Night blindness (Gemeralopiya)

The hemeralopia (other name of an illness — a moonblink, the national name — night blindness) is a disease which most often develops against deficit in a vitamin A organism.

How the night blindness is shown?

Vitamin A is included into structure of rhodopsin. This light-sensitive substance of a retina of a human eye which is responsible for adaptation of an eye to stay in the dark. As a result, shortage of vitamin A conducts to a course of a disease at which the person cannot normally see if lighting insufficient. Gemeralopiya in the people is called night blindness. This name got accustomed because the structure of a retina of an eye of chicken allows it to distinguish normally colors, but at the same time in the dark and at bad light chicken practically sees nothing.

As a rule, the person at whom the night blindness is noted does not suffer from problems with sight in a light span or at normal lighting indoors. Only the discomfort and decrease in sight in twilight is noted. The person begins to see objects indistinct, cannot distinguish their color and an accurate form. As a rule, especially difficult to the person with a hemeralopia to distinguish objects of blue color.

The fact that at the same time the lack of coordination of movements is observed also follows from the stated above description of symptoms. The person who is disturbed by night blindness carefully moves in twilight, slowly comes downstairs, initially checking existence of a step. Often patients who have this illness cannot distinguish a luminescence of stars in the sky. The illness night blindness is especially dangerous to drivers — to them very difficult to distinguish objects on the night road, and also it is correct to react to environment at the included headlights of the car which comes nearer.

If decrease in sight in twilight begins to disturb the person, he needs to consult with the doctor as this symptom can demonstrate development of some serious illness. The moonblink can sometimes be a symptom of diseases which lead to full loss of sight. Besides it is worth to remember and about what decrease in sight washes in the evening to lead to serious injuries, and also to car accidents if the moonblink is observed at the driver of the vehicle.

Why the night blindness is shown?

Куриная слепота у женщинIn modern medicine the inborn and acquired night blindness is defined. If the inborn illness night blindness is diagnosed for the person, then it is about genetically caused disease. The acquired form of a disease is a functional illness.

The acquired hemeralopia develops at the person owing to influence of a number of factors. First of all, the reasons of a hemeralopia can consist in retina diseases. It is a pigmental degeneration and peeling of a retina, and also inflammatory processes. The night blindness at the person can develop owing to degenerative processes of a macula lutea, disturbances of a choroid, inflammatory processes of an optic nerve, short-sightedness. Sometimes treatment of a hemeralopia is carried out to patients in whom the cataract or glaucoma is found later. Sometimes decrease in sight is observed in the evening at the person who got a craniocereberal injury recently. Also similar vision disorders can arise if the person constantly works at very bad lighting, reads at incorrectly exposed light. In certain cases influence of an ultraviolet on eyes can provoke a moonblink. It occurs owing to stay on a bright sun, influences on eyes of dazzling snow.

One more important factor capable to provoke night blindness, is a lack of a human body of vitamins A and B2. The fact that the night blindness is often observed at the people having the general avitaminosis is explained by it.

If it is about risk factors of development of a moonblink, then in this case it should be noted an age factor. After forty years at the person delay of all processes which happen in an organism is noted. As a result, food of a retina of an eye worsens, and sight in twilight goes down.

How to get rid of night blindness?

Как избавиться от куриной слепотыIf at the person hemeralopia symptoms are noted, it is necessary to address the specialist ophthalmologist surely at once. The doctor conducts detailed survey and carries out a number of tests. The test in the field of sight, the test for svetovospriyaty is surely carried out. Also the elektrookulografiya is carried out. This research allows to define a condition of muscles of an eye and a surface of a retina in the course of the movement of eyes.

The inborn night blindness cannot be cured. If the moonblink is a symptom of a basic disease, then it is initially necessary to find it then complex treatment is carried out. At symptoms of night blindness to the patient the rate of Riboflavinum, vitamin A is also appointed. In this case it is important to correct food of the person inclined to problems with sight. It is important to include surely in a diet fresh berries, dairy products, eggs, carrots, greens.

There are also some national recipes which are used for treatment of night blindness. But they can be only supportive applications. The majority of such recipes promote recovery in an organism of enough vitamin A. At tendency to a moonblink it is useful to use fish oil every day. Also dogrose broth (on 2 glasses of water 3 tablespoons of a dogrose, it is necessary to draw broth for 12 hours), which should be used twice a day is very useful.

To avoid development of night blindness it is desirable to balance a food allowance, to protect eyes from bright light — the sun, patches of light on water, gloss of snow. People who constantly work at the computer should pay attention to illumination of a workplace surely. One more important measure of prevention — the timely address to the specialist at development of the diseases connected with sight.

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