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  • Latin name: Lavomax
  • ATH code: L03AX
  • Active ingredient: Tiloron (Tilorone)
  • Producer: NIZHPHARM (Russia)


Lavomax as active agent is a part of means a tilorona dihydrochloride, as additional components: calcium stearate, hydroxycarbonate magnesium pentahydrate, povidone.

The cover consists of povidone, sucrose, a kopovidon, magnesium of a hydroxycarbonate of pentahydrate, silicon of dioxide colloid, titanium of dioxide, a macrogoal 6000, liquid paraffin, beeswax, talc, dye.

Release form

This medicine is made in the form of the tablets covered with a yellow or orange cover. The kernel has orange color. Tablets are round. In planimetric packaging there can be about 3, 4, 6 or 10 tablets.

Pharmacological action

The tablets Lavomax render immunomodulatory and antiviral effect.

Active component provides stimulation of products in an organism of interferon. After administration of Lavomax there are products of interferon generally hepatocytes, intestines epithelium cells, neutrophils, T lymphocytes.

After the antiviral drug Lavomax was accepted inside, the greatest extent of production of interferon occurs so: intestines-liver-blood. This process begins in 4-24 hours. Under its influence there is a stimulation of stem cells of a brain, antibodies are formed, immunosuppression degree decreases. Also recovery of a ratio T-helpery/T-suppressors is noted.

Wikipedia demonstrates that medicine shows efficiency in relation to various viruses, including concerning influenza viruses, hepatitis, herpes, neurotropic viruses, cytomegaloviruses.

The mechanism of its influence is connected with process of inhibition of broadcasting a virus - specific proteins in those cells which were infected. As a result, there is a suppression of a reproduction of viruses.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

After drug was accepted orally, substance tiloron from a digestive tract is soaked up quickly. Bioavailability is equal to 60%. Contacts blood proteins approximately for 80%.

Active component is not exposed to biotransformation, in an organism does not kumulirut. Its most part is removed with a stake in not changed look (about 70%) small part – with urine (about 9%). Semi-removal time — 48 h.

Indications to use

In the instruction to medicine the following indications to use of Lavomax for adult patients are defined:

  • viral hepatitis And, In, With;
  • the infection is tsitomegalovirusny;
  • herpes infection;
  • encephalomyelitis virus and infectious and allergic;
  • pulmonary tuberculosis ;
  • not gonococcal uretrita;
  • respiratory and urogenital clamidiosis;
  • flu and SARS.

Means Lavomax is applied as a part of complex treatment.


Before accepting Lavomax, it is necessary to consider those contraindications which are designated in the instruction to medicine. Those are:

  • pregnancy and period of natural feeding;
  • age till 18 flyings;
  • intolerance of fructose lack of invertase/isomaltase;
  • glyukozo-galaktozny malabsorption;
  • high level of sensitivity to the making HP.

Side effects

In the course of reception of tablets such side effects can be shown:

Tablets Lavomax, application instruction

As the application instruction of Lavomax testifies, tablets need to be drunk after food.

To patients with flu and a SARS appoint in the first 2 days on — 125 mg of Lavomax, further — on 125 mg every other day. In total throughout a course of treatment the dose of 750 mg is applied.

For the purpose of prevention of flu and a SARS it is necessary to accept on 125 mg Lavomax once a week for six weeks.

For therapy of a viral hepatitis And appoint reception of 125 mg of means twice a day then it is necessary to take on 125 mg medicine every other day. The general dose on a course makes 1.25 g.

For therapy of hepatitis B in an acute form appoint reception on 125 mg of HP in the first two days, further on 125 mg every other day. The general dose on a course makes 2 g. If long disease is noted, then the general dose on a course is equal to 2,5 g (that is 20 tablets)

If hepatitis B in a chronic form is diagnosed for the patient, then to it appoint reception on 250 mg in the first 2 days, further — on 125 mg every other day. The general dose of Lavomax on a course makes 3.75-5 g. Duration of therapy can make till 6 months. At the same time the doctor considers results of laboratory researches which characterize activity of pathological process at the patient.

At hepatitis C in a system to a form appoint 125 mg of Lavomax in the first 2 days, further – on 125 mg every other day. The general dose on a course – 2,5 g. In case of a chronic form of hepatitis C in the first two days appoint 250 mg, is farther on 125 mg every other day. The general dose on a course makes 5 g. Duration of reception is determined by the doctor, considering laboratory indicators. Therapy can continue till 6 months.

At therapy of a tsitomegalovirusny or herpes infection in the first 2 days appoint on 125 mg Lavomax, further in the same dose every other day. The general dose on a course is equal to 2.5 g. Treatment of genital herpes provides the similar scheme of reception.

The patient with not gonococcal uretrita, respiratory and urogenital clamidiosis, in the first 2 days appoint 125 mg, further in the same dose every other day. The general dose on a course is equal to 1.25 g.

Complex treatment of a pulmonary tuberculosis joins reception on 250 mg Lavomax in the first 2 days, further – on 125 mg every other day. On a course the dose is equal to 2.5 g.

At complex treatment of neuroviral infections the dosage is established by the doctor in an individual order. Treatment lasts 4 weeks.


Overdose cases Lavomax were not recorded.


It was not defined interaction of means significant clinically Lavomax with other drugs, in particular, antibiotics why a pill can be taken together with antibacterial agents and other drugs which are applied at treatment of bacterial and viral diseases.

Terms of sale

Lavomax can be bought without recipe.

Storage conditions

Store at a temperature up to 25 °C. It is necessary to protect tablets from influence of moisture and light, to store far from access for children.

Period of validity

Period of validity Lavomax in tablets — 2 years.

Special instructions

Does not make impact on ability to drive vehicles and to work with dangerous mechanisms.

The patients who are interested about that, Lavomax – an antibiotic or not, have to consider that drug has exclusively antiviral effect.

Analogs of Lavomax

Those who is interested whether there are on sale analogs of Lavomax cheaper should know about existence of such drugs with similar action as Amiksin, Tiloron. These drugs make the Russian pharmaceutical companies therefore their cost lower.

Also, Aktaviron, Tiloram and Tilaksin have similar effect on an organism means.


  • Lavomax 125 of mg No. 10 tabletkinizhfarm joint stock company
  • Lavomax 125 of mg No. 6 tabletkinizhfarm joint stock company

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  • Lavomax tbl p / about 125 mg No. 6 *, Nizhpharm (N. Novgorod) Russia
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  • Lavomax of the tab. of 125 mg No. 3 Nizhpharm (Russia)
  • Tablet lavomax coated 125 mg No. 10 Nizhpharm (Russia)


  • Tab. lavomax p / about 125 mg No. 10


  • Lavomax of 125 mg No. 10 tabl.p.o. Nizhpharm (Russia)
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