Treatment of endometriosis folk remedies

Endometriosis — an illness which is often suffered by female representatives. At endometriosis in a uterus there is a formation of nodes which remind an internal mucous membrane of a uterus. Such nodes can be both in a uterus, and beyond its limits. This illness is a benign tumorous illness and is shown at women because of the atypical growth and further functioning of cells of an endometria (the internal mucous membrane of a uterus so is called). Most often the women staying at reproductive age have endometriosis: generally the disease is shown at ladies from 40 to 44 years. Endometriosis meets at the women who were not giving birth more often. Sometimes the illness is shown also at more early age: teenage girls quite often suffer from a disease even.

As the endometriosis reasons doctors define tendency to a disease of genetic character, and also disturbance of hormonal balance in a female organism. There are also other theories, for example the implantation theory. In this case it is supposed that parts of an endometria which were torn away in some situations (abortion, childbirth, painful periods) can settle on ovaries, a peritoneum, pipes and to provoke the beginning of a disease. Also as provocative factors doctors define stresses, improper feeding, a number of diseases of the general character, the wrong functioning of hemadens, infections of generative organs.

At endometriosis the woman usually complains of very painful monthly, regular pain in the bottom of a stomach, fatigue and weakness, a headache, sometimes – of nausea and vomiting. At the same time the patient cannot often become pregnant.

Treatment of endometriosis is carried out after survey of the doctor and purpose of the means necessary for a therapy course. However in parallel it is possible to apply also treatment of endometriosis folk remedies, long-term experience of treatment of an illness became a basis of emergence of a number of similar national recipes.

Treatment of endometriosis folk remedies

There is an opinion that endometriosis it is possible to treat effectively by means of clay. It is for this purpose reasonable to use clay blue or gray, these grades possess more expressed medical qualities. It is important that clay was pure, without impurity of sand or the earth. Clay needs to be pounded in a basin and to pour a little water – it has to cover clay only. It is necessary to leave a basin for the night that mix became the softest. In the morning liquid which will remain over clay above needs to be merged, and the remained clay needs to be kneaded until homogeneous mass of a consistence of sour cream as a result is not formed. Before that it is possible to add a little apitoxin to clay.

Near the floor of kilogram of clay needs to be put in a pan and to warm. It is desirable to do it on the water bath, on fire clay can overheat. To shift weight to cellophane or an oilcloth and to make flat cake which thickness will make about three centimeters. This flat cake should be put to a stomach into place between a navel and a pubis. On top it is necessary to wind a body with a warm scarf or a plaid and to hold warm flat cake about two hours. On the expiration of this time flat cake should be removed and to well wash out a stomach. After a session it is recommended to make several rotary motions on a stomach in both parties.

Sessions should be repeated every day, the course of treatment makes from five to eight procedures. It is important to consider that every day it is necessary to presoak new clay.

During painful periods it is possible to apply beet juice to treatment of endometriosis. It is necessary to drink the squeezed-out juice which before the use has to settle for four hours on 50-100 ml twice or three times a day. At first it is necessary to use a smaller dose, gradually it increases. It is necessary to consider that at reception of high doses of juice in the first days it is possible to ache with a gastric disturbance. At desire juice of beet can be mixed with carrots juice.

For a rassasyvaniye of endometriozny commissures some exercises of physiotherapy exercises, in particular exercise "small fish" are recommended. For its performance it is necessary to lay down on a stomach and to extend hands forward. In turn it is necessary to lift one, second leg, alternating it to lifting of both legs. It is necessary to carry out ten raising of each leg and both legs. Every day it is necessary to do three approaches. In a month of such exercises the health of the woman significantly improves.

At endometriosis of periods become especially plentiful therefore big losses of blood provoke an iron deficiency anemia. For its prevention it is important to adhere to a diet which assumes the use of red meat, fish, garnet, buckwheat, dogrose broth. At the same time it is necessary to limit the use of coffee.

Also it is recommended to use many vitamin-containing products regularly. It is especially important to resupply vitamins of group B, magnesium, calcium.

Also treatment of endometriosis by means of manual therapy, acupuncture, a girudoterapiya practices. Treatment by bloodsuckers influences the woman's organism in a complex, adjusting functioning of all systems. Saliva of bloodsuckers has anesthetic, antiinflammatory, immunomodulatory influence.

Treatment of endometriosis herbs

лечение эндометриоза народными средствамиBesides, there is a practice of treatment of endometriosis herbs. Use of phytotherapy promotes recovery of hormonal balance in an organism, to increase of immunity, stimulation of protective forces of a female organism, prevention of development of inflammatory processes, and also normalizes activity of a number of bodies and systems.

There are many herbs which can facilitate a state at endometriosis. In this case the means constraining bleeding are often applied (a horsetail field, hare cabbage, a wormwood, a celery, a tansy, a marjoram, a yarrow). The women having endometriosis are recommended to use as much as possible various greens — parsley, a dandelion, spinach, a celery, cabbage of broccoli. Besides, infusions of oat straw and barley are useful.

For treatment of endometriosis grass collecting is used. For preparation of one of them it is necessary to take on one tablespoon of leaves of a yarrow, mints, nettles of a camomile, a bukovitsa medicinal, flowers of raspberry and elder. It is necessary to add two tablespoons of a grass of a mallow and a sage to collecting. Mix of herbs should be filled in with two liters of boiled water and to draw collecting for two hours. Having filtered broth, it is necessary to take it four times a day on one glass for half an hour before acceptance of food. The remains of broth can use in the course of carrying out syringing. It is necessary to continue a similar course of treatment two weeks, and after ten days it can be repeated. However at preparation of collecting it is necessary to consider that the bukovitsa significantly lowers arterial pressure. Therefore patients with hypotonia should not add it to collecting.

At treatment of endometriosis herbs often use broth of a nettle gonochoristic. For this purpose two tablespoons of a grass need to be filled in with one glass of boiled water and to heat on the water bath for 15 minutes. In broth it is necessary to add one more glass of water and to accept it before food on a half of a glass. It is necessary to drink broth from three to five times a day.

According to the same scheme it is possible to prepare broth of the mountaineer peppery (pepper water). However this broth needs to be accepted on one tablespoon three-four times a day. If broth turned out bitter and brown, then it is enough to drink of it till 30-40 drops three times a day.

Use for treatment of an enldometrioz and a grass a shepherd's bag. To prepare infusion, a tablespoon of the crushed grass it is necessary to fill in with one glass of boiled water. The ware with infusion needs to be wrapped up and waited for about one hour. It is necessary to accept infusion on one tablespoon before food 3-4 times a day.

Both the shepherd's bag, and pepper water possess ability to increase sokratitelny ability of a uterus. Therefore, it is reasonable to drink these infusions in time, periods. Besides, all specified herbs can be added periodically to food (in salads, soups). It is necessary to do it for several months, periodically changing players of herbs to exclude accustoming of an organism.

There are also other recipes of treatment of endometriosis herbs. It is possible to take about 50 g of dry cucumber lashes, to crush them and to fill in 0,5 l of water. Mix for five minutes should be boiled then it is drawn about one more hour. Means is drunk by three times a day on a half of a glass.

For preparation of one more broth the crushed bark of a guelder-rose which should be cooked for ten minutes is used. For broth one tablespoon of bark and one glass of boiled water undertakes. Broth is drunk on two tablespoons three times a day.

Besides, treatment of endometriosis folk remedies assumes not only their reception inside, but also syringing. For this purpose it is possible to use anisetree root broth. It prepares as follows: the root of an anisetree should be crushed, taken three tablespoons of weight and to fill up it in 500 ml of the boiling water. It is necessary to cook an anisetree for fifteen minutes, on very slow fire, to filter in twenty minutes. It is necessary to add to broth still the same amount of water and to apply it to syringings.

лечение эндометриоза народными средствамиFor syringing at endometriosis use also celandine infusion. For this purpose it is necessary to fill in one tablespoon of a grass of a celandine of 500 ml of boiled water and to warm up on the water bath for ten minutes. After filtering to add the same amount of water. Similarly broth of the crushed oak bark prepares, however it is necessary to cook mix for twenty minutes.

Besides, traditional medicine recommends to women to put the tampons impregnated with medical infusions. The tampon is done of bandage: for this purpose the bandage is put in several layers, curtailed into a sack and connected, leaving a convenient tail for extraction.

Tampons reckon with an eucalyptus and a calendula as an effective method. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare oil extract of these medicinal plants. 100 g of leaves of an eucalyptus need to be rumpled and filled in with 200 ml of the warmed-up olive oil. In this solution it is necessary to lower twenty more flowers of a calendula. Capacity needs to be closed and put very densely for 20 days in heat.

One more effective method of treatment of endometriosis – medical bathtubs. It is twice a week recommended to take a bath with infusion of oat straw. For this purpose the full one-liter jar of straw of oats is filled in with five liters of boiled water and insisted on an extent of two hours. Infusion needs to be filtered and poured out in a bathtub which needs to be accepted within half an hour.

Prevention of endometriosis

As the disease noticeably influences quality of life of the woman, it is necessary to consider all moments helping not to allow its emergence. First of all, those women whose relatives on the female line had endometriosis have to show special vigilance. It is impossible to allow obesity: healthy food and regular trainings physical culture reduce risk of display of this disease. It is necessary to avoid regular stressful situations, not to abuse alcohol and coffee, not to allow abortions owing to which endometriosis often develops. Besides, both the national, and traditional medicine demonstrates that pregnancy and childbirth is considered the most efficient prophylactic of endometriosis.

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