Treatment of a fungus of nails standing and hands

General information

Fungal diseases of the person have an infectious origin, that is, cause their disease-producing mushrooms. Infections, as a rule, affect certain areas of skin and nails. Wikipedia demonstrates that fungal diseases affect the person owing to infection with a contact and household way if rules of hygiene are not followed.

As a rule, the onychomycosis — that is a fungus of nails standing and hands, affecting nails, develops as an effect of the general use of objects of use and footwear in a family.

Also fungal infections easily develop owing to infection in those public places where high temperature is noted, strong humidity and there is a high probability of contact of skin of legs with open surfaces. It is a sauna, the pool, the gym, etc. From what there is a fungus, depends also on influence of other factors of which it will be a question below.

There are many ways how to win against this disease, but at the same time it is necessary to consider that treatment of a fungus of skin and nails continues long enough. However the medicines which are effectively helping at a fungus are on sale in drugstores in big assortment. And, it is possible to buy different types of drugs: both the Russian, and import creams, sprays, ointments, and also peroral means against a fungus. At their use the instruction, and also those recommendations which the doctor made has to be observed carefully.

At the correct approach it is possible to cure even the old, started fungus. But for this purpose it is necessary to define an infection and to apply the correct scheme of therapy of an onychomycosis.

How to define that on nails the fungus appeared?

It is important to know what is a fungus and how to define that this disease affected nails. Before to define how to clean these defeats and how to fight against a fungus on nails and on fingers, it is necessary to confirm the diagnosis. Whether it is possible to cure by traditional methods a disease, the specialist has to define.

Symptoms of a fungus of nails standing and hands are shown gradually, however each person is capable to notice the first signs independently. Such symptoms have to guard at emergence, both at the adult, and at the child. It is important to pay attention to such signs:

  • the nail plate changes color: nails become yellow, gray, green, black, white;
  • sore nails begin to crumble;
  • the plate looks stratified;
  • there is a skin itch about a nail;
  • the struck places hurt.

Such symptoms have to guard. Knowing as the disease begins, the person can quickly begin to struggle with an illness. For a bright example it is possible to consider pictures.

In the course of progressing of an illness at big defeat keratinization of a nail is noted, there are expressed consolidations and thereof efficiency of treatment decreases.

Микоз ногтей, фото

Mycosis of nails, photo

Generally mycosis of nails is shown at adults, children have such defeats – a big rarity. Before to begin treatment of mycosis, it is desirable to define etiologies. How to treat, depends also on extent of damages of nails.

The reasons of fungal diseases of any fabrics and bodies develop when immunity sharply decreases, there is a progressing of chronic diseases, change rn skin and nails, connected with age is noted.

There is a number of risk factors of display of mycosis:

  • the broken metabolism;
  • obesity;
  • gastrointestinal tract diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • diseases of adrenal glands and thyroid gland;
  • the broken blood stream in extremities.

Those who treats this illness and who tries to remove a fungus should consider that this infection has high resilience. If to do disinfection of footwear, it is necessary to consider that the fungus perishes in solution of Formalin of 1% for 20 minutes. If to use chloroamine for disinfection, then 40 minutes for this purpose are necessary.

Even if defeat of a nail plate led to extraction of a nail, on condition of reduced immunity, and also in the presence of some other the conditions promoting development of a fungal infection there is a probability of development of a repeated inflammation from the small center which remained unnoticed under a nail or in other places.

Therefore it is important correct to carry out treatment that effects in the form of recurrence were not shown in the future. Also prevention is not less important for what it is necessary to pay special attention to hygiene and systematically to control manifestation of recurrence in the future.

Also one more name of a fungus – a nogteedka meets. It is necessary to consider: those at whom the nogteedka develops how to treat this illness have to ask the doctor. However that it is it a nogteedka, doctors, as a rule, do not explain as correctly the diagnosis sounds — a nail fungus.

Treatment of a fungus of nails

Грибок ногтейThere are different ways of treatment of a fungus of a nail plate. However, to provide the most effective treatment, the doctor after exact establishment of the diagnosis has to appoint drug treatment.

Important factors which the specialist has to consider surely:

  • how extensive area of defeat;
  • what is the time the illness proceeds;
  • character and features of pathological changes;
  • whether there are accompanying pathology diseases.

Now pharmaceutical industry offers the most various drugs. Responses of patients demonstrate that they provide effective treatment. These are different drugs of both local, and general influence:

  • creams;
  • ointments;
  • tablets;
  • varnishes;
  • plasters.

Despite it, independently to solve, than to cure a fungus, is not necessary, this illness always has certain specific features.

Those councils which are contained by any specialized forum (treatment by soda and other folk remedies) can be not only inefficient, but also dangerous. Therefore it is important to learn what doctor treats a fungus of nails in the nearest medical institution, and to use its recommendations how quickly to cure this illness. At the same time accurately appointed scheme has to be observed.

Treatment of a fungus of nails of legs has to be carried out in a complex. Defining how to treat a fungus of nails standing, it is necessary to consider that drugs which apply for this purpose now not just destroy pathogenic organisms, thereby providing treatment of a fungus of a nail on a thumb of a leg and on other fingers, but also can collect in nails for a certain period. As a result, therapy duration decreases. What the price of such means is, it is possible to learn in a drugstore.

The doctor who defines, than to treat a fungus of nails standing, can appoint the special scheme which provides treatment of a fungal infection on nails of legs in 2-4 months. And, responses demonstrate that it is possible to cure even the started fungus. It is better to practice at the same time both local therapy, and reception of peroral HP.

The same approach assumes also treatment of a fungus of nails on hands. It is detailed to learn how to cure a fungus of nails on hands quickly, it is possible at the specialist after full inspection.

Грибок ногтей на фото

Fungus of nails on a photo

However those who practices treatment of a fungus of a nail of the started form which assumes more long use of different means should consider that such drugs as local, and those that are applied orally, provoke development of a large number of side effects and have many contraindications. Therefore responses at treatment of a fungus of a nail in the started form demonstrate that most effectively it is possible to carry out such therapy under a constant control of the specialist.

Now there are many various means about which it is possible to find numerous opinions of users and in a network. For example, often users write responses at treatment by Fundizol, emphasizing that Fundizol — effective and inexpensive cream.

There are also other means:

  • Inexpensive ointment Undecinum (the means price Undecinum – about 20 rub) on the basis of undecynic acid. Its analog – means Mikoseptin in the form of ointment. But ointment cost Mikoseptin is much higher.
  • The drug Formidronum reduces perspiration of legs that positively affects a state at treatment of a fungus. Formidronum in the form of solution can be bought on average for 20 rub.
  • Fukaseptol whose part boric acid is is used for dehumidification of the generated sites. Fukaseptol is used in a complex with other means.

Treatment of fungus diseases of nails of legs it is delicious

If the illness is not started, then it is possible to apply only remedies of local action – a varnish, solution with anti-mycotic influence.

Such drugs exists much now.

  • Varnish Lotseril (the treating component amorolfin) it is destructive affects a cover of cells of a mushroom. How much is means, depends on packaging, the price from 1300 rub.
  • It is also possible to get varnishes Oflomil, Batrafen, Tsiklopiroksolamin, etc. What varnish to choose, depends on recommendations of the doctor.
  • It is possible to buy nail serum Mikozan (cost about 500 rub)
  • Also there is a keratolytic plaster which makes otslaivayushchy action (Onikhoplast, etc.). Means of Onikhoplast is imposed after steaming of a nail. Before use of Onikhoplast it is necessary to soften.

Use of such means, as a rule, long. It is possible to recover nails if to use means regularly. So, Lotseril put twice a week within 6-12 months. Batrafen's use is carried out according to the special scheme described in the instruction. The nail covering from above is allowed by a manicure varnish.

How to remove the affected nail, means for removal

If there is such need how to remove the affected nail, it is better to ask the doctor.

There is a number of the means intended for this purpose and allowing to carry out a painless onychectomy.


НогтивитDrug of Nogtivit About which often meet in a network can be bought at the price about 120 rubles.

It is necessary to consider, using means of Nogtivit: responses of doctors demonstrate that this means – not medicine, but a peculiar alternative to a surgical method of removal of a nail. This efficient means which allows to remove a nail and promotes growth of new. Stearic acid, oil of a tea tree, urea, propylene glycol, trietanolamine are a part it.

Before carrying out an onychectomy, it is necessary to steam out the struck nail plates, using for this purpose such solution: to add to 1 l of water on 1 h l. liquid soap and soda. After that it is necessary to walk and record a plaster around the affected nail.

Nogtevit it is put without rubbing in, a thick layer. It is impossible that means got on healthy fabric. Further it is necessary to close a plaster a nail, and 4 days later to remove it and to scratch out the exfoliated horn part of a nail. This procedure for removal is carried out until completely it is not possible to take away a nail.


Means Nogtimitsin works similarly, his structure contains such components: a carbamide, PEG-40 the hydrogenated castor oil, beeswax, emulsion wax, glycerin monostearate, metilizotiazolinon, salicylic and stearic acid, propylene glycol, essential oils of mint, a lavender, kayeput, detsilen, corn oil, water, glycol.


Are for this purpose used also means of Ureaplast. Drug of Ureaplast is issued in the form of special structure which is imposed on nails. Ureaplast at regular use gradually promotes peeling of the struck layers.

To buy Ureaplast whose price about 300 rubles, it is possible in a drugstore without recipe.

Means from a fungus of nails

Средства от грибкаPatients for whom it is diagnosed diseases often ask questions of what most effective remedy from a fungus of nails standing, or look for the best means from a fungus of nails on hands. But nevertheless those drugs standing About which often meet on the thematic websites cannot be suitable for treatment of a fungus of nails to each person equally. Even if someone writes responses, actively recommending new inexpensive means – cheap Chinese or other producer, a decisive factor should not be the price or advertizing.

The list of drugs which enter complex treatment needs to be agreed with the doctor who conducted individual examination. Especially it is necessary to agree on the scheme of treatment, applying any new effective medicine for a fungus on nails. Depending on features of disease treatment can be:

  • local;
  • system;
  • combined.

Means for treatment of a fungus of nails

System (tablets) Local Others
Flukonazol, Diflucan, Flucostat, Mikosist, Mikomaks, Forkan, Ketokonazol, Fungavis, Orungal, Rumikoz, Kanditral, Itrazol, Irunin, Lamizil, Terbinafin, Onikhon, Terbizil, Ekzifin, Fungoterbin Fukortsin, Berezhnov's liquid, Antinogtegrib, Ekzoderil, Zalain, Nizoral, Mikozoral, Mifungar, Fundizol, Atifin, Ekzifin, Fungoterbin, Lamitel, Terbizil, Termikon, Mikonorm, Terbiks, Lamizil, Terbinafin Kreoline, Fundizol, natural oils, trays for legs, folk remedies

Tablets from a fungus of nails

ФлуконазолAt too active development of a disease and a wide zone of defeat the doctor appoints reception of system antimycotics.

There is very large number of such means, and, the price of tablets from a fungus of nails standing strongly varies. But responses confirm that such means have many contraindications and at reception side effects are shown (skin can suffer, be broken functions of internals, etc.). Incompatibility of such tablets with a number of farmsredstvo is also possible. The most popular tablets from a fungus on hands and legs are such drugs:

  • Flukonazol from a fungus of nails rather inexpensive means, but at the same time About Flukonazole positive. Flukonazol it is worth buying about 40 rub of a tablet Flukonazol it is possible in any drugstore. Its analogs are the tablets Diflucan, Flucostat, Mikosist, Mikomaks, Forkan. Analogs have higher cost, for example, the price of the tablets Diflucan – about 500 rub.
  • Means Ketokonazol also provides effective treatment of nails. Analogs — means Fungavis, Nizoral. The price — from 150 to 500 rub.
  • More expensive tablets containing in quality of active component itrakonazolOrungal, Rumikoz, Kanditral, Itrazol, Irunin. The price — from 300 to 2500 rub.
  • The means containing terbinafinLamizil, Terbinafin, Onikhon, Terbizil, Ekzifin, Fungoterbin. The price — from 400 to 2000 rub: Fungoterbin costs about 1000 rub, Ekzifin — 600 rub. About these means confirm their efficiency.
  • 5 NOCs medicine in the form of tablets active component contains nitroxoline and influences some species of mushrooms.

The drugs providing local influence

  • Local drugs at treatment of a fungus are widely used — ointment from a fungus of nails standing, on hands, cream, etc. Salicylic ointment which part salicylic acid is is for this purpose applied. It will be applied locally standing, on hands. Also Unguentum sulfuratum is applied.
  • ФукорцинMeans Fukortsin which also call Castellani's liquid, this colourless or red liquid means. Fukortsin possesses a specific smell. Responses demonstrate that means well works at a fungus. But it is necessary to consider that if Fukortsin gets on skin around nails, burns can be shown. Fukortsin – inexpensive means, its cost – about 50 rubles.
  •  Also various drops from a fungus of nails are used. Drops contain the same active ingredients, as ointments or sprays, and are applied locally.
  • Also means less popular today are applied. For example, Berezhnov's liquid which is made in prescription department of a drugstore, this means with difficult structure. Therefore prepare Berezhnov's liquid not in each drugstore. But those who tried to use Berezhnov's liquid at a fungus, claim that this effective medicine. In pharmaceutical conditions also make medicine of Antinogtegrib. Medicine of Antinogtegrib consists of a complex of components.
  • Means at the heart of which Clotrimazolum contains are popular. About them is in a network, and users claim that Clotrimazolum helps at a fungus quickly. This substance is a basis of means of Candide
  • Also other means are used locally. For example, Kreoline which is generally applied in veterinary science. But Kreoline is also effective also at treatment of fungal diseases at people.

Among national recipes is much where soda against fungus diseases of nails and a foot, iodine against a fungus is mentioned. Iodine is present at many recipes, but it is better to apply them after approval by the doctor.

As for medicamentous means which are applied if treatment of a fungus of foot, treatment of a nail fungus is necessary, then it is possible to allocate the most popular drugs here:

  • the drugs for treatment of a fungus of foot containing in quality of active component sertokonazolZalain;
  • drugs with active component naftifin — cream Ekzoderil, means cost Ekzoderil — about 500 rub;
  • the drugs containing ketokonazolNizoral, Mikozoral;
  • the drugs containing oksikonazolMifungar;
  • drugs with active component chlornitrophenolNitrofunginum solution;
  • drugs with active component fundizol — cream Fundizol.

These drugs for treatment of a fungus of foot inexpensive, but effective. However that who is interested, than to treat a fungus of foot or nails and how to cure quickly this disease, the specialist has to pick up the best means.

Drugs on the basis of Terbinafin

Treatment of the nails and foot affected with a fungus is also carried out by means of means as a part of which active agent is terbinafin. Such active agent strikes a cellular cover of mushrooms. It following means:

  • ТербинафинLamizil in the form of spray, gel, cream, the cost of such means is from 300 to 600 rub;
  • Terbinafin in the form of ointment and cream – helps also effectively, but it is cheaper means (costs about 100 rub);
  • Atifin;
  • Ekzifin;
  • Terbizil;
  • Termikon;
  • Fungoterbin;
  • Lamitel;
  • Mikonorm;
  • Terbiks.

Drugs on the basis of Tsiklopiroksolamin

One more group of drugs — means as a part of which active component tsiklopiroksolamin contains. Fight against a fungus against use of these drugs is effective only at early stages of the fungus of nails provoked by dermatophytes, mouldy, drozhzhepodobny mushrooms at distal type of defeat. It:

  • Tsiklopiroksolamin;
  • Batrafen.

The cost of means – about 250 rub.

On the basis of Bifonazol

БифосинMeans with active component bifonazol exert fungicidal and fungistatic impact, breaking protective potency of cellular covers of mushrooms. It:

If the carried-out fight was effective, and means against a fungus worked, then gradually the nail tissue affected with mycosis will be replaced with healthy.

However to be convinced that mycosis on a nail and under a nail is cured, it is necessary – to investigate carrying out laboratory research blood, etc. It is necessary to consider that such research is conducted by two times: two weeks later after the beginning of therapy and one month later. It is possible to be convinced of efficiency of therapy after receiving negative takes.

If the fungus is diagnosed for the child, then it is important to apply antifungal means very carefully. At children only the doctor as only the specialist can define that it is better from a fungus of nails standing has to carry out treatment and hands will help the child.

Any diseases of nails of legs which photo and the description can be found in a network it is important to treat timely. But at the same time treatment of diseases has to come to the end timely as at long use of drugs allergic reaction and, as a result, a skin peeling, reddening can be shown.

Other means for treatment of fungal diseases

If nails turn yellow, the plate crumbles, in appearance nails bad, unpleasantly smell, spots and a peeling appear between fingers, so it is necessary to take measures for treatment.

Как выглядит грибок ногтей на ногах, фото

As the fungus of nails standing, a photo looks

Except the described means there are also others, both national, and "pharmaceutical" methods. Also treatment of a fungus the laser practices special establishments.

It is important to treat unchecked drugs very carefully. So, widely advertized Chinese means or "magic" drops actually can be not only inefficient, but also provoke unpleasant effects.


Means Kreoline is used in veterinary science and provides strong antiseptic, antiparasitic and disinfecting effect. It needs to be applied very carefully to prevent hit on healthy skin. Nails process within several months once a day while there is a replacement, and new nails grow. Means cheap and rather effective as helps to conduct removal of the infected nail independently.


Cream multicomponent, as a part of it is a zinc oxide, iodide potassium, salicylic acid, etc. It is necessary to put with a thick layer twice a day. After that nails should be fixed by means of compression paper and an adhesive plaster, to leave for 4-6 hours.

Natural oils

The first manifestations of a fungus can try to be eradicated by means of oil of a lavender and oil of a tea tree. It is necessary to mix these oils and olive oil in equal parts then to grease the struck places for the night. It means effectively at initial stages, for example, if the yellow nail on a leg thumb, on a little finger, etc. is noticed.

Trays for legs

It is possible to prepare a tray from such components: listerin, a lemon (juice from a lemon), apple cider vinegar. It is necessary to add to a tray for legs these components and to keep in it legs of 15 minutes.

Гидромассажная ванночка для ног

Hydromassage tray for legs

Also soda trays with soap addition practice: it is necessary to dissolve a tablespoon of soda and 20 g of a laundry soap in warm water and to keep in a leg tray about 40 minutes.

For trays potassium permanganate can be also used, but potassium permanganate needs to be dissolved so that water was light pink.

It is possible to use sea or usual table salt for trays: for this purpose mix 100 g of salt, 4 Art. of l of vinegar and 4 l of water.

Trays from vinegar are effective: on 8 l of warm water of 250 g of vinegar.

Prepare for a tray solution from 3% by hydrogen peroxide, it is necessary to keep legs in it 2 minutes. After a tray nails should be greased with gruel from peroxide and water.

Treatment by folk remedies

Helps to remove symptoms in addition also treatment by folk remedies. However there is no guarantee that even the best folk remedy will cure a fungus without medicines. But it will help to activate treatment process if to practice similar methods in a complex.

  • Widely treatment by a celandine practices for what juice of a plant or oil is used. Means is imposed on nails at several o'clock. At regular use the struck layers gradually disappear, under a sore nail signs of growth new are noted.
  • Also a fungus treat garlic, putting a thin cut to the struck plate.
  • Treatment by a tea mushroom by rubbing in and imposing of compresses on the struck places is popular.
  • Also treatment by iodine practices for what iodine process nails and leather around them.
  • Also treatment is carried out by propolis, and also other pcheloprodukta that improves a condition of the patient.
  • Apply vinegar to treatment: before going to bed it is necessary to process apple or usual cider vinegar the affected nails, to put on natural socks.
  • It is possible to make a compress of a lemon: to crush a lemon, to mix gruel with vegetable oil and to impose on nails, having covered with parchment and having put on a sock. The compress is done for the night.

What else supportive applications can use and as to do it, the specialist will recommend.

Prevention of fungal diseases of nails

One of the most efficient means of which the fungus "is afraid" is high-quality prevention.

  • It is very important to support normal function of immune system what the correct diet (a minimum of alcohol and coffee, a maximum of vegetables, proteins) physical activity is necessary for. In the weakened organism the infection extends very quickly.
  • It is necessary to know and to accurately follow rules of personal hygiene. Those who do it sharply reduce probability of infection. There is no need to explain why it is impossible to put on someone else's footwear, to use personal hygiene means.
  • Also it is impossible to go barefoot in pools, saunas, baths, on the beach.
  • It is necessary to walk dry after a shower.
  • It is important to know how to disinfect places where there can theoretically be a fungus. In the absence of special means against a fungus the ordinary whiteness for this purpose can be applied.

Remember that it is always much easier to prevent manifestation of a fungus of nails, than then to get rid of this unpleasant illness.

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