Treatment of pneumonia folk remedies

Treatment of pneumonia can be carried out as in the conditions of a hospital, and at home. However house treatment, and also treatment of pneumonia by means of folk remedies demands regular control of a condition of the patient: the district doctor and the nurse have to visit him constantly. Direct indications to the room of the patient in a hospital are certain moments. This disease of pneumonia at the child of the first year of life, heavy disease with a number of complications, the illness burdened by somatic manifestations impossibility to fully treat the person in house conditions.

Basic care at treatment of pneumonia

That treatment of pneumonia was the most effective, it is necessary to provide to the patient high-quality individual care. Such approach to sick children is especially important. It is important to observe strictly a bed rest, to provide restriction of an exercise stress. However it does not mean that the person has to lie constantly not movably – important to change situation, to move. After recovery of the patient with heavy pneumonia it should not work hard about two-three more months.

In the course of treatment of pneumonia of the house it is necessary to show consideration especially for soblyudeniye of all requirements, both to personal, and for the general hygiene. Food bolnogodolzhno to provide all requirements of an organism which struggles with a disease. The food has to contain enough calories, products with the high content of various vitamins, natural food. Very important point in food of the patient – providing enough drink. The used liquid has to be warm and various: crimson tea, a fruit drink from a cranberry, mineral water will approach. It is periodically possible to drink warm milk with honey and soda.

At acute fever patients who have no symptoms of heart failure in days should drink about 2,5-3 l of liquid.

Treatment of pneumonia at children provides special approach to feeding. The child needs to suggest to eat often and gradually, it is desirable to offer him favourite food at the same time. Appetite of the child is recovered after removal of an acute state. In the course of food it is necessary to select dishes with the low content of carbohydrates which provoke processes of fermentation in intestines. Observance of the drinking mode for children – one of the most important principles of a nosotrophy the child. It is necessary to drink so much to fill loss of liquid in view of high temperature and an asthma.

Patients with pneumonia should hold constantly on control of function of intestines not to allow manifestation of a meteorism and locks. The room in which the patient stays, it is necessary to air regularly that air was pure. One more important point on the way to recovery – active expectoration of a phlegm. In order that expectoration was more effective, it is possible to carry out some exercises from respiratory gymnastics.

Drug treatment of pneumonia

Лечение пневмонии народными средствамиTreatment of pneumonia antibiotics is one of the main directions in the course of therapy of an illness. It is important that antibiotics were appointed to the patient in time, that is, to wait for that time when the activator is identified, it is not necessary. However appointment to the patient of antibiotics shall be carried out only by the attending physician, it is impossible to accept drugs independently at all.

If treatment of pneumonia happens out of a hospital, then often to patients penicillin, macroleads and cephalosporins of the 1st generation are appointed. The choice of a way of introduction of an antibiotic depends directly on disease severity.

If pneumonia is treated in the conditions of a hospital, then to the patient cephalosporins of the 3rd generation, penicillin with clavulanic acid, ftorkhinolona, aminoglycosides, karbapenema are appointed. If the etiology of pneumonia is unknown, then the combined treatment at which two or three different antibiotics are used can be appointed. Efficiency of treatment of this illness by means of antibiotics can be estimated 36-48 hours later. If improvement of health, emergence of appetite, and also absence of negative dynamics of pneumonia is observed, then the result of therapy can be considered positive.

But treatment of pneumonia antibiotics provides also reception of additional medicamentous drugs. So, those drugs which influence provides recovery of drainage function of bronchial tubes are often used. These are drugs an Euphyllinum, beroduat, atrovent. Reception of medicines which liquefy a phlegm is also reasonable and promote expectoration process improvement. Also those drugs which stimulate protective forces of an organism — interferon, immunoglobulin, etc. are used. Also some methods increasing nonspecific resistance of an organism are shown to patients with pneumonia. In this case adaptogens – ginseng tincture, extract of an eleuterokokk, drugs of an aralia, Pantocrinum, a rhodiola pink, saparal are effective. They are applied in an individual dosage twice or three times a day. All these drugs make noticeable impact on a human body. They strengthen immune system, stimulate processes of an exchange in an organism, help to strengthen resistance of the person to many negative impacts, and also to influence of infections. For recovery of protective forces of an organism in certain cases by the patient enters gamma-globulin, vitamin complexes are appointed (in this case especially important enough vitamin C, and also vitamins of group B).

In the course of treatment of pneumonia at children and adults antihistaminic drugs, means with antiinflammatory properties are used. At heavy disease sometimes the attending physician considers expedient reception of corticosteroid hormones. In the presence of specific indications also anesthetics, respiratory analeptics, sessions of oxygen therapy, etc. are appointed.

After at the patient body temperature returns to normal, and symptoms of the general intoxication of an organism disappear, it is possible to apply a number of physiotherapeutic procedures. Often the doctor appoints the microwave oven, an inductothermy, UVCh, sessions of recreational massage, an electrophoresis, etc.

Other methods of treatment of pneumonia

Лечение пневмонии народными средствамиOne more important stage of complex treatment of pneumonia – holding regular sessions of physiotherapy exercises. Such physical exercises promote activation of the address of blood and lymphatic liquid in an organism, normalize the lung ventilation broken in the course of an illness. The physiotherapy exercises are appointed to the patient after body temperature is normalized or decreases to subfebrile. Initially the gymnastics includes several breathing exercises in lying situation. Besides, it is desirable for patient to lie several times in day on a healthy side for the purpose of aeration improvement. To reduce commissural process in a phrenic and costal corner, it is necessary to enclose the roller under a thorax and to lie on a healthy side. When lying on spin formation of commissures in the area between a diaphragmal pleura and a back wall of a thorax decreases.

Further, in several days, to the patient exercises in a sitting position are appointed to stages of recovery and standing which are directed to increase in mobility of a thorax, and also mean training of diaphragmal respiration.

After full treatment the people who had pneumonia are recommended to be engaged in walking on skis, rowing, game sports.

To improve drainage function of bronchial tubes and ventilating function of lungs, carrying out inhalations is often appointed. However it is necessary to consider that inhalations carry out after removal of the most acute state. For inhalations special drugs, for example Bioparox, and also broths of herbs are used.

By means of massage it is possible to improve process of an otkhozhdeniye of a phlegm considerably. Besides, carrying out massage makes bronkhorasslablyayushchy impact. Depending on appointment of the doctor it is applied both classical segmented, and acupressure.

By means of can massage it is possible to accelerate considerably process of an otkhozhdeniye of a phlegm at a severe cough. The dl of it on the skin which is previously greased with vaseline is imposed bank which capacity has to make 200 ml. After suction banks the massage movements are carried out from a waist to cervical department of a backbone. Such massage has to last about ten minutes. After that the patient is wrapped up with a blanket and give it a glass of warm tea. Such massage it is possible to carry out time in two days.

After removal of an acute state it is also recommended to patient to do paraffin, mud, ozokeritovy applications. Some specialists recommend also holding sessions of acupuncture. However people cannot practice this method in a condition of intoxication, with fever, at heart and respiratory failure.

It is important that treatment of pneumonia was carried out to an absolute recovery of the patient: at it the health, but also indicators of laboratory and X-ray inspections has to not only be normalized.

After the termination of a basic course of treatment to patients often recommend to continue recovery after an illness in sanatorium conditions. As a rule, at competent approach to treatment recovery of the patient comes approximately in three-four weeks.

Treatment of pneumonia folk remedies

Лечение пневмонии народными средствамиTreatment of pneumonia folk remedies can be also used on condition of therapy of a disease in house conditions and lack of a serious condition of the patient. There is a number of recipes of broths and tinctures of medicinal herbs which effectively influence on is general a condition of the patient. Some recipes checked by long-term experience can be used in parallel with drug treatment. We offer several possible recipes for treatment of pneumonia folk remedies.

To take two tablespoons of leaves of an aloe, to crush and mix with one teaspoon of salt. 1 h l. salts. Mix is accepted three times a day before food on one teaspoon. Tinctura Calendulae which is accepted on twenty drops three times a day is prepared as follows: two tablespoons of flowers of a calendula fill in with one glass of medical alcohol. Infusion to prepare 15 days in the dark place. It is similarly possible to prepare wormwood grass tincture (on one tablespoon of a grass one glass of vodka) which is accepted four times a day on one teaspoon.

One more folk remedy effectively helps to get rid of cough. For this purpose one glass of oats with a peel mixes up with one liter of milk. Mix needs to be cooked for half an hour then to filter and add two tablespoons of butter, five dining rooms of spoons of honey. Before going to bed the patient should accept on a means glass.

Besides, for treatment of pneumonia at children and adults as drink traditional medicine advises to accept broths of medicinal herbs. There are many options of collecting the herbs which are effectively influencing a condition of the patient with pneumonia.

It is necessary to mix by one part of a grass of a ninety-knot, fruits of an anise, pine kidneys, fruits of fennel, herbs of a thyme, a glycyrrhiza root. Collecting is filled in with cold water, about an hour then it needs to be brought to boiling is drawn and to cook about five minutes. To use collecting on a half-glass three times a day.

About one teaspoon of flowers of a camomile, calendulas, a St. John's Wort enters one more collecting herbs. Mix is filled in with two glasses of boiled water, two hours are drawn. It is necessary to accept collecting on a third of a glass three times a day.

Besides, medical collecting can include other herbs: the sage is medicinal, coltsfoot, a thyme ordinary, a horsetail field, plantain leaves, a peppermint, a nettle gonochoristic, an inula high, elder black and other medicinal plants.

It is necessary to add honey and a lemon to tea which the patient drinks for day, it is periodically recommended to drink warm milk with addition of one teaspoon of butter and honey.

лечение пневмонии народными средствамиIt is applied at treatment of pneumonia also a sokoterapiya – daily reception of fresh vegetable and fruit juice. Juice of beet, carrots, spinach is most useful to patients.

Tinctura Eucalypti which is applied as outwardly – to inhalation and rinsing of a throat, and inside, on 30 drops three times a day is effective in fight against symptoms of pneumonia also.

To activate process of expectoration of a phlegm, it is recommended to use the freshly squeezed juice of cabbage mixed with honey. Traditional medicine recommends also regular use of raisin, a fig, almonds.

Efficiently treatments of pneumonia in house conditions are cups which are put on a back and on the patient's breast. Besides, compresses and bandages of the warming character are applied.

Prevention of pneumonia

As measures of prevention of pneumonia it is important to follow the general sanitary and hygienic rules, to find regularly time for a hardening, exercises. Also sanitation of the centers of persistent infection is important. All diseases at which there is a damage of lungs it is necessary to treat immediately and correctly. The healthy lifestyle of adults, competent approach to care of the child, and also a hardening of the kid on the first year of life will allow to avoid a disease. There are also some drugs (bronkhomunat, IRS-19, ribomunit) which stimulate protective properties of an organism in the period of the highest probability of infection with infectious diseases. They also have the certain vaccinal effect directed against causative agents of diseases of a respiratory organs.

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