Lamizil Dermgel

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  • Latin name: Lamisil Dermagel
  • ATH code: D01AE15
  • Active ingredient: Terbinafin (Terbinafine)
  • Producer: Novartis Consumer Health (Switzerland)


Lamizil Dermgel contains the operating component in structure terbinafin, and also additional components: carbomer, benzyl alcohol, butyl hydroxytoluene, isopropyl myristate, polysorbate 20, sodium hydroxide, sorbitan laurate, ethanol, water, nitrogen.

Release form

Lamizil Dermgel is made in the form of gel of 1% which is used only for external use. It is brilliant, white or almost white gel. The tuba from aluminum contains 5, 15 or 30 g of gel. The tuba is located in a box from a cardboard.

Pharmacological action

Gel Lamizil Dermgel is an antifungal means which shows a wide range of antifungal activity. If terbinafin it is applied in small concentration, it has fungicidal effect in relation to dermatophytes (to Epidermophyton floccosum, Microsporum canis, Trychophyton rubrum, Trychophyton mentagrophytes, Trychophyton verrucosum, Trychophyton tonsurans, Trychophyton violaceum), to mold mushrooms (Candida albicans) and a number of dimorphous mushrooms (Pityrosporum orbiculare). Rather barmy mushrooms shows fungistatic or fungicidal activity, it is dependent on a species of such mushrooms.

Under the influence of a terbinafin the early stage of biosynthesis of sterol occurring in mushrooms changes in unusual way. As a result deficit of ergosterol is noted, in cells squalene collects, and cells of a mushroom perish. Terbinafin acts, inhibiting enzyme to a skvalenepoksidaz which is located on a cellular membrane of mushrooms. metabolismhormonesAnd medicines terbinafin do not act on .

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

On condition of external use terbinafin it is absorbed slightly less, than for 5%. Its system influence is slightly expressed.

Indications to use

Lamizil Dermgel it is reasonable to use gel to patients who have the following diseases:

  • skin infections fungal (mycosis of feet, an inguinal epidermophitia, the defeats of smooth integuments provoked by the dermatophytes sensitive to a terbinafin);
  • multi-colored deprive, the provoked Pityrosporum orbiculare.


It is contraindicated to accept means in such cases:

  • hypersensitivity to a terbinafin and to other components of means;
  • breastfeeding period;
  • age of the patient till 12 flyings.

Side effects

Allergic manifestations in the form of erubescence, burnings, an itch are seldom noted. As a rule, such phenomena were temporary, and it was not required to stop treatment. Display of generalized rash, reddening, also Quincke's disease is in rare instances possible. At such manifestations it is necessary to stop therapy at once.

The instruction on Lamizil Dermgel (A way and a dosage)

If the patient applies gel Lamizil, the application instruction has to them be observed carefully. It is necessary to use means only outwardly. Adults and children after 12 flyings have to use means once a day. Before applying gel, it is necessary to clear carefully struck places and to dry them. Gel is rubbed slightly in affected areas and to places near them. If Lamizil Dermgel apply on places where an intertrigo was formed, then after drawing means these places can be covered with bandage. Especially actually it at night. Use of gel continues within 1 week.

As a rule, improvement of a state is noted in the first days after the beginning of use of ointment. If to stop therapy prematurely or to apply gel irregularly, the probability of a palindromia increases.

If in a week signs of improvement are not noted, it is necessary to specify the diagnosis.


About overdose Lamizil Dermgel there are no data. At accidental use of means inside at the patient nausea, a headache, dizziness, pain can develop in epigastriums. In that case practice a symptomatic treatment.


About interaction Lamizil Dermgel with other HP data are absent.

Terms of sale

It is possible to get without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to keep Lamizil Dermgel at t no more than 30 °C., to protect from children.

Period of validity

3 years.

Special instructions

It is necessary to apply gel only outwardly.

It is necessary to apply means on those sites of skin where there are damages as development of irritation owing to alcohol influence is probable carefully. At resistant irritation it is necessary to address the specialist.

It is necessary to wash out eyes at once if gel accidentally got into eyes.

Analogs Lamizil Dermgel

Analogs Lamizil Dermgel: Lamikan, Terbinafin, Atifin, Lamitel, Mikoterbin, Terbinoks, UngusanBinafin, etc.


  • Lamizil Dermgel of 1% 15 g tubanovartis Farm

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  • Lamizil Dermgel gel of 1% 15 g, Novartis Pharmashveytsariya
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  • Lamizil dermgelnovartis Consumer Health (Switzerland)


  • Lamizil Dermgel of 1% 15 g gel in a tuba
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