pathologies of bronchopulmonary system of a chronic current;
  • serious pathologies of livers/kidneys;
  • hemorrhagic diathesis;
  • age till 12 years;
  • the painful states proceeding with the increased probability of development of bleedings;
  • personal hypersensitivity to Dipiridamolum or other components of HP.

Side effects

Use of therapeutic dosages of Curantyl seldom leads to forming of the negative phenomena and even in case of their emergence side effects of drug most often slight and passing.

Cardiovascular system:

  • cardiopalmus;
  • feeling of "inflow" to face skin;
  • tachycardia (in particular at parallel reception of other vazodilatiruyushchy drugs);
  • bradycardia;
  • burglarizing syndrome in relation to coronary vessels (at reception of the daily doses of Dipiridamolum exceeding 225 mg);
  • lowering of the ABP.

System of a hemostasis:

  • functional changes of thrombocytes;
  • thrombocytopenia;
  • development of bleedings;
  • the raised bleeding, at surgical manipulations or after their carrying out it is (very rare).

Alimentary system:

  • epigastric pains;
  • nausea/vomiting;
  • development of diarrhea.

At long therapy side effects of a gastrointestinal tract, as a rule, disappear independently.


Tablets Curantyl, application instruction

Application instruction of Curantyl 25

With the preventive purpose of a SARS and during flu epidemics usually appoint single daily dose of 50 mg of Curantyl 25 (2 dragees or a tablet), once in 7 days for 4-5 weeks (4-5 receptions to a course).

For prevention of possible recurrence of a SARS, in particular daily reception of 100 mg (4 dragees or a tablet) in two stages (2 dragees or tablets (50 mg)) with an interval of 120 minutes is shown to the patients who often have these infections. The preventive course lasts 8-10 weeks with a single dose of the recommended drug dose in 7 days.

Application instruction of Curantyl 75

The daily dosage of N 75 Curantyl is selected taking into account disease severity and personal reaction of the patient to the carried-out treatment.

For therapy of an ischemic heart disease, as a rule, recommend thrice reception of 75 mg of drug a day (1 tablet in 8 hours). Being coordinated with observed efficiency, the doctor can increase a daily dose.

For prevention of thromboses and at disturbances of blood circulation of a brain usually appoint in days on 3-6 tablets of Curantyl on 75 mg. In 24 hours it is most possible to accept 450 mg of drug.

For the purpose of decrease in platelet aggregation apply Curantyl in the range of daily doses of 75-225 mg (1-3 tablets) in stages. The greatest possible daily dosage of Dipiridamolum in hard cases makes 600 mg.

The application instruction of Curantyl at pregnancy

When using Curantyl at pregnancy selection of its dosages is carried out especially individually. The typical scheme of therapy reception of 25 mg of drug (1 dragee or a tablet) three times is considered at 24 o'clock.

How to accept to food or later?

At all above-mentioned indications of a dragee and pill of Curantyl recommend to take on an empty stomach, without crushing and without chewing dosage forms and to wash down 100-150 ml of water.


In overdose cases Dipiridamolum observed: developing of stenocardia and/or tachycardia, lowering of the ABP, general weakness, feeling of "inflow" and dizziness.

At fast detection of symptoms of overdose typical measures of counteraction, including a vomiting call, cleaning of a gastrointestinal tract and reception of sorbents will be effective. For stopping of dilatiruyushchy effect of drug appoint slow in/in introduction (50-100 mg/min.) of Aminophyllinum. At preservation of symptomatology of stenocardia sublingual reception of nitroglycerine is shown.


Xanthine derivatives (including tea and coffee) can reduce vasodilating efficiency of Dipiridamolum.

Antiacid means, because of drug absorption reduction, lower its maximum concentration.

Parallel use with Aspirin and anticoagulants (trombolitik, Heparin) increases possibility of bleedings.

Dipiridamolum exponentiates efficiency of hypotensive medicines.

At the combined use with inhibitors of cholinesterase decrease in their anticholinergic properties is observed.

Joint reception with tsefalosporinovy antibiotics (Tsefoperazon, Tsefamandol, Tsefotetan) can lead to strengthening of antiagregantny effects.

Terms of sale

All dosage forms of Curantyl are released from drugstores only in the presence of the recipe.

Storage conditions

For a dragee – to 25 °C.

For tablets – to 30 °C.

Period of validity

For a dragee – 5 years.

For tablets – 3 years.

Special instructions

Because of possible lowering of the ABP, at the beginning of passing of therapy it is necessary to be attentive when performing dangerous works and driving the car.


Analogs of Curantyl are provided by quite wide list of medicines similar to it the main anticoagulating and antiagregantny action. The most known analogs are: Aspirin kardio, Aspikor, Aspekard, Zilt, Aterokard, Godasal, Atrogrel, Kardiomagnil, Brilinta, Klopidogrel, Disgren, Plagril, Magnikor, Plaviks, Trombonet and some other.

The price of analogs of Curantyl depends on the producer, quantities of tablets and mass contents in them active ingredient and therefore fluctuates in quite extensive limits. For example, Aspirin kardio 100 mg No. 20 on average can be bought for 130 rubles, Klopidogrel of 75 mg No. 28 for 500 rubles, and Plaviks of 75 mg No. 28 for 2600 rubles.

At the pregnancy it is necessary to approach purpose of any medicines especially individually and with extra care in this connection before accepting Curantyl at pregnancy, it is necessary to exclude completely contraindications and possible risks of therapy both for future mother, and for a fruit. When it is necessary to begin treatment at what stage to carry out therapy and to what term to accept drug, the gynecologist has to define, being coordinated with the anamnesis of the patient and her state at the moment.

When at future mother the pathologies connected with blood circulation or a thrombogenesis which potentially can lead to pregnancy complications in the future carrying out drug treatment are observed can be just necessary for what Curantyl to pregnant women is appointed already on early terms. At the same time dosages of drug can be quite considerable that increases risk of developing of bleedings and requires special attention from medical personnel.

At later stages of pregnancy often note development of the negative phenomena arising including, and because of insufficient microcirculation (including, hypostases, toxicosis, headaches, increase of the ABP, a spasm and so forth). The solution of similar problems is also among indications to Curantyl use for what it is prescribed pregnant women most often in the minimum doses (25 mg 2-3 times at 24 o'clock) and, depending on weight of observed negative symptomatology, courses, various on the duration. In certain cases such treatment continues throughout all duration of gestation with small breaks and stops just before childbirth.

On the second trimester of pregnancy placental insufficiency is quite often diagnosed – to lead the complication which is characterized by disturbance of blood supply of a placenta and able to a fruit hypoxia, a delay of its development, and sometimes and to a misbirth. Therapeutic courses with purpose of N 25 Curantyl (1 tablet 2-3 times a day) in most cases prevent development of this complication or significantly reduce its manifestations, at the same time, without exerting any impact on a fruit.

Indications to purpose of Curantyl at pregnancy in the 3rd trimester are placental insufficiency and a gestosis (late toxicosis) at which drug, improving blood supply of a placenta, helps final full forming of a brain, easy and other bodies of future child, and also considerably reduces a negative impact of these complications on his mother. Sometimes at a heavy current of a gestosis and/or placental insufficiency of effects of one medicine can be insufficiently for what appoint at pregnancy complex therapy using several drugs, for example, Actovegin and Curantyl. The improvement of a fabric trophicity and regeneration, and also a metabolism inherent in Actovegin, perfectly supplement vazodilatiruyushchey effects of Curantyl, thereby protecting a female organism from many negative painful manifestations, including threat of an abortion.

It is important to remember that at any time you can demand from the doctor of exhaustive explanations on questions why appoint pregnant this or that drug how to drink or enter the registered dosage form to what dosages to adhere by what positive moments, and, above all negative effects can give the carried-out treatment and why it is appointed to you. To be guided in this respect on About Curantyl at pregnancy, left on various Internet resources is not necessary as there is no guarantee that your situation is similar described by other women. It is also necessary to find out thoroughly all possible side effects of medicine and methods of the prevention of their emergence, to watch scrupulously the health and in time to pass the next inspections.

The possibility of use of Curantyl when feeding by a breast is determined by the doctor.

About Curantyl

In view of quite frequent purpose of this medicine to pregnant women the prevailing quantity of reviews of N 25 Curantyl at forums is left by mothers who are accepting it ever, at the same time About Curantyl at pregnancy in most cases it is possible to divide on positive and neutral. Though occasionally some side effects of drug, including a hyperemia, heartbeat and headaches, especially negative estimates, except cases of personal hypersensitivity to drug ingredients are also mentioned, practically do not meet. And vice versa there is a lot of positive reviews of efficiency of Curantyl at least to consider a question of its use. It is natural that purpose of Curantyl has to be accurately reasoned and thought over, and its dosages and the number of receptions are reduced to a necessary minimum. Also many women, having heard about purpose of this drug it, try to find for themselves explanations of expediency and safety of its use, using for this purpose the Internet whereas clarification of this question at the attending physician who is simply obliged to provide all information interesting you is correct.


  • Curantyl N 75 of mg No. 40 of a tabletkiberlin-Hema of AG
  • Curantyl 25 of mg No. 100 of a tabletkiberlin-Hema of AG
  • Curantyl N 25 of mg No. 120 of a tabletkiberlin-Hema of AG
  • Curantyl 25 of mg No. 120 of a drazheberlin-Hema of AG

Drugstore of IFC

  • N25 curantyl tbl p / about 25 mg No. 120, Berlin-Chemie/Menarini Groupgermaniya
  • N75 curantyl tbl p / about 75 mg No. 40, Berlin-Chemie/Menarini Groupgermaniya
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  • Kurantilberlin-Chemie/Menarini Group (Germany)


  • Curantyl of 25 mg No. 120 of a dragee (Stock 1+1) Berlin-Chemie (Germany)
  • Curantyl of 25 mg No. 120 drazheberlin-Chemie (Germany)
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