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  • Latin name: Quercetinum
  • ATH code: C05CX
  • Active ingredient: Meletin (Quercetinum)
  • Producer: Borshchagovsky HFZ (Ukraine)


1 gram of granules of drug includes 0.04 grams of meletin.

Additional substances: monohydrate glucose, apple pectin, sugar.

Release form

Flavovirent granules.

1 or 2 grams of granules in a bag, 20 bags in a cardboard pack.

Pharmacological action

Antiedematous, antihistaminic, spasmolytic, antioxidant, antiinflammatory, diuretic action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Meletin is a flavanol from group of vitamins P, aglikon a number of natural flavonoidny glycosides, for example, routine. A chemical formula – C15H10O7. Possesses the kapillyarostabiliziruyushchy properties caused with antioxidant and membranostabiliziruyushchy action, reduces permeability of capillaries. Shows antiinflammatory effect thanks to blocking of some ways of an exchange of arachidonic acid, slows down synthesis of serotonin, leukotrienes and other mediators of an inflammation.

Shows also anti-ulcerogenic action (when using anti-inflammatory drugs) and radio tire-tread activity (in the relation a X-ray radiation and gamma radiations).

Cardiotyre-tread properties of this means are caused by stimulation of power providing cells of a myocardium thanks to antioxidant activity and strengthening of perfusion of fabrics.

Regenerative features of drug are shown in the accelerated tightening of wounds. Influences mechanisms of remodeling of bones, also shows sure immunomodulatory action.

Such useful properties of Meletin as spasmolytic, diuretic and anti-sclerous are experimentally defined. It is capable to regulate arterial pressure and to accelerate insulin secretion, to activate aggregation of thrombocytes, to slow down thromboxane biosynthesis.

Contacts estrogenic receptors. Thanks to estrogenopodobny action drug shows proosteoklastny effects.

Feature of pharmacokinetics was not investigated.

Products where meletin contains: onions, buckwheat, apples, garlic, pepper, tea, red grapes, citrus, tomatoes, cowberry, broccoli, bilberry, raspberry, cranberry, mountain ash, chokeberry, sea-buckthorn, cauliflower, nuts, red wine.

Indications to use

As monodrug for the prevention of defeats of erosive and ulcer character of bodies of the alimentary system because of reception of antiinflammatory nonsteroid drugs.

As a component of the combined treatment at:


  • Age less than 12 years.
  • Hypersensitivity to drug components.
  • Arterial hypotension.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects

Application instruction of Meletin (Way and dosage)

The instruction on Meletin allows to use drug locally and orally.

At local use 2 grams of granules dissolve to water of 10 ml homogeneous dense mass is not formed yet, and at peroral use of 1 grams of granules dissolve in water of 100 ml.

At defeats mucous a mouth of erosive and ulcer character or periodontosis recommend to make daily one local application by the drug which is previously applied on a pure napkin.

At the combined therapy of defeats of soft tissues of pyoinflammatory character drug is appointed locally and orally in the specified doses: two applications by gel in days and on 1 gram of granules twice a day inside.

For the prevention and treatment of local manifestations at a radial illness recommend topical and internal use of drug. Applications make on the damaged skin sites up to three times a day. Orally appoint on 1 gram of granules to four times a day. To the persons living in the zones contaminated by radiation appoint inside on 1 gram of granules twice a day.

At the combined therapy of an ischemic disease, a chronic glomerulonephritis, neuroreflex symptoms of vertebralny osteochondrosis, and also for the prevention of a yazvoobrazovaniye when using antiinflammatory nonsteroid drugs accept in 1 grams of granules three times days.

At treatment of neurocirculatory dystonia appoint 2 grams of granules inside twice a day for a month.
At complex therapy of a vertebralgiya or menopausal syndrome appoint on 1 gram of granules three times a day for half a year.


There are no data on similar cases. If overdose nevertheless happened, it is recommended to carry out a symptomatic treatment.


At a concomitant use with ascorbic acid perhaps mutual strengthening of effects.

At combined use with antiinflammatory nonsteroid drugs strengthening of antiinflammatory action is probable.

Terms of sale

Drug can be bought without recipe.

Storage conditions

To protect from children. To store at a temperature up to 24 degrees in the dry dark place.

Period of validity

2 years.

Special instructions

There is no information on ability of drug to influence an opportunity to manage mobile mechanisms.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Meletinum, vitamin P, Saforetin, Kvertsetol, Quertinum, Flavin.


  • Digidrokvertsetin plus No. 100 tabletkiparafarm Ltd company
  • Evalar Digidrokvertsetin No. 20 tabletkievalar
  • Coenzyme Q10 with dihydromeletin energy of cells No. 20 kapsulygnts PM CJSC Farm
  • Evalar Digidrokvertsetin No. 60 tabletkievalar
  • Lecithin-our about dihydromeletin 350 of mg No. 60 kapsulyyuviks Farm

Drugstore of IFC

  • Digidrokvertsetin tbl 25 mg No. 60, Evalar (Biysk) Russia
  • Digidrokvertsetin tbl 25 mg No. 20, Evalar (Biysk) Russia
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  • Digidrokvertsetinevalar (Russia, Biysk)
  • Kvertsetinborshchagovsky HFZ (Ukraine, Kiev)


  • Digidrokvertsetin of 250 mg No. 20 of table.
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Education: Graduated from the Vitebsk state medical university majoring in "Surgery". At university headed Council of students' scientific society. Professional development in 2010 - in "Oncology" and in 2011 - in "A mammology, visual forms of oncology".

Experience: Work in an all-medical network 3 years the surgeon (The Vitebsk hospital of an emergency medical service, Lioznensky TsRB) and in combination the regional oncologist and the traumatologist. Work farm the representative within a year in the Rubicon company.

Provided 3 improvement suggestions on the subject "Optimization of an Antibioticotherapia depending on Species Composition of Microflora", 2 works took prizes in a republican competition review of student's scientific works (1 and 3 categories).
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