Medical starvation

Medical starvation is considered one of effective methods of treatment (contribution to treatment) a number of diseases, including diseases of cardiovascular system, diseases of a respiratory organs, allergic diseases, problems with a gastrointestinal tract and urination. On a thicket medical starvation is used as recreational procedure.

Though new types of starvation appear regularly, all of them have a common feature – full refusal of meal which is the cornerstone of a method. At the same time for starving drink in certain limits and with the set frequency is obligatory.

It should be noted that contraindications to medical starvation represent also long list of problems with health at which refusal of food can become the aggravating factor and lead to fast development of an illness.

However the question of indications and contraindications is relative. With the advent of new techniques and if medical starvation is carried out in specialized clinic under continuous control of physicians, the part of contraindications can be quite referred to indications.

Types of medical starvation

As it was already noted, types of medical starvation are in tens. Their essence consists in coercion of an organism to use the stocks which each of us has. Total absence of food mobilizes the hidden resources of a human body that inevitably leads to certain changes in the scheme of its functioning. These changes also allow to recover, or, at least, to achieve positive takes in fight against illnesses about which the speech will go further.

You should not confuse medical starvation to such concept as medical diets. In the latter case reception of any food described in a diet all the same happens. Therefore the principles by which starvation and a medical diet give effect significantly differ.

We are obliged to warn that refusal of food by any method is the most serious stress for an organism therefore it is necessary to prepare for it. You should not choose elaborate techniques from the very beginning, it is the best of all to begin about idle time, but the checked scheme of water starvation and only after it gave positive shifts, and the organism got used to new operating conditions, it is possible to begin experiments.

It is difficult to allocate the most popular types of medical starvation therefore we will list those which are recommended most often by specialists, and enthusiasts use. Certainly the mentioned standard method of starvation is on the first place (which also call complete or water starvation). The alternative to it is made by so-called dry starvation. The three of leaders is closed by the combined look which integrates in itself(himself) a standard method and dry starvation.

There is a number of nominal techniques: starvation according to Voytovich G. A. (other name – a fractional method), starvation according to Nikolaev Yu.S., starvation according to Bragg, starvation according to Shelton, starvation across Suvorin.

Separately It should be noted urinovy starvation which has many admirers. The most popular author of one of techniques is, perhaps, Gennady Malakhov. Also there is an urinovy starvation according to Erofeyev of V.A. Inogd it integrate with a usual method so the mixed starvation turns out.

Indications to medical starvation

We will give the list of those diseases below, successful treatment or decrease in symptoms of which is helped by medical starvation. At once we are said that the full list is much wider than the fact that it will be given, we focus attention on the main problems with health at which temporary and competent refusal of food can be useful.

Let's begin with cardiovascular diseases. The main indications to medical starvation it is atherosclerosis (obstruction of arteries aterosklerozny plaques), the problems with arterial pressure (both raised, and lowered), stenocardia of 1-3 classes, a varicosity of legs, an ischemic heart disease, arrhythmia.

Among diseases of a gastrointestinal tract there are indications to medical starvation one of the most extensive: a peptic ulcer of intestines and stomach, diarrhea, an unpleasant smell from a mouth (caused by problems with a gastrointestinal tract), gastritis chronic (including atrophic), an intestinal dysbiosis and other diseases.

By the number of indications can be compared to problems of a gastrointestinal tract unless skin diseases and diseases of the allergic nature which are shown on skin. Here herpes, an ichthyosis, dandruff and seborrhea, itch, acute and chronic urticaria, food allergy, a medicinal allergy and others enters.

Especially it is necessary to distinguish adenoides, an adenoid disease, bronchial asthma from diseases of a respiratory organs though indications to medical starvation also include both quinsy, and pharyngitis, and laryngitis.

It is considered that medical starvation renders a notable positive effect also at treatment of the following groups of diseases:

You can learn the detailed list of indications from the medical starvation specialist, we will note still some indications to medical starvation which are not diseases, but at the same time the need for them meets quite often.

Medical starvation at its correct carrying out can become an excellent prophylactic of both catarrhal diseases, and diseases of oncological character. Besides, competent approach to refusal of food helps to take off fatigue and exhaustion.

The fact that the organism will spend some time without food, but is obligatory with regular intake of liquid, allows to carry out clarification. So after procedure your body will be updated, steady against many diseases and looked younger.

Except physical resources medical starvation stirs up also cerebration, including its creative component. For this reason it is recommended to resort to procedure by that who prepares for delivery of difficult examination, scientific work, literary or the piece of music. It is noted that the starving people find effective solutions of problems quicker and more witty.

Contraindications to medical starvation

Противопоказания при лечебном голоданииBefore to resort to any method of starvation, it is necessary to address the specialist who will be able to observe you throughout the entire period of procedure first of all. Also professional doctor will prompt what contraindications to medical starvation at you exist, and will not allow any refusal of food if it can lead to negative effects.

All contraindications to medical starvation can be shared into two groups: relative and absolute. Relative contraindications are those diseases at which medical starvation can theoretically give a positive effect, but at the same time the high risk of an aggravation of symptoms of the patient remains. In such cases carrying out procedure in a hospital of specialized clinic or sanatorium where at any time there are professional doctors capable to give help will be the best option. Absolute contraindications – those diseases at which is strictly forbidden to refuse food.

The main relative contraindications to medical starvation:

  • The ischemic heart disease accompanied with heart failure (a stage from II A) and disturbance of a heart rhythm;
  • pronounced hypotonia;
  • urolithiasis;
  • fever;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • acute peptic ulcer both stomach, and duodenum;
  • diabetes mellitus (II type);
  • nervous anorexia;
  • acute poisonings;
  • immovable condition of the patient;
  • with extra care it is necessary to apply medical starvation to children and to people at late senile age.

As for absolute contraindications, theoretically medical starvation can help at any illness, but in certain cases the ratio of a positive effect to risk is too insignificant that to accept this risk.

Further we will list the main absolute contraindications to medical starvation, that is the illness at which should be solved on procedure only if traditional medical methods were powerless, and it is obligatory under supervision of the doctor:

  • blood cancer and its general diseases;
  • any oncological diseases in 3 or 4 degrees;
  • postinfarctive state;
  • acute appendicitis;
  • acute form of a renal or liver failure;
  • pyoinflammatory diseases;
  • pregnancy of the second half of term and for the period of breastfeeding;
  • infectious and parasitic diseases;
  • the adaptation period after operation on organ transplantation or fabrics;
  • the uncertain diagnosis at the patient.

Once again we will note that it is especially important not to make any decisions concerning use of a method independently: medical starvation has to be made only after survey of the doctor and his positive decision on the matter.

As medical starvation works

Our organism is initially ready to various stressful situations, and hunger is just such case. All of us perfectly know that the person can live without food not one day, but the few think of those processes which happen during this time.

And processes happen the following: medical starvation is a controlled stress, for the adequate answer to which organism is reconstructed. Biochemical processes change to use earlier uninvolved resources of an organism. At the same time the metabolism becomes optimum, the organism itself destroys toxins and takes out them from an organism. As a source of receiving food own fats, proteins and carbohydrates are used. For optimum use of limited resources all processes which happen in fabrics and members of the body become the most effective.

The general rejuvenation, clarification of an organism, increase of immunity and resistance to many diseases is result of such changes. And when the period of starvation comes to the end, the organism still a long time keeps the updated, effective form. However not only medical starvation, but also an exit from it is in this situation especially important.

Food after medical starvation

Питание после голоданияIt is impossible to return right after starvation at all to a power supply circuit, usual for you, which you used prior to procedure. At best it will lead to fast loss of everything that managed to achieve, and at worst it can threaten your health.

In the same way as the look and duration of starvation, volume, the list and frequency of food after an exit from starvation, has to be defined by the doctor on the basis of indications. Those changes which were made with an organism by medical starvation mean that else a long time the person will use medical diets.

The specialist always has to specify the list of products and a form of their use, however some common features nevertheless have medical diets after starvation. So, all food needs to be crushed that it was better acquired and to use in the small portions of 4-6 times a day (is defined by the doctor). Besides to the patient fasting days which have to be carried out oh by frequency are appointed.

Basis of dietary food for the period after starvation porridges (buckwheat and pearl-barley) make, black bread of coarse flour, vegetables and vegetable soups, unsweetened fruit, fast meat and fish, fermented milk products (cottage cheese, cheese – it is obligatory with the minimum content of fats).

The use of products with the high content of cholesterol, fat fermented milk products, sugar and products with its high content (honey, jam, jam) is especially limited.

Strong broths on any basis, the hot spices and dishes prepared with their use, fancy bread, cakes, alcohol of any fortress are completely excluded from a diet.

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