Treatment of quinsy at children

Quinsy is an acute disease of infectious character at which at the child throat almonds are surprised. There is a number of kinds of this disease: quinsy happens catarral, follicular, lacunary, fungal, diphtheritic.

At rolling quinsy at the patient rather low temperature is observed, the child feels ill also sluggish, complains of feeling of pain during swallowing. At catarral quinsy small inflammatory process and, respectively, morbidity of lymph nodes is noted. As a rule, at treatment of quinsy of a catarral form use of antibiotics does not practice.

At quinsy follicular and lacunary pain, and also difficulties in the course of swallowing is observed. Besides, the child will suffer from a fever, it is hurt by the head and significantly temperature increases. Lymph nodes increase, the feeling of the general weakness is observed, it has intoxication symptoms, morbidity at a back and joints.

If the child got sick with an angina follicularis, then his almonds at once redden and increase, on them round points of a yellow-white shade are shown. The white plaque arises at a lacunary form of an illness. At two specified quinsy forms to the child without fail appoint reception of antibiotics. At the correct scheme of treatment by such drugs the inflammation decreases in several days. Such forms of quinsy it is necessary to treat surely at observance of a bed rest, otherwise the risk of complications increases.

Fungal quinsy arises owing to influence of the activator — a drozhzhepodobny fungus. This form of an illness often develops as a result of too long and wrong treatment by antibiotics. All symptoms of a disease are similar to symptoms of quinsy of a lacunary form.

One more type of an illness — diphtheritic quinsy which is considered the most dangerous form of an illness. In this case a disease-producing factor — a diphtheritic stick. At the sick child asthma attacks therefore the patient has to be constantly under supervision of specialists are shown.

Appointing quinsy course of treatment, the doctor surely considers what its form takes place and adjusts a therapy complex.

Treatment of quinsy

First of all, parents have to realize that quinsy is a serious disease, and its treatment it is impossible to practice houses, without preliminary survey of the child by the doctor and purpose of the corresponding drugs at all. Before treatment of quinsy at children begins directly, it is necessary to carry out diagnosis, to make a number of tests. At suspicion on quinsy at the child smears from a mouth and a nose undertake, analyses of urine and blood are carried out. At the same time it is important to exclude other infectious diseases.

Лечение ангины у детейAt the corresponding forms of quinsy to the child reception of antibiotics as lack of such therapy can be dangerous from the point of view of emergence afterwards of complications is appointed. So, quinsy can provoke disturbance of functions of heart, liver, kidneys. Often doctors appoint to children reception of antibiotics in the form of tablets which have no unpleasant taste and, therefore, it is simple to child to give such drugs.

The attending physician makes prescription of antibiotics, being guided, severity of an illness. Generally quinsy course of treatment antibiotics passes for five-seven days. If the disease form very heavy, then reception of antibiotics sometimes to last longer. As a rule, for the third day temperature at the child is normalized, and overall health of the patient becomes better. However at treatment of quinsy at children by means of antibiotics it is necessary to consider that reception of such drugs considerably breaks microflora in the child's organism. Therefore, in parallel with antibiotics the doctor, as a rule, appoints reception of medicines which recover flora. For the prevention of allergic reactions the general treatment of quinsy includes also administration of drugs Suprastinum, Tavegil, etc.

As a rule, quinsy at children is followed by cold therefore for simplification of a condition of the child it is necessary to appoint also drops for a nose, sprays for a throat irrigation.

It is very important to provide to the child who has quinsy, a large number of drink. At the same time it is desirable that the kid drank warm and sourish juice, compotes, broths. In this case cowberry and cranberry drinks, broths of a guelder-rose, dogrose, blackcurrant compotes are ideally suited. Also fresh juice from vegetables and fruit is not less useful, at quinsy the organism needs completion of a vitamin stock. But the most suitable drink for the inflamed throat is sourish, rather thin kissel from different berries. Also warm milk with addition of soda, oil and mineral water, natural fish broths, the cape, vegetables will be useful to the child. By the way, during the acute period of an illness children, as a rule, refuse food in general or eat very little. Doctors do not advise to force children to eat at this time – best of all to be limited exactly to plentiful drink.

Besides, in the first, most difficult days of treatment of quinsy at children it is desirable to provide to the sick child a possibility of observance of a bed rest. It is the most difficult to reach it if the child grows at the active fidget. Nevertheless, playing with it in beds and reading it books, parents will be able to reach the desirable and to accelerate recovery process.

Treatment of quinsy folk remedies

There are also many methods of treatment of quinsy folk remedies which can be used as additional ways to get rid of an unpleasant illness. At children it is possible to apply propolis which is very effective remedy even for treatment of purulent quinsy to treatment of quinsy. It is possible to apply propolis by means of different ways.

So, the tincture from propolis allowing to use propolis liquid will approach. In this case by means of tincture it is possible to grease the struck places of a throat. Perhaps, such procedure will not be pleasant to the child, propolis can burn down a little. However such treatment of quinsy in house conditions will be very effective and will help to get rid of a pharyngalgia quickly. To make tincture of propolis, it is necessary to mix about 20 g of propolis which before that needs to be crushed carefully from 100 g of alcohol. For high-quality crushing of means it can be frozen previously and in such look to pound by means of the hammer. Tincture to prepare for two weeks, it at the same time needs to be held in the dark place.

Лечение ангины у детейOne more way of treatment of quinsy by means of propolis – ordinary chewing of means. After acceptance of food it is necessary to chew propolis (to enough take about 2 g). Procedure needs to be repeated three times a day, and if propolis qualitative and real, then in a mouth it burns down a little. If there is no similar feeling, then the effect of treatment will not be.

Treatment by means of a lemon also will be suitable for treatment of quinsy in house conditions. For this purpose juice from three big lemons prepares. It is necessary to have every evening a glass of fresh juice within three days. This means helps to accelerate recovery process.

Often for treatment of quinsy at children ordinary iodine is used. By means of iodine it is possible to provide effective treatment of purulent quinsy, a chronic form of a disease. For this purpose by means of a wadding stick it is necessary just to smear the inflamed tonsils with iodine.

Inhalations – one more often used house means for treatment of quinsy at children. The basin filled with liquid for inhalation and a towel which need to cover the child's head inclined over a basin for some time will be suitable for this process. In the course of inhalation on a breath it is necessary to hold the breath for several seconds. Will be suitable for inhalation broths of a camomile, a sage. It is also possible to add to hot water several drops propolis infusion. It is important that liquid for inhalation was hotter. Already through several sessions the child will feel better.

One more folk remedy for treatment of a pharyngalgia at quinsy – infusion from an inula. For preparation of such infusion it is necessary to take 50 grams of roots of an inula, to fill in them with halfliter of vodka and to insist on an extent of three days. The field of how infusion will be ready, half a teaspoon is filled in in a throat so that liquid covered both tonsils. It is possible to cough a little that infusion was absorbed. It is very desirable not to talk after procedure. Such actions should be repeated several times a day.

Fresh juice of onion at quinsy is accepted on one teaspoon several times a day. It is also possible to prepare gruel from onions, honey and apples and to accept it on 3 teaspoons several times a day.

Treatment of quinsy by means of rinsing of a throat

Besides, at quinsy regular rinsing of a throat is shown by various means. It is considered that process of rinsing of a throat is available to the child already from two-year age. It is natural to teach the kid to rinse a throat, it is necessary to apply certain cunnings, for example, to rinse a throat with it together, to turn process into entertaining game, etc. Important also in process surely to praise the child for successful commission of this action.

Лечение ангины у детейRinsing of a throat at quinsy can be carried out so often as far as it is available to the child. The most widespread solutions for rinsing of a throat which are used for treatment of quinsy in house conditions it is broths of herbs (the sage, an eucalyptus, a camomile approaches), weak solution of potassium of permanganate, peroxide of hydrogen, Furacilin. Besides, for rinsing of a throat it is recommended to use broth of an onions peel (three teaspoons on a water liter floor), garlic infusion (to draw 100 g of the crushed garlic five hours in 100 ml of water of room temperature). Beet juice will also be suitable for rinsing of a throat to the child: for this purpose it is necessary to grate beet and to wring out juice to which one tablespoon of vinegar is added. Besides, fine means for rinsing of a throat is juice or infusion of a plantain, the Kalanchoe Juice diluted in half with water. Children precisely will like rinsing of a throat warm water with honey. Besides all these solutions and broths do not constitute danger if the child accidentally swallows a little
liquids for rinsing of a throat.

Treatment of quinsy by means of compresses

Compresses help not only to facilitate a state, but also to get rid effectively of pain, to overcome other symptoms of quinsy quicker. There are many national recipes for preparation of compresses. So, at severe pain in a throat advise to make a compress of crackers and garlic. Crackers need to be filled in with boiled water and to add the pounded garlic head. After crackers will become impregnated with water, shift weight in a stocking, previously having merged water. The filled stocking is put to a throat and held till that time until pain passes. Through several such compresses quinsy completely recedes.

Also for a compress it is recommended to use ashes from an oven. It is possible to use the previous recipe, having replaced with ashes crackers. Such compresses kill pain very quickly.

It is possible to put cabbage sheets which it is necessary to change for new sheets once at two o'clock to a throat of the child. From above a throat it is necessary to tie with a woolen scarf. To strengthen effect, put gruel from sheets of cabbage to a throat.

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