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  • Latin name: Laferon
  • ATH code: L03AB05
  • Active ingredient: Interferon alpha 2b human recombinant (Interferon alfa-2 human recombinant)
  • Producer: Interfarmbiotek of NPK of Ltd company, Ukraine


Active agent is a part of drug: recombinant human interferon alpha 2б.

Additional components: dekrastan, potassium dihydrophosphate, sodium chloride and anhydrous sodium hydrophosphate.

Release form

Laferon in the form of the nasal solution and powder lyophilized, intended for preparation of injection solution, candles rectal with various activity from 100 thousand to 18000 thousand ME is issued.

Candles rectal are packaged in strip packagings on 5 or 10 pieces, solution nasal in bottles, the powder lyophilized in ampoules on 5 or 10 pieces in a pack with solvent.

Pharmacological action

Drug Laferon has the considerable immunostimulating and antiviral effect, activates antineoplastic protection.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Wide biological activity is characteristic of this drug. He shows the pronounced antiviral and immunostimulating effect, is capable to stimulate antineoplastic protection. At the same time there is a regulation between links of cellular and humoral immunity. Laferon accelerates a differentiation, increases activity of cells – natural killers, but also, T lymphocytes which determine the speed and force of reactions of cellular immunity.

In addition, drug promotes development of mediators of an inflammation, exerts impact on migration in the place of an infection of an inflammation, stimulates phagocytosis, brings dynamics of the inflammatory phenomena to a normality.

Laferon's influence on the main stages of replication of harmful activators in cells is noted that stops their reproduction, increasing efficiency of a lysis of infections. During treatment high anti-Chlamidia and antiviral activity is shown.

When drug is used in complex therapy of various infectious and inflammatory diseases of a chronic form, the dose decline of antibacterial and other drugs which are also used in treatment is possible. Also their toxic effect and duration of therapy decreases.

Indications to use

As a rule, drug is used in complex therapy at:

  • viral hepatitis In various forms of weight;
  • acute bacterial infections, virus or mixed;
  • septic diseases of the virus or bacterial nature, chronic and acute forms;
  • herpes infections of various localization;
  • clamidiosis;
  • the disturbances of a nervous system accompanied with pain syndromes;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • throat papillomatosis;
  • malignant tumors and hemoblastoses.

Contraindications to use

It is not necessary to accept drug at:

  • high sensitivity to interferon alpha 2б;
  • pregnancies as treatment can become the reason of its interruption.

Side effects

At treatment by Laferon the grippopodobny syndrome accompanied with high temperature of a body, slackness, a fever, muscular, joint and headaches can be shown.

Expressiveness of side effects depends on a dosage and usually arises in the first days of treatment. Gradually symptoms weaken and completely pass. The Paracetamol entered before an injection helps to reduce their manifestation.

Application instruction of Laferon (Way and dosage)

This drug will cause a stir in use width in clinical practice. It can be used: intramusculary, subcutaneously, intravenously, intraperitoneally, endolimfalno, parabulbarno, vnutripuzyrno, intranazalno, rektalno and so on. As the instruction on Laferon specifies in ampoules, for dissolution of powder apply water to injections or normal saline solution, depending on required volume.

The scheme of treatment, dosage and duration are established by the attending physician, considering a look and complexity of a disease, and also feature of the patient.

For example, the instruction for children reports that at treatment of a SARS it is necessary to apply medicine intranazalno in a dosage of 20-100 thousand ME/ml. Also introduction to the nasal courses of the wadded turundas moistened with solution is allowed. To adult patients the drug is administered intramusculary in a dosage of 1000 thousand-3000 thousand ME within 3 weeks. Perhaps intranasal use on 4-6 drops to 8 times a day.


In case of overdose sometimes there are considerable disturbances of consciousness, prostration and even a lethargy. It is possible to normalize a state, having stopped administration of drug and having executed a symptomatic treatment.

Long therapy by Laferon is capable to cause thrombocytopenia and a leukopenia which can be eliminated with decrease in a dosage.


Simultaneous use of Laferon and glucocorticosteroids contraindicated. The combination to other drugs is not forbidden, but remains for consideration of the attending physician.

Terms of sale

In drugstores Laferon is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

The place for storage of drug has to be dark and cool – within 2-8 degrees. Ready solution should be used immediately.

Period of validity

3 years.

Laferono's analogs

Main analogs: Laferobion and Interferon.

Possess also similar action: Amiksin and Viferon.

About Laferona

Discussions of this drug can be met at various forums. In most cases About Laferona are connected with side effects which often accompany treatment with this medicine.

Many patients report that within 1-2 hours they felt real "withdrawal pains" with strong temperature increase, a feverish state and pain syndromes. Usually paracetamol and other flu medicines help to reduce expressiveness of undesirable symptoms.

In addition, descriptions of development of the strongest allergic reactions caused by treatment by Laferon meet. Some patients even needed urgent medical care. After decrease in a dosage the state was normalized.

Similar messages meet in a large number. Practically each person to whom administered the drug felt on themselves development of undesirable effects. However specialists claim that Laferon is one of the strongest drugs which differs in high performance and well increases immunity.

At intranasal use usually there are no collateral symptoms. Therefore drug is dug in in a nose even to absolutely small children that helps not to allow development of causative agents of widespread infections – a virus or bacteria.


  • Laferoninterfarmbiotek (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Laferoninterfarmbiotek (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Laferon the lyophilized powder 1000000 ME a bottle No. 10farmbiotek (Ukraine)
  • Laferon the lyophilized powder 3000000 ME with solvent in ampoules No. 5farmbiotek (Ukraine)
  • Laferon the nasal lyophilized powder 1000000 ME a bottle No. 1farmbiotek (Ukraine)


  • Laferon liof. time. 1000000ME from rastvo. fl. No. 5farmbiotek
  • Laferon liof. time. 1000000ME from rastvo. fl. No. 5farmbiotek
  • Laferon liof. time. 1000000ME from rastvo. fl. No. 5farmbiotek
  • Laferon liof. time. 1000000ME from rastvo. fl. No. 5farmbiotek
  • Laferon liof. time. 1000000ME from rastvo. fl. No. 5farmbiotek
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