Smoking: future questionable

Today, on May 31, the World day without tobacco. This day all our planet becomes one big zone, free from a tobacco smoke. And as if the phrase of the warning of the Ministry of Health of harm of smoking was not worn out, the fact remains – smoking is hazardous to health. And it is confirmed by numerous researches in the field of influence of tobacco smoking on a human body.

The American scientists established that smoking of mother changes the child's genes. Researchers of university of Los Angeles (USA) proved that smoking of mother during pregnancy is capable to change structure of its DNA. Till this day was considered that DNA cannot be changed unless only under the influence of radiation. But today more and more researches prove that the structure of DNA is exposed to methylation process.

Data of 173 kids participating in researches underwent analyses. Both mothers, and grandmothers of examinees smoked during the pregnancy. Results of the DNA tests showed that the genes which are responsible for development of immune system underwent changes.
Курение: будущее под вопросомAlso during research it was revealed that methylation of DNA is more expressed at girls. Participation of grandmothers in experiments showed that the changed genes were not descended to grandsons.

Scientists once again warn about danger which is concealed in itself by tobacco smoking. Changes in genes against smoking, first of all, it is fraught with effects of development of bronchial asthma, and also destructively affects immunity of the child, leads to development of cancer.

And scientists of Great Britain established that only one pack of cigarettes a day leads to changes of DNA in the smoker's tissues. Lung cancer and a melanoma can be result of this process. Authors of opening investigated healthy cells of the smoker with the diagnosis of lung cancer and similar cells at a melanoma. Results shocked all: 23 thousand mutations were revealed in the first case and 30 thousand – in the second. According to scientists, diseases of cancer can be prevented, having refused an addiction since by them it is established that the changes in genes leading to oncological diseases happen under the influence of a cigarette smoke and carcinogens.

Besides, the cigarette smoke influences cell fission process. Scientists from University of Tasmania (Australia) claim, the smoke from cigarettes makes impact on an expression of genes, and it leads to development of malignant tumors.

Курение: будущее под вопросомFrom 1240 volunteers who were taking part in researches, 297 people were heavy smokers. When studying blood of these smokers regarding gene activity it was established that 323 genes underwent an expression. Proved researches that tobacco smoking influences not only separate genes, but also the whole chains of formation of genes.

And it is only small part of researches from this area in which stands out one and value, uniform for all researches, – smoking not only damages our health, but also puts an end on health of future generations. Reflect, people!

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