Treatment of a liver gepatoprotektor

General information

Gepatoprotektora — drugs which the doctor appoints to patients at the broken function of a liver and different diseases of a liver. Drugs appoint gepatoprotektor also at hepatitis C, at other toxic, viral and alcoholic hepatitis, at defeat owing to reception of certain medicines, in particular anesthetics, antineoplastic, antibiotics , etc.

Now the offered list of drugs of gepatoprotektor for a liver is very wide therefore it is often difficult to patient to choose the best drugs for treatment of a liver. The medicine price, that fact that it a plant origin, etc. becomes often determinal factors. Generally the purpose of patients – to find gepatoprotektor with the proved efficiency. But in this case the most important rule following: medicines only the doctor has to appoint treatment of a liver.

What gepatoprotektor exist?

Now there is the following classification of tablets at which reception the liver is allegedly recovered:

  • phospholipids;
  • derivatives of amino acids;
  • drugs of animal origin;
  • bile acids;
  • drugs of a plant origin;
  • homeopathic medicines;
  • Dietary supplements.

But how many patients would not ask what most effective drug for work improvement, for maintenance and treatment of a liver, ideal medicine which could recover liver tissues very quickly and effectively while is not present.

As a rule, reception of such drugs is carried out throughout the entire period while adverse influence of a certain factor on a liver of the person is noted and there is an expressed harm of such influence.

Разновидности гепатопротекторных препаратов

Kinds of gepatoprotektorny drugs

At the same time patients who need protection of a liver at reception of antibiotics, or those who are interested, than to support a liver at alcohol intake, have to understand that one-time reception of such drug after the person took alcohol, toxic drugs, overate, does not give effect in general. Therefore independently a liver it is better not to treat, gepatoprotektorny means is only an auxiliary drug at complex therapy and to define what is better drug and than to treat, only the specialist has to.

When it is necessary to accept gepatoprotektor and what is it?

The modern pharmacology offers very big list of drugs for a liver which are gepatoprotektor.

There are also gepatoprotektor of new generation which list too very wide. It is necessary to consider that such medicine in our country is appointed very often, treatment of a liver medicines costs much enough, and here the result after a course of reception is not always.

Disputes on what is good for a liver and whether there is a sense in such medicines among doctors are conducted long ago. But now doctors appoint these HP at such diseases and states:

  • The viral hepatitis – is appointed if antiviral therapy is not effective, or there are reasons which are not allowing to carry out antiviral treatment. Sometimes appoint for the purpose of prevention of cirrhosis in complex therapy. Are appointed regardless whether hurts at hepatitis About a liver.
  • Hepatitis is alcoholic at which threat of development of cirrhosis is noted – recovery of a liver is possible, only, if the person gets rid of alcohol addiction and will not drink alcohol. If to accept gepatoprotektor in parallel with alcohol, the effect will not be. At alcoholism the best drugs will not be able to cure toxic damage of a liver.
  • The fatty illness of a liver (which is not connected with alcoholism) – develops at obesity, a diabetes mellitus of the second type. At this illness in a liver lipoblasts are formed owing to what it gradually collapses. It is worth accepting gepatoprotektor in this case at careful complex therapy – it is necessary to keep to a diet, gradually losing weight, to play sports, to take medicine against diabetes, to lower cholesterol level.
  • Hepatitis is medicinal, primary biliary cirrhosis – in complex treatment such drugs are applied. The diet at toxic hepatitis is also important.

Thus, it is necessary to understand that such means for treatment have no the recovering effect if not to limit consumption of alcohol, not to keep to a diet. It is also very important to provide adequate treatment of all accompanying diseases as at illnesses of a liver functions of a gall bladder, a pancreas are, as a rule, broken.

In what countries practice treatment by gepatoprotektor?

It is necessary to consider, accepting any gepatoprotektorny means that this class of drugs is only in Russia, and also in other CIS countries. The list of such class of drugs is absent both in Europe, and in America.

Лечение печени гепатопротекторамиThey are not included in the list of the drugs used at a liver disease as the fact that these medicines are effective is not proved.

Seldom in some countries these drugs are used as dietary supplements. It is interesting that the company from FranceSanofi which is one of producers of means Essentiale, sends the main part of it of HP to the CIS countries as any more in the world on it there is no demand anywhere.

In general it is important to understand that the modern pharmaceutical sphere is very profitable type of activity therefore both the competition, and custom researches of efficiency of drugs takes place. Therefore, to understand when medicine is really effective and as far as, very difficult. In the description of each of groups of drugs the positive and negative opinion on them from different sources is specified.

To choose the best medicine for treatment of a liver, it is necessary to consider opinion of the doctor. It has to define finally the name of tablets for treatment. At the same time the price of drugs for a liver not always plays the defining role.

Essential phospholipids

Before to accept any essential phospholipids what is it, the doctor has to explain to the patient. It is important to consider that the price of essential phospholipids quite high.


Эссенциале НIf to trust the instruction and commercials which tell how at hepatitis C to support a liver, then drugs phospholipids use at treatment of hepatitises – toxic and alcoholic, and also at a radiation syndrome. But actually there are different points of view on the subject of how such hypoprotectors work.

So, in the instruction to such drugs it is noted that essential phospholipids which receive from soy are components of a cell wall of hepatocytes.

Action mechanism their following: phospholipids get to a lipidic layer of walls of cells which were damaged, and improve their functions.

Some patients believe that essential phospholipids recover liver cells, but actually they are only capable to improve a condition of walls of cells.

If the person accepts phospholipids, then there is a decrease in energy costs of a liver, fermental activity increases, properties of bile improve. To receive result, it is necessary to drink tablets very long – not less than half a year. The greatest effect is observed if pricks Essentiale are Forte carried out intravenously.

At reception of phospholipids the probability of the answer to α-interferon increases ((((((((((if therapy of hepatitis C) is carried out.


However about these medicines there are also negative opinions. In particular, in 2003 in the United States research in which it was not defined positive influence of such drugs on function of a liver was conducted. Also scientists established that at treatment of hepatitises – acute and chronic, the inflammation as drugs of this group have no cholagogue properties became more active, and bile stagnates.

If to be guided by these researches, then the choice of drugs of this kind for treatment of a viral hepatitis – the wrong decision.

Also there are data that it is not recommended to accept different vitamins of group B which are present, for example, at means Essliver Forte at the same time.

Some sources claim that Essentiale tablets practically do not get into a liver, being distributed on all organism. It is reasonable to accept separately vitamins of group B in tablets, names of drugs can be learned from the doctor.

Therefore treatment of a disease of a liver of such HP can be inefficient. At the same time price of gepoprotektorny drugs rather high: if to accept capsules within one month, the cost of treatment will make about 3000 rub.

Thus, accepting modern means of this type, the patient receives doubtful efficiency. And people with hepatitis (an active form of an illness) need to accept them very carefully.

Means  Structure Price
Essentiale of N, Essentiale Forte N
  • essential phospholipids
500–1500 rub.
Essliver Forte
  • phospholipids;
  • vitamins of group B;
  • vitamins E, RR
from 250 rub.
Fosfontsiale  Are Fosfontsiale's part:

  • Silymarinum,
  • lipoid C 100
from 300 rub.
Gepagard Gepagard are a part:

  • phospholipids;
  • vitamin E
from 300 rub.
  • phospholipids;
  • trinatriyevy salt of glycyrrhizic acid
from 500 rub.
Rezalt Is a part of Rezalyut lipoid PPL 600:

  • phospholipids;
  • triglycerides of an average chain;
  • glitserola mono / dialkonat;
  • soy oil;
  • vitamin E
from 600 rub.

Drugs of animal origin

Now there are two types of such tablets: Gepatosan and Sireparum. For prevention these drugs do not use, only for treatment.

ПрогепарAppoint these drugs for treatment of cirrhosis, a fatty hepatosis, hepatitises. Also treatment of the increased liver practices (if the patient is hurt by a liver). These cirrhosis and other diseases pills accept strictly to destination. Drugs make from cells of pork liver (Gepatosan) and a hydrolyzate of a liver of KRS (Sireparum), that is on the basis of components of organisms of animals.

In their structure there is a cyanocobalamine, fragments of growth factors of a liver, amino acid, low-molecular metabolites.


Concerning influence of tablets, first of all, it is considered to be that this gepatoprotektorny action, and also in the instruction is about antioxidant, detoksikatsionny properties, about stimulation of regeneration of a parenchyma of a liver.

Besides, there is medicine Progepar which activates blood circulation in hepatic fabric, provides recovery of structure of hepatocytes, slows down education in a liver of connecting fabric, increases diuresis, improves functions of a liver.

It is applied in complex therapy at cirrhosis, chronic hepatitises, fatty dystrophy of a liver, after chemotherapy, at intoxication by drugs.


There are no clinical data that medicine really helps and is safe. Also there is a potential danger at reception of these drugs: so, they should not be drunk at hepatitises of an active form. Also drugs of this type have high allergogenny potential. Therefore before to practice such treatment, it is necessary to define whether is not present at the person of high sensitivity to drug.

At reception of such HP there is a risk of infection of the patient with a prionovy infection which causes spongy encephalopathy.

Therefore defining what medicine is better, it is necessary to consider that there is an opinion that this pill for therapy of pathologies of a liver is inexpedient to be taken.

Means  Structure Price

The dried-up cells of a liver of a donor pig.

Gepatosan is contraindicated at pregnancy, feeding, to children till 1 year

from 350 rub.

Liver of cattle.

Gepatamin is a dietary supplement

from 360 rub.

Complex means.

Progepar is contraindicated to children

from 1000 rub.
Sireparum Sireparum is a liver extract hydrolyzate with the standardized amount of cyanocobalamine a part from 400 rub.

Amino acids

Geptral, Geptor (Ademetionin)


Amino acids as medicines are widely used. Ademetionin participates in process of synthesis of phospholipids and active agents, shows the detoksikatsionny and regenerating properties.

ГептралAt use of means Geptral is also marked out the expressed antidepressive effect, drug splits fats and brings them out of a liver, that is provides its clarification. Means is appointed at a fatty hepatosis of a liver, hepatitis, a depression, an abstinence syndrome.

In the course of clinical trials clinical performance of an ademetionin was proved. Drugs on the basis of this component show gepatoprotektorny action if gepatotoksichny damages of a liver owing to alcohol intake or drugs are noted, and also at cholestatic diseases of a liver, a viral hepatitis of chronic character. Also medicine makes holekinetichesky, holeretichesky, antioxidant, antifibroziruyushchy, neuroprotective effect.


Geptral is the registered medicine in Russia, Germany and Italy. Also in Australia it is veterinary drug (for dogs and other animals). In all other countries drug is positioned as dietary supplement as the result of researches showed doubtful results.

Most of doctors nevertheless claim about efficiency of this drug, but only if injection intravenously as at oral administration it is soaked up badly is carried out it.

Gepa-Mertz (Ornithine aspartate)


Substance ornithine reduces the increased ammonia level. It is applied at abnormal liver functions, toxic hepatitis, fatty dystrophy. Considering that, how much is Gepa-Mertz, to apply him to prevention very expensively.

Appoint medicine for maintenance of a liver at hepatitises, cirrhosis, hepatic encephalopathy.


In case of alcoholic damage of a liver practically does not work therefore support and protection of a liver by means of this means is inefficient. Notable action is noted only at a hepatic coma. It is reasonable to use drug for the purpose of a short-term exit from this state.

Means Structure Price
Geptral Ademetionin from 1500 rub.
Geptor Ademetionin from 800 rub.
Gepa-Mertz Ornithine  from 600 rub.

Drugs for a liver of a plant origin

Vegetable tablets for a liver which list and the prices it is possible to learn in drugstores are appointed by doctors for treatment very often.


Widely treatment of a liver a thistle practices. Drugs for a liver with a thistle — Gepabene, Karsil, Silimar, Legalonum.


Treatment by a thistle of a liver and a pancreas proved positively – the advantage is noted by many specialists. It is confirmed also by patients, leaving About thistle tablets for a liver.

The application instruction of a thistle in tablets demonstrates that they are applied to treatment not only a liver, but also zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, a gall bladder and other bodies of a gastrointestinal tract. Thistle extract in tablets is implemented under different trade names, there is also a thistle in capsules, oil.


The price of tablets and other means depends on the producer. How to take such medicine, the instruction informs. There is also a thistle meal which advantage and harm is in detail described in the relevant articles devoted to dietary supplements. However meal also should be accepted only according to the recommendation of the doctor.

Silymarinum — biologically active agents of fruits of this plant so are called. It is very strong antioxidant. It is appointed at liver illnesses, it is necessary to drink means not less than 3 months. At such duration of treatment means stops progressing of cirrhosis. The medicines containing Silymarinum allow to support, clear, protect a liver as they stimulate growth of cells and recovery of the broken membranes.

Treatment by means Legalonum, Karsil Forte, Karsil is the most effective. Those whom interests that means "Forte" in the name of drugs should consider that such drugs make the strengthened action.

Also there are numerous analogs of Karsil on the basis of a thistle – Silimar, Silymarinum, Silibininum, oil of a thistle, thistle capsule. It is better to choose the most suitable drug by means of the doctor. Means are rather cheap.


There are no sufficient confirmed data about clinical performance of Silymarinum at treatment of alcoholic defeats of tissue of liver. Efficiency at an acute hepatitis is not proved With, at a viral hepatitis of Century. Researches of efficiency of Silymarinum at treatment of chronic diseases of a liver will be conducted further.

Means Structure Price
Karsil, Karsil Forte Silymarinum from 300 rub.
Legalonum Silymarinum from 300 rub.
Gepabene Thistle, fumitory from 400 rub.
Silimar Silymarinum from 80 rub.
Thistle meal The crushed vegetable raw materials from 40 rub.


The artichoke in tablets is made as medicine and dietary supplement. To a darkness, a lump artichoke tablets are appointed, the application instruction has to be observed precisely, despite vegetable components of means.


Артишока ЭкстрактThe artichoke is applied in traditional medicine: it reduces joint pains, lowers cholesterol level, has cholagogue, diuretic, gepatoprotektorny effect.

Drugs of an artichoke contain active agent tsimarin.

  • Hofitol – medicine with an artichoke;
  • Extract of an artichoke, Tsinariks – dietary supplements.

Means of a malotoksichna, these cholagogue tablets on herbs apply at cholecystitis, for the purpose of removal of alcoholic poisoning (at an exit from hard drinking, etc.), at treatment of atherosclerosis of a brain.


Medical data demonstrate that extract of leaves of an artichoke is applied widely, but at the same time the fact that it can give effective help, clinically is not proved. At cholelithiasis, acute hepatitises, a syndrome of a cholestasia it is not recommended to apply.

Means Structure Price
Tsinariks Tsimarin from 300 rub.
Hofitol Tsimarin from 280 rub.
Artichoke Artichoke extract from 100 rub.

Liv 52, dietary supplements


If to trust Liv's 52 producers, then those extracts of herbs which are its part are capable to protect a liver if hepatotoxic influences took place (alcohol, drugs), has cholagogue effect, normalize belkovosintetichesky function, stimulate recovery of cells. Also insignificant antioxidant action is noted.

Pain medicine at hepatitises, cirrhosis is applied, and also for the purpose of prevention.

It agrees with the researches conducted in Russia, the Bodice 52, as well as other gepatoprotektor for children it is applied at liver diseases. In particular, to children it is applied for the purpose of treatment of hepatitis A.


Those researches which were conducted in the United States, deny the effects designated in the instruction. According to scientists, the Bodice 52 did not reduce treatment terms, however lowering of bilirubin in blood and reduction of loss of body weight at the person was noted.

Лив 52Recovery or anti-toxic action at treatment of alcoholic hepatitis was not observed. Besides, after receiving result of one of researches in the USA this drug from the market was withdrawn. Whether it is possible to apply this means, or not, the specialist finally has to solve.

The decision on cleaning, treating a liver by means of dietary supplements, the patient has to accept. About volume, as far as such means are safe and whether they can help, it is possible to obtain information only from the instruction attached to drug from the producer.

But nevertheless there is a number of dietary supplements which medicinal properties producers confirm by means of numerous researches. But, despite natural components, it is necessary to accept these means correctly.

Dietary supplements — tablets on herbs are drugs of Milon 10, the Disir, Gepatrin, Gepatotranzit, Ovesol. The best means can be picked up only individually. What else there are dietary supplements, it is possible to take an interest at specialists.

Means Structure Price
  • water extracts of ten plants
from 220 rub.
Liv 52
  • extracts of seven plants
from 200 rub.
  • lecithin;
  • Silymarinum;
  • essential phospholipids;
  • vitamins E, B6, B1, B2
from 200 rub.
  • oats;
  • repeshok;
  • corn stigmas;
  • thorough-wax;
  • powdery lemon juice
from 100 rub.
Milona 10
  • roots of a burdock, dandelion, inula;
  • corn stigmas;
  • artichoke extract;
  • immortelle flowers
from 400 rub.
  • turmeric;
  • grass of oats, thorough-wax;
  • immortelle sandy;
  • peppermint
from 150 rub.

Oil of seeds of pumpkin


 As a part of such drugs fatty acids, polyunsaturated and unsaturated, with the high content of linoleic, olein acids — essential oils, vitamins, phytosterols, Niacinum, beta carotene contain. As a result, gepatozashchitny influence is noted.

Thanks to existence of carotinoids and tokoferol the antioxidant effect is noted, in view of availability of essential phospholipids damage of membranes of hepatocytes is slowed down, recovery of cells accelerates.

Peponen, Tykveol apply cure for chronic diseases of a liver.


There is no clinical evidential base concerning efficiency of drugs of oil of seeds of pumpkin. It is necessary to conduct additional researches to obtain exact information.

Means Structure Price
Tykveol Oil of seeds of pumpkin from 260 rub.
Peponen Oil of seeds of pumpkin from 300 rub.

Bile acids

Ursodezoksikholevy acid (UDHK) – drug of bile acid. Drugs of ursodezoksikholevy acid it is applied for the purpose of treatment of a liver, zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, cholelithiasis, to treatment of a gall bladder.

УрсофалькThe application instruction demonstrates that means, it containing (Ursosan, Ursofalk, Ursodez, Urdoksa, Livodeksa, Urosliv) have cholagogue, hypoglycemic effect.

Therefore, in the presence of gallstones with the high content of calcium means is contraindicated. Medicine lowers a saturation bile cholesterol. Some patients claim that it is the most effective cholagogue remedy at stagnation of bile.

Responses demonstrate that an effective remedy. However, before to buy drugs with ursodezoksikholevy acid (and their price is rather high), it is necessary to consider that such drugs have many contraindications. It is impossible to accept it at acute inflammations in intestines, at the expressed dysfunctions of a pancreas, etc. Also they have immunomodulatory effect. Therefore such drugs, as well as analogs of ursodezoksikholevy acid, it is dangerous to apply without recommendation of the doctor. It is necessary to tell surely the specialist to "the doctor on a liver" the name of tablets and to consult with it.

Take this medicine at biliary cirrhosis (symptomatic treatment), biliary the reflux gastritis, hepatopathies pregnant, acute hepatitises, and also at damages of a liver alcohol and drugs – are sometimes appointed by that who is interested how to protect a liver at reception of antibiotics.

The means containing ursodezoksikholevy acid:

Means Price
Ursofalk from 250 rub.
Ursosan from 250 rub.
Urosliv from 160 rub.
Ursodez from 900 rub.
Urdoksa from 900 rub.
Livodeksa from 300 rub.

Homeopathic medicines

There is a big list of homeopathic drugs among which there are even names of homeopathic medicines for weight loss which action well affects standing of a liver.


ХепельIt is possible to allocate homeopathic tablets Galstena and Hepel.

It is necessary to consider that the homeopathy is a certain sphere therefore any homeopathic remedies need to be accepted under control of the homeopathist. Besides treatment can be very long, sometimes it is more than a year.

Monodrugs are distinguished by a special tropnost to liver cells. Homeopathists claim that the May celandine and a thistle remove the majority of symptoms, help if the liver hurts, are used for cleaning of a liver, etc. Also such medicine can be applied as a prophylactic, support a liver.


Homeopathic tablets and drops do not pass those clinical trials which are necessary therefore it is impossible to say that such tablets we treat a liver and they effectively help.

Means Price
Hepel from 240 rub.
Galstena from 250 rub.

How to recover a liver after alcohol?

The question of what to treat a liver after alcohol, is actual for many people. Recovery after alcohol means process of clarification of a liver after single serious hard drinking or desire to support this body if the person systematically consumes alcohol.

Алкоголь и печеньIt is necessary to consider that tablets after alcohol at once are not recommended to be drunk. Gepaprotektora which are described above doctors whom patients ask can appoint, than to treat after alcohol and than to recover a liver. However, as it was already designated above, efficiency of the majority of drugs in this case is not proved. Therefore for those whom interests how to treat a liver there are also other important councils.

First of all – the healthy and healthy nutrition, herbal teas and, undoubtedly, refusal of alcohol. The correct way of life "cleans" a liver over time. Remember that it is possible to cure any disease only after consultation with the specialist.

Similarly it is necessary to arrive if it is necessary to treat a pancreas. No medicine can be applied to a liver and a pancreas uncontrolledly. If it is necessary to apply drugs to treatment of a pancreas, it is important that they were combined with any other HP which are applied by the patient. Only the doctor appoints tablets from a pancreas, their names and the application instruction can be found in a network if necessary.

In certain cases for recovery after alcohol it is also important to accept drugs for kidneys. There is the whole list of drugs for kidneys on herbs, however both treatment, and prevention of kidneys also have to be coordinated with the specialist.

In general recovery of a liver is a long process at which drugs for recovery of a liver are selected individually. Than to recover after alcohol and what medicine for recovery of a liver to pick up, depends also on standing of the patient. Therefore before to take any pill for recovery, it is important to conduct careful researches of a liver and only then to define the scheme how to recover a liver. At the same time it is reasonable to accept widely known herbs for recovery of cells of a liver after hard drinking in parallel with drugs if the doctor so advised. It is necessary to take the artichokes or other means recovering medicine according to that scheme which was appointed.

Prevention for a liver

It is very important that treatment and prevention of a liver were carried out correctly and timely. It is impossible to take medicine uncontrolledly. At any illness drugs can be accepted only after exact establishment of the diagnosis. Important with a certain regularity to pass preventive inspections, if necessary – to make tests.

Any tablets for prevention in house conditions can be accepted only after appointment as the wrong reception and incorrectly picked up drug can provoke negative effect.

It is important to eat properly to warn obesity: there is more cellulose, it is less than fat products. People with an essential excess weight of a tablet from obesity whose name the nutritionist can prompt should accept only as a last resort.

However extreme diets cannot be practiced also: they can provoke serious load of a liver. It is important to limit amount of alcohol.


Many patients believe that vegetable drugs, and also herbs at hepatitis and other diseases of a liver safe. Nevertheless, any hypoprotectors – homeopathic remedies, pain pills, the Chinese tablets, etc. – can be drunk only if previously this treatment was approved by the doctor.

Gutto A

Drug Gutto A

For example, tablets from Gutto A liver – popular means which is implemented directly in a network. But Gutto A — medicine which efficiency is not proved. Other antineoplastic drugs of a plant origin are similarly doubtful.

There are other drugs gepatoprotektor — Allocholum, etc. It is also reasonable to accept them at liver diseases. However all these means (Allocholum) also accept only on doctor's orders.

The specialist needs to report all names of vitamins and the name of drugs for a liver which you intend to accept. The scheme, as well as than to medicate a disease, the doctor also appoints.

In spite of the fact that now often advertize inexpensive drugs for cleaning of a liver, no pill for cleaning can also be taken uncontrolledly. The concept "clean medicine" a liver – initially wrong, tablets are appointed not for cleaning, and for treatment, support, etc. In a network there is a set of recipes for clarification of a liver in which it is claimed that with their help it is possible to clear this body quickly. However than to clean and as to do it, it is also necessary to ask the doctor.

Accepting gepatoprotektor, it is necessary to consider that they can interact with other drugs – for example if the person accepts antiviral at hepatitis C, other antiviral, anesthetizing drugs, antibiotics, etc. By means of the Chinese herbs cleaning of a liver can also lead to undesirable effects as these allegedly "cleaning" means of a gepatotoksichna and can provoke an acute renal failure.

Those who cleans a liver by means of gepatoprotektor should consider that now as drugs reckon with the proved efficiency:

  • drugs of amino acids;
  • ursodezoksikholevy acid;
  • Silymarinum drugs.

Essential phospholipids reckon with unproven, but expected efficiency as Gepatoprotektorami (it is desirable to enter intravenously).

Efficiency of all other means is finally not proved today.

Section: Reviews of drugs
in more detail

Education: "Pharmacy" graduated from the Rovno state basic medical college majoring in. Graduated from the Vinnytsia state medical university of M. I. Pirogov and internship on its base.

Experience: From 2003 to 2013 – worked at positions of the pharmacist and manager of a pharmaceutical booth. It is awarded by diplomas and distinctions for long-term and honest work. Articles on medical subject were published in local editions (newspaper) and on various Internet portals.