Treatment of pyelonephritis folk remedies

Pyelonephritis – an artful disease of which development of inflammatory process of a renal pelvis and kidneys is characteristic. This illness often develops at the person and as an independent illness, and as a result of other diseases of urinogenital system because of which at the person urine outflow is broken. So, very often development of pyelonephritis happens against an urolithiasis, prostate adenoma, often the illness can develop also against the illnesses having the infectious nature.

Pyelonephritis at children quite often develops as complication after a disease of flu, pneumonia. At pregnant women this illness is a consequence of a notable hormonal imbalance in an organism, and also develops in connection with the broken outflow of urine because of squeezing of internals a uterus. Besides during pregnancy often there is an exacerbation of chronic pyelonephritis.

Development of pyelonephritis happens when disease-producing microbes get to renal fabric. At patients with an urethritis or cystitis they from a bladder pass on ureters. Also microbes can extend on blood vessels from the different centers of an inflammation in all organism.

Drug treatment of pyelonephritis

It is accepted to distinguish an acute and chronic form of pyelonephritis. At acute pyelonephritis of people suffers from very strong fever, at the same time intensive sweating, fervescence to forty degrees, painful feeling in a waist, nausea and vomiting is observed. In the analysis of urine the considerable number of microbes and leukocytes comes to light.

Unlike acute pyelonephritis the chronic form of an illness can is hidden to proceed for years. At the same time bright symptoms of pyelonephritis at the person are not observed, and it is possible to find symptoms of an illness only during the analysis of urine. In development the illness can become aggravated periodically strongly. Then symptoms of an illness will be similar to symptoms of an acute form of an illness. Treatment of chronic pyelonephritis has to be adequate and timely, differently secretory function of kidneys can significantly be broken.

Лечение пиелонефрита народными средствамиConsidering the fact that pyelonephritis is an infectious illness, its therapy is carried out with use of antibiotics. Very important point is that antibiotics only the specialist has to appoint treatment of pyelonephritis. At the choice of drug a number of specific features, namely what species of microorganism provoked an illness, degree of its sensitivity to a certain drug is surely considered. Duration of administration of drug, and also its dosage is defined with in what state the patient's kidneys at the moment stay. Treatment of pyelonephritis antibiotics will give faster effect if to begin it from the first day of an exacerbation of an illness.

If the chronic form of an illness is diagnosed for the patient, then treatment of pyelonephritis in this case will be longer: so, the course of reception of antibiotics makes from six to eight weeks. Further approach to therapy is defined by the attending physician

Treatment of pyelonephritis in house conditions

In parallel with drug treatment of pyelonephritis use of some auxiliary methods and means of therapy available often practices in house conditions. If the exacerbation of a disease takes place, to the patient the high bed rest is the best of all to observe some time, at the same time constantly staying in heat. In that case the blood stream in kidneys will become more active, and the inflammation will begin to decline much quicker.

At pyelonephritis a certain drinking mode is important: if the person never had arterial hypertension, and he has no hypostases, then every day he has to drink about three liters of liquid. In this case vitamin drinks, mineral waters, fruit drinks, kissels, compotes are recommended. Fruit drinks from a cranberry and cowberry will be the most useful drinks, they possess also antiinflammatory action.

Observance of especially rigid diet at treatment is not required: it is enough to refuse spicy and salty food, alcohol, smoked products. At the same time it is necessary to include in an everyday diet as much as possible products with a large amount of vitamins. At pyelonephritis in an organism potassium has to be resupplied, and also vitamins of group B, C, the food having diuretic property is recommended to R. Takzhe: pumpkin, melon, water-melon.

Treatment of pyelonephritis herbs

There are many recipes of traditional medicine which are successfully used for simplification of a condition of the patient for which pyelonephritis is diagnosed. Treatment by herbs assumes use of special collecting which need to be drunk for several days.

The grass of a melissa medicinal, a ninety-knot, elder flowers, a leaf of a bearberry ordinary, a St. John's Wort grass, a root of an acorus marsh, flax seeds, the sheet of renal tea, fennel fruits enters one of such collecting.

One more collecting for treatment of pyelonephritis includes flowers of a camomile pharmaceutical and a centaurea blue, fruits of a juniper ordinary, a leaf of a nettle gonochoristic and a peppermint, a root of a mallow medicinal, flax seeds, a grass of a violet three-colored and a thistle prickly.

Лечение пиелонефрита народными средствамиTo prepare this collecting, it is necessary to take three tablespoons of the crushed and mixed ingredients, to fill in with a half of liter of boiled water and to insist on an extent of six hours. It is necessary to drink herbal tea warm, for half an hour before meal.

Besides, at treatment of pyelonephritis folk remedies practices uses of collecting medicinal plants which positively influence body resistance.

Such collecting herbs consists of fruits of wild strawberry, a juniper and a dogrose, a grass of a horsetail field, leaves of cowberry, a birch, a plantain, a bearberry, blackcurrant, nettle. For broth it is necessary to take ten grams of mix of herbs, to fill in it with boiled water and to boil on the water bath for thirty minutes. After that travny broth is drawn thirty more minutes. It is necessary to accept it warm, before food.

It is also possible to apply special phytotea which is implemented in drugstores to treatment of pyelonephritis. However, it is possible to prepare such means and independently. For this purpose it is necessary to connect a spirea, raspberry, a willow, birch leaves, elder, a fireweed, a celandine, a burdock, a camomile, a dandelion, cowberry. Such tea is effective in a stage of an exacerbation of an illness. It can be used throughout a long time – even several months. To prepare tea, two tablespoons of medicinal plants need to be filled in with one liter of water and to cook on slow fire about twenty minutes.

Efficient cure for pyelonephritis are also broths of other herbs: it is possible to prepare tincture of a grass of a lady's bedstraw, a toadflax grass. The dried-up grass zalivayets is also boiled by boiled water on the water bath within 15 minutes.

Patients for whom pyelonephritis is diagnosed with herbs often practice treatment together with therapy by antibiotics. However it is necessary to inform the doctor of use of such method.

Treatment of pyelonephritis folk remedies

Treatment of pyelonephritis folk remedies includes not only use of grass broths and infusions. So, at such illness carrots juice reception effectively influences the general condition of an organism. Also before meal people with pyelonephritis are recommended to eat about 100 g of the ground carrots.

Diseases of kidneys treat, using kidneys and bark of a young aspen. For this purpose they need to be dried up and crushed. One tablespoon of kidneys or bark is filled in with one glass of boiled water, the field of what broth prepares 15 more minutes on small fire. After means will be drawn, it is necessary to filter and drink it three times a day on two tablespoons before meal. Kidneys and bark of a willow, a birch, poplar also renders medical effect at pyelonephritis. Broth for treatment prepares similarly.

Лечение пиелонефрита народными средствамиIn the course of treatment of pyelonephritis in house conditions it is necessary to take care also of high-quality prevention of a hypovitaminosis. Chronic pyelonephritis often becomes aggravated through a lack of a number of vitamins B a human body. Therefore at all seasons of the year teas from a guelder-rose, a dogrose, a mountain ash will be useful. Vegetables, fruit and greens have to be present at a diet every day. Vitamin therapy is carried out also by means of ready polyvitamins.

One more means prepares from oats and milk. For this purpose two hundred grams of oats it is necessary to boil some time in one liter of milk. Correctly to time cooking of means, it is necessary to consider that as a result from the initial volume of liquid there has to be about a half. It is necessary to drink broth three times a day by the fourth part of a glass. Such broth it is possible to use a long time.

It is effective at pyelonephritis and the inula root mixed with honey. Previously the root is crushed and prepare means in a proportion a plant root glass on a honey liter floor. Such mix needs to be accepted on one teaspoon for the night and in the morning at once after awakening.

One more fine method of "house" treatment of a disease – use of products of beekeeping. It is possible to treat pyelonephritis by means of propolis, flower pollen, bee pollen. Propolisny oil will be fine means in this case. For this purpose it is necessary to kindle a little butter and to cool it to eighty degrees. Previously having crushed 150 g of propolis in powder, it is necessary to add it to oil and to leave ware with means for twenty minutes. Mix needs to be stirred periodically at this time. Then mix is warmed to 80 degrees again and hold it so twenty minutes. After that it should be filtered. As a result yellowish-greenish oil with an original smell has to turn out. Such oil is recommended to accept on one teaspoon before food.

At acute pyelonephritis it is possible to accept mummy solution: 1 g of funds for 1 l of water. Twice a day before food it is necessary to drink on a half-glass of such means.

As medical and a diuretic also juice is used. Potatoes juice activates process of production of urine – it needs to be drunk in the morning on a half-glass. To potato juice it is possible to add a little mountain ash juice. Such mix needs to be insisted on an extent of one hour. Will be suitable for treatment and juice is fresher than some pumpkin which is accepted on a half-glass in days. It is possible to drink also juice of a water-melon or prochsto there is a water-melon which has the expressed diuretic action. Also fresh birch sap to which it is possible to add honey is recommended. It is possible to drink such juice three times a day. And during a bilberry season juice of this wild berry will be suitable for treatment. Every day it it is necessary to drink about a halfliter. Fresh wild strawberry also possesses medicinal and antiinflammatory properties therefore during a berry season it can be eaten as much as possible. Also from berries and leaves of wild strawberry prepare broths which are recommended to be drunk sick pyelonephritis.

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