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  • Latin name: Lavacole
  • ATH code: A06AX
  • Active ingredient: Macrogoal (Macrogol)
  • Producer: Moscow pharmaceutical factory (Russia)


As a part of powder Lavakol contains active ingredient a macrogoal, and also: potassium chloride, sodium sulfate, Natrii hydrocarbonas, sodium chloride.

Release form

Means is issued in the form of powder which has white color or a whitish-yellow shade. One package of powder needs to be dissolved in 200 ml of water then the colourless or easily painted liquid turns out, in it there can be a weak opalescence. Means holds in packages from film material, in each bag — 14 g of means. In a cardboard pack about 15 packages of drug are located.

Pharmacological action

Means makes laxative impact on an organism. MM polyethyleneglycol 4000 (macrogoal) is a high-molecular polymer which, getting into a gastrointestinal tract, holds water molecules there. As a result, the volume of contents of intestines increases, and its evacuation accelerates. Under the influence of salts of potassium and sodium disturbance of water and electrolytic balance is overcome.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Drug is not absorbed in a gastrointestinal tract and not metabolized.

Indications to use

Indications to use of drug is preparation for a kolonoskopiya, X-ray or endoscopic analysis of a large intestine. Also means is appointed by preparation for operative measures at which total absence of contents in the patient's intestines is necessary.


Contraindications to Lavakol's reception are the following states:

  • the expressed disturbance of a state of health of the person (heart failure, dehydration, etc.);
  • toxic megacolon;
  • intestinal impassability;
  • perforation of intestines or stomach;
  • erosion and ulcers of a digestive tract;
  • gastrostenosis;
  • disturbance in functioning of kidneys.

Side effects

Very seldom after reception there is nausea and vomiting, a sensation of discomfort and weights. But the similar phenomena are, as a rule, noted only after reception of the first doses of means.

Application instruction of Lavakol (Way and dosage)

Before using Lavakol, the application instruction of drug has to be carefully studied. Drug needs to be accepted on an empty stomach, inside. The application instruction of Lavakol provides that initially contents of a package need to be dissolved in 200 ml of water which has room temperature. It is necessary to accept 3 liters of solution (on 200 ml, at the same time the interval makes about 20 minutes).

Solution needs to be used for 18–20 h before expected research or an operative measure. At reception of means and after that it is possible to eat exclusively liquid food. It is impossible to eat food after 22 hours.

At desire it is possible to add jam, syrup to solution to correct taste. After the use of means the otkhozhdeniye of a chair begins in 1-3 hours after reception of the last dose of Lavakol.

Thus, if procedure is carried out in the morning, at 8-10 o'clock, then means Lavakol is accepted by the patient during the period from 16:00 to 21:00 o'clock in the afternoon before research. If procedure is planned from 11 in the morning later, then the general dose of drug needs to be used in two steps – during the period from 18:00 to 21:00 h and from 6:00 to 7:00 h.

It is possible to carry out all procedures not earlier, than in four hours after the last dose of HP for purgation was accepted.


At overdose severe diarrhea can arise means. In that case it is necessary to cancel reception of means then in 1-2 days diarrhea disappears independently.


At a concomitant use of Lavakol with any other medicines process of their absorption is slowed down.

At simultaneous treatment by Lavakol and other drugs it is necessary to accept any medicines not less, than in 2 hours prior to Lavakol's reception.

Terms of sale

Lavakol is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

It has to be stored powder in the dry place, at the same time temperature should not exceed 25 °C.

Period of validity

Lavakol period of validity — 3 years.

Special instructions

It is not necessary to use drug for long treatment.

At treatment having bungled this medicine it is applied as an additional method in a package of measures: observance of a diet, use of enough liquid, recovery of a reflex of defecation.

As a part of drug there is no dextrose therefore it can be used for treatment of patients with a diabetes mellitus, and also patients who cannot use a galactose.


Forlaks, Osmogol, Fortrans, Realaksan, Tranzipeg.

Analogs of means Lavakol are drugs which make the same impact on a human body. Those are Magnesium medicines sulfate, Lactulose, Fortrans. But all analogs of Lavakol are used according to a certain scheme therefore to appoint them or only the attending physician can replace one drug with another.

Fortrans or Lavakol — what is better?

Drugs Fortrans and Lavakol are used for deep purgation as active ingredient in both drugs similar. Nevertheless, Lavakol – cheaper means, besides patients note that solution has more pleasant taste and a convenient dosage.

To children

It is not used for treatment of children.

Lavakol for weight loss

Drug Lavakol for weight loss is used in view of its ability to completely empty intestines from contents. Responses demonstrate that this means can be applied to weight loss as it does not break intestinal microflora. Active ingredient a macrogoal contains also in some other drugs, however Lavakol, in comparison with them, is cheaper means.

Nevertheless, specialists note that due to administration of drug the organism will not acquire fats and useful elements from food. Therefore, it is possible to grow thin at reception of means only slightly, at the same time the probability of development of a number of side effects is high. It is noted that at reception of means not only vomiting and nausea, but also dizzinesses, faints, weakness is possible. It is important to accept drug strictly according to the scheme and at the same time to use enough liquid not to allow organism dehydration.

After Lavakol's reception it is also not necessary to expect long-term effect as the means dumped during reception several kilograms quickly return at drug withdrawal. Specialists also note that Lavakol's reception for weight loss can lead to misoperation of intestines, avitaminosis and other undesirable effects.

At pregnancy

During pregnancy means is appointed with care.

About Lavakole

Comments of doctors on Lavakole on the specialized websites mainly positive. Use of this drug significantly facilitates preparation for a number of important researches. However not always the purpose of use of drug is preparation for a kolonoskopiya.

Often this drug is used to carry out purgation for the purpose of weight loss. If to come on a forum where use of this medicine for weight loss is discussed, About Lavakole it is possible to find different. So, if intestines by means of drug were purged one or two times, people note that weight decreased by 1-2 kg, for some period there was a feeling of ease. To achieve such results, drug needs to be accepted strictly according to the instruction. But if Lavakol's reception practices a long time, then, except reduction of weight, people note also sharp deterioration in health, and also different side effects.

Discussing what means to prefer, Lavakol or Fortrans, authors of responses note that the first drug has lower price, pleasant taste. But nevertheless even before one-time reception of means it is desirable to get previously advice of the specialist as even single application of means can negatively be displayed on health of the person.

Lavakol's price where to buy

To buy in Moscow, and also in other cities of Russia (Yekaterinburg, Samara, Omsk, etc.) Lavakol it is possible at the price from 150 to 200 rubles for 15 packages of powder.

In Ukraine Lavakol's price (15 packages) averages 150 hryvnias.


  • Lavakol powder for preparation of solution 14 of No. 15 the Moscow pharmaceutical factory

Drugstore of IFC

  • Lavakol time. for Preeg. solution for intake No. 15 **, the Moscow FF (г.Москва) Russia
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