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The description is actual on 28.11.2014

  • Latin name: Laennec
  • ATH code: A05BA
  • Active ingredient: Hydrolyzate of a placenta of the person (Human placenta extract)


One ampoule of the drug Laennec contains 112 mg of a hydrolyzate of a placenta of the person (cellular growth factors of HGF, EGF, FGF, IGF-1, TGF-β, NGF, 18 amino acids, interleykina, low-molecular peptides, vitamins E, C, D, B2, B1, PP, about 100 enzymes and over 40 minerals).

Additional substances: sodium hydroxide, water.

Release form

Laennec is issued in ampoules from a tinted glass on 2 ml, 10 such ampoules to a paper pack.

Pharmacological action

Immunomodulatory and gepatoprotektorny.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Drug has immunomodulatory effect because of ability to activate humoral immunity and to increase activity of phagocytes and natural killers. Increases the bactericidal activity of leukocytes which is shown in their ability to liquidate the captured activator. The cytokines entering drug stimulate metabolic and barrier functions of skin.

The substances which are present at a hydrolyzate stimulate recovery of cells of a liver, show anti-toxic properties, reduce accumulation of lipids and cholesterol in hepatocytes, activate tissue respiration and a metabolism, slow down development of connecting fabric in a liver parenchyma.

Indications to use

  • recurrent chronic herpes (as a part of multicomponent therapy);
  • heavy atopic dermatitis, including complicated (as a part of multicomponent therapy);
  • chronic damages of a liver: steatogepatita (the metabolic, alcoholic and mixed nature);
  • use Layennek in cosmetology: improvement of quality indicators of skin, reduction of pigmentation and wrinkles, normalization of RN-balance, creation lifting effect.


Contraindications to administration of drug:

With care to apply at elderly people and persons with a polyvalent allergy to pharmaceutical drugs.

Side effects

Clinically significant reactions: allergic reactions (the acute anaphylaxis is possible).

Other phenomena: pain in the place of an injection, anesthesia in the place of an injection, a gynecomastia (communication with administration of drug is not proved).

The instruction on Layennek

At atopic dermatitis and recurrent chronic herpes means is entered kapelno intravenously: 10 ml (five ampoules) dissolve in 260-500 ml of physical solution or 5% of solution of a dextrose. Injections make with an interval in 2 days. The course of therapy includes 10 such introductions.

At chronic damages of a liver means is recommended to enter intramusculary 2 ml a day. Frequency rate of injections if necessary can be finished to 3 times a day. It is intravenously kapelno also authorized to enter means according to the above described scheme. A therapy course — till 3 weeks.


The overdoses given about cases are absent.


At Layennek's mixing with other medicines – the strong bases (alkalinity higher than 8.5), the effect of drug decreases.

Terms of sale

It is possible to get only according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

To protect from children. To store in the place, unavailable to light, at a temperature of 18 ° -25 °C.

Period of validity

Three years.

Special instructions

Does not influence ability to steer the car or other vehicles.


At the moment analogs of this drug are not issued.

Section: Dermatological Immunity increase
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Education: Graduated from the Vitebsk state medical university majoring in "Surgery". At university headed Council of students' scientific society. Professional development in 2010 - in "Oncology" and in 2011 - in "A mammology, visual forms of oncology".

Experience: Work in an all-medical network 3 years the surgeon (The Vitebsk hospital of an emergency medical service, Lioznensky TsRB) and in combination the regional oncologist and the traumatologist. Work farm the representative within a year in the Rubicon company.

Provided 3 improvement suggestions on the subject "Optimization of an Antibioticotherapia depending on Species Composition of Microflora", 2 works took prizes in a republican competition review of student's scientific works (1 and 3 categories).
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