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  • Latin name: Quixx
  • Active ingredient: water of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Producer: Berlin-Hemi/Menarini


Water of the Atlantic Ocean which contains 2,6% of salt is a part of means as active ingredient.

In 100 ml of means 84,6 ml of natural oceanic water and 15,4 ml of the purified water contain. Composition of spray completely natural, preservatives in it are absent.

Release form

Spray of Kviks is a transparent solution, inodorous and colors. It is packaged in bottles on 30 ml with the doser. The bottle has the special antibacterial filter which protects spray from infection with bacteria for six months after opening of a bottle. Rolled into one, which is packed into a cardboard pack, 220 doses of means contain.

Pharmacological action

Drops in a nose of Kviks are the hypertonic salt solution making local impact of mucolytic, antiedematous and recovery character. A basis of this means is water of the Atlantic Ocean which contains 2,6% of salt.

Kviks makes antiedematous impact, promoting change of concentration of osmotic pressure. Nasal breath is significantly facilitated due to decrease in hypostases of upper respiratory tracts.

Also means makes mucolytic impact as saline solution activates an exudate of an intercellular lymph in a nasal secret from intercellular space. Under its influence mukotsiliarny transport of slime accelerates and at the same time there is an elimination of allergic and microbic particles.

Spray contains a number of microelements and minerals which promote improvement of exchange processes in a ciliary epithelium of mucous membranes of a nasal cavity, promote fluidifying of nasal slime.

Oceanic water due to hypertensive influence has bactericidal effect that in turn, effectively reduces inflammatory processes of a cover of a nose.

Drug promotes maintenance of an optimum level of humidity of a mucous membrane and recovers physiological functions of a nose. Under its influence the local host defense improves.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Data are absent.

Indications to use

Spray in a nose of Kviks is applied at such diseases and states:


Contraindication to use is only individual sensitivity to sea water.

Side effects

Drug is transferred well, does not provoke negative manifestations.

Application instruction of Kviks (Way and dosage)

If spray of Kviks is applied to treatment, the application instruction has to be considered at the same time surely. Use of means for patients of any age is provided. To children of a drop in a nose are applied from three-months age.

At treatment of children it is necessary to spray means locally 1-2 times in each nasal course, at the same time the interval between use has to make 8 hours.

At treatment of adults it is necessary to spray means locally 1-3 times in each nasal course, at the same time the interval between use has to make 8 hours.

At the first use of aerosol spray the feeling of easy burning is possible. Means does not cause accustoming therefore it is possible to use it a long time.

Before use it is necessary to withdraw funds an outside cap, to press several times a bottle tip cuff, there will be no irrigation yet. After that it is necessary to insert a tip into the nasal course and to carry out an irrigation. After use the tip needs to be wiped with a napkin and to put on it a cap.


Cases of overdose are not recorded.


When using with other drugs cross-reactions were not fixed.

Terms of sale

In drugstores of Kviks it is released without recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

Kviks it has to be stored at the room temperature. After packaging was opened, drug can be used for six months. After the termination of a period of validity means should not be applied.

Period of validity

Period of validity of spray of Kviks — 3 years.

Special instructions

As drug has antiedematous and eliminative effect, it is applied at complex treatment of allergic rhinitis. Thanks to regular use of means of Kviks nasal breath improves that, in turn, allows to reduce amount of the used vasoconstrictive drugs.

Use of means gives the chance to reduce probability of incidence of a SARS in the period of epidemics, and during the interepidemic period as it improves local immunity and reduces antigenic loading of mucous membranes.


Marimer, Aqua Maris.


  • Kviks spray nasal AG/Menarini Group's (GERMANY) 30mlberlin-Hem
  • Oftakviks 0,5% of a drop eye 5 ml bottle-kapelnitsasanten
  • Kviks aloe spray nasal AG/Menarini Group's (GERMANY) 30mlberlin-Hem
  • Kviks eucalyptus spray nasal AG/Menarini Group's (GERMANY) 30mlberlin-Hem

Drugstore of IFC

  • Kviks Aloe spray nasal fl 30 ml, Berlin-Chemie/Menarini Groupgermaniya
  • Kviks spray nasal fl 30 ml, Berlin-Chemie/Menarini Groupgermaniya
  • Kviks Eucalyptus spray nasal fl 30 ml, Berlin-Chemie/Menarini Groupgermaniya
  • Oftakviks gl.kapl of 0,5% 5 ml, Santenfinlyandiya
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  • Kviks nasal spray
  • Oftakvikssanten (Finland)


  • Oftakviks hot-smoked 5mlsanten
  • Oftakviks hot-smoked 5mlsanten


  • Oftakviks 5 mg/ml 0,5 ml No. 10 of a drop glaz.tyubik. - a cap. Sangteng AO, according to Daichi Sangkio Ko's license. Ltd., Japan (Finland)
  • Kviks 30 ml spray naz. Farmaster (France)
  • Oftakviks 5 mg/ml 5 ml of a drop glazn.santen (Finland)
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