Treatment of herpes folk remedies

Today herpes by right is considered the most widespread viral illness which arises owing to impact on a herpes simplex virus human body. This virus infected about 90% of people in the world, however symptoms of herpes are shown only at 5% of people.

The herpes infection is shown depending on what condition of an interferon link of immunity at the person. So, herpes can be shown differently: from almost imperceptible bubbles on an integument to severe defeats of a nervous system of the person. This virus can affect practically each human organ. The disease proceeds chronically and is expressed by different clinical manifestations. However most often herpes affects integuments and mucous membranes.

Transfer of a virus happens in the different ways — sexual, airborne, transfusion, contact. There are many reasons which often become contributing for activation of a virus. So, herpes can be shown owing to heavy exercise or mental stresses, a stress, reception of some drugs, the postponed diseases, etc.

Owing to influence of a virus of a herpes simplex of the second type at the person genital herpes of which burning of skin, emergence of rashes, reddening of generative organs is characteristic is shown. At the initial stage of an illness at the person body temperature often increases, the general weakness is shown.

Approximately at a half of people – infection carriers — herpes has recurrent character. As a rule, repeatedly the illness arises in half a year.

Traditional treatment of herpes

Treatment of herpes is necessary in view of possibility of a number of complications. So, pregnant women can have an infection of a fruit vnutriutrobno. Display of herpes in a neck of uterus is fraught with infertility, etc.

Treatment of herpes is made according to a certain scheme and is directed to getting rid of an infection in several stages.

So, it is initially necessary to direct efforts to reduction of expressiveness and duration of an itch, pain, fevers. Further it is important to reduce duration of full healing of the defeats arising owing to an illness. The subsequent treatment of herpes is directed to reduction of weight and frequency of palindromias. The following stage of treatment — elimination of an infection for the purpose of elimination of repeated display of herpes.

Most often in the course of drug treatment of herpes local antiviral drugs are used. They directly remove the illness cause, that is a herpes simplex virus. To increase efficiency from influence of such means, they are recommended to apply at once after emergence of rashes.

There is also a vaccine which is used for prevention of herpes.

Treatment of herpes folk remedies

Treatment of herpes folk remedies means use of a number of the various methods checked by traditional medicine. At the same time it is important to consider that similar treatment means not only use of medicines outwardly, but also the use of vitamin broths, and also herbs with anti-virus and antiinflammatory action.

So, it is desirable to carry out treatment of herpes on lips by means of national methods at once after its first manifestations. At the first symptoms of herpes it is possible to put a cube of ice which is made of natural coffee to the place. It will help to prevent further distribution of an illness.

Effective remedy for treatment of herpes on lips is the following mix: a half of a cup of yogurt without sugar needs to be mixed with one teaspoon of instant coffee. About one tablespoon of flour and honey, and also two chopped garlick segments is added to mix. Mix needs to be mixed and greased with it the struck place once a day. It is necessary to hold weight until it does not fall off independently. After that procedure can be repeated once again.

Besides, traditional medicine demonstrates that it is possible to get rid of displays of herpes quicker, using some products promoting fight against an infection. It is necessary to include as much as possible milk in a diet and fermented milk products, potato, meat and fish dishes, and also haricot and eggs. At the same time the exacerbation of herpes can come, after the use of nuts (especially negatively in this case the peanut influences), sunflower seeds, products from grain. It is regularly necessary to eat garlic which activates protective forces of an organism.

One more council of traditional medicine – to use an earwax which a wadding stick is taken from ears for treatment of herpes. Also as treatment of herpes folk remedies advise to use Kalanchoe Juice for greasing of displays of herpes on lips.

Лечение герпеса народными средствамиThere are also more original folk remedies which effectively influence a condition of the patient with herpes. Having prepared hot tea, it is necessary to lower in it a spoon and to wait until it completely is warmed. The warmed spoon is put to a sore point. This action needs to be carried out several times a day. At the same time it is important that the spoon which is used for such treatment was made of silver or of a stainless steel. It is necessary to put a heated spoon to the place of defeat not less than ten-fifteen times for one "session".

For treatment of herpes on lips it is possible to use the cotton wool moistened with cologne, 70% alcohol or valocordin. Such cotton wool is put to the struck place. At the same time there is pain, however herpes is perfectly dried owing to such procedure.

Ulcers of herpes can be greased with protein of egg also. Such procedure can be made even several times a day, it helps to dry the struck places.

Also the ointment prepared by mixing of one tablespoon of ashes, a half of a tablespoon of honey and three pounded garlic segments is effective. By the way, treatment of genital herpes, as well as herpes on lips can be made by means of greasing of places of defeat by ashes without additives.

Garlic without additives – not less effective remedy at herpes. Just it is necessary to cut one segment of garlic and to rub with it the struck place. It is the best of all to make similar procedure just before a dream. After greasing by garlic it is possible to smear rashes with mix of equal parts of honey and apple cider vinegar.

If displays of herpes arose after strong overcooling, it is possible to treat him by means of simple table salt. Several its grains need to be put to places with rash, it is necessary to make this procedure several times a day.

The compress for treatment of herpes can also be prepared from grated garlic, apples and potatoes.

Aloe juice, as well as juice of the kalanchoe mentioned earlier – fine means for therapy of herpes. It is possible just to tear off a fresh leaf from a plant and to periodically grease with its juice a sore point. Besides, for prevention and treatment of herpes reception before each meal of one teaspoon of juice scarlet is recommended. To make its bitter taste more nice to the taste, this juice can be dissolved with honey.

Applying folk remedies to treatment of herpes, it is necessary to consider surely the fact that all of them have to be combined with traditional treatment of an illness and it is obligatory to be approved by the attending physician.

Treatment of herpes herbs

Can recover fabrics and anticipate progressing of consecutive infection also some medicinal herbs. In this case it is about treatment of genital herpes and herpes on lips.

So, for this purpose guelder-rose infusion well approaches. For its preparation it is necessary to pound four tablespoons of ripe berries of a guelder-rose and to fill in them with one glass of water. After four hours infusion can be drunk several times a day on a half-glass.

Лечение герпеса народными средствамиCholagogue plants — an immortelle, a tansy, a celandine will also be suitable for effective fight against a herpes virus. And juice of a violet three-colored is useful for treatment of herpes on lips: rashes need just to be greased with plant juice.

One more recipe suitable both for treatment of genital herpes, and for elimination of displays of herpes on lips – independently prepared ointment from a calendula. For this purpose it is necessary to take one part of flowers of a calendula and to mix them with ten parts of olive oil. It is necessary to grease with such means carefully all places affected with herpes several times a day. Also greasing of such places is allowed by ordinary pure juice of a calendula.

Places where there are rashes of herpes, can also be greased with the juice which is squeezed out of aspen leaves. One more means suitable for treatment of herpes on lips, it is possible to make a lozhok of the pounded ashen leaves, four tablespoons of previously crushed garlic and six tablespoons of honey of two dining rooms. Such ointment needs to be imposed on the struck points three times a day and to hold it there not less than two hours.

For wetting of the struck places it is possible to prepare peppermint decoction: for this purpose it is enough to fill in one tablespoon of mint with a glass of water and to cook 15 minutes. After filtering broth can be used.

Treatment of herpes is made also by means of the melissa infusion use. It needs to be drunk regularly for several weeks. To prepare such infusion, it is necessary to take two tablespoons of a grass and to fill in them with two glasses of boiled water. Tincture prepares for two hours then it is filtered.

Two tablespoons of flowers of arnica fill in with a half of liter of boiled water. Means after two-hour insisting is filtered and used as compresses.

People who suffer from frequent display of herpes can prepare celandine juice in the form of canned food. In May and June when juice of this grass is the most curative, the grass is passed via the meat grinder together with roots. After that from the received pulp otdavlivat juice and spill it in bottles so that to top of a bottle there were two centimeters. Capacity needs to be closed hermetically, and in a week to begin to open regularly it for a vypuskaniye of the gases appearing at fermentation. Juice of a celandine is used for greasing of the struck places several times a day. It is not necessary to apply bandages the greased place.

The shattered branches of raspberry can also be put to a sore point. Previously branches are washed, cut on pieces and split up. Such gruel effectively treats herpes, raspberry contains many polyphenolic substances which suppress a herpes virus.

Also fresh juice which has a huge positive impact on protective forces of a human body are irreplaceable in the course of treatment of herpes folk remedies. The good effect in the course of complex therapy of herpes renders juice mix from a fresh beet tops of vegetable, carrots, apples and parsley. It is necessary to drink it the whole day in the small portions.

Grass collecting for increase of immunity can be prepared from a root of a rhodiola pink and a wolfberry, herbs of a St. John's Wort, hips and a hawthorn, a nettle grass. All these components need to be mixed in equal parts, to take a tablespoon of such collecting and to fill in it with boiled water. Having drawn collecting for half an hour, it needs to be drunk before food three times a day.

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