Treatment of prostatitis in house conditions

Inflammatory process which at men arises in a prostate is called as prostatitis. This gland is located in an organism of the man under a bladder. As prostatitis symptoms at the person pain in the lower part of a stomach or back, and also in a crotch is shown. At the same time there is a disturbance of an urination, besides desires become frequent. At an ejaculation the man feels pain.

The prostate produces liquid which becomes then a basis for sperm. Infections of bacterial character, traumatism, strong overcooling, problems with the address of blood in bodies of a small pelvis, hormonal failures in an organism, irregular sex life become the reasons of its inflammation often. The illness is characteristic of men of different age groups, however most often prostatitis occurs at people who were not fifty years old yet.

Treatment of prostatitis varies depending on what form of an illness takes place at the man. So, bacterial prostatitis can proceed as in an acute form and as a chronic disease. Also prostatitis not bacterial, proceeding as a chronic illness is quite often diagnosed. It is accepted to call such kind of prostatitis also a syndrome of chronic pelvic pain. At such patients all symptoms, characteristic of prostatitis, are observed, but in a secret of a prostate there are no bacteria.

Prompt development is characteristic of acute bacterial prostatitis. The person at the same time suffers from severe pain, there are symptoms of the general intoxication. Symptoms at a chronic form of an illness are much less brightly shown. In this case the illness is shown gradually.

And if the course of prostatitis of an acute form, as a rule, comes to an end with a full izlechivaniye of an illness, then at chronic prostatitis recurrence is shown rather often. It should be considered at treatment of prostatitis in house conditions. Besides, in the presence of the inflamed stones in a prostate therapy of an illness is more difficult process.

At not bacterial prostatitis (chronic pelvic pain) at the person severe pains which are localized in a small pelvis, generative organs, a crotch develop. Inflammation signs in a prostate are not found. This illness is widespread among modern men of different age groups, however most often the illness affects people of 35-45 years. Till today specialists state several assumptions of what reasons of this form of prostatitis. So, there is a theory about volume, this syndrome provokes defeat of tissues of prostate of bacterial character. Besides, there is an opinion that the disease is shown owing to hit of urine in a prostate.

Treatment of prostatitis medicamentous means

Treatment of prostatitis in an acute form is made by means of antibiotics. To achieve the maximum results of therapy, it is necessary to choose the correct scheme of their reception and not to interrupt treatment with antibiotics. Longer reception of such drugs is necessary at chronic prostatitis: sometimes treatment lasts about three months. Besides, the course of treatment includes reception immunomodulatory drugs. How to treat prostatitis by means of medicines, the specialist defines only. However to cure an illness completely rather difficult. For the prevention of palindromias it is important to follow all instructions of the attending physician carefully. At the same time both the use of alcoholic beverages, and sharp overcooling and other factors can provoke recurrence of a disease. Even the stressful situation can have a negative impact.

Except prostatitis medicine, in the course of therapy physiotherapeutic methods are often applied. Besides, prostatitis treat by means of the laser which is effectively regenerating fabrics, ultrasound, a constant magnetic field, ozonotherapy, etc.

Treatment of prostatitis in house conditions

Лечение простатита в домашних условияхIn the course of therapy of a disease use of parallel treatment of prostatitis in house conditions is allowed. For this purpose use the national methods checked for years which well influence also the general condition of a man's organism, and simplification of a state at prostatitis.

In the oldest times for treatment of an inflammation of a prostate folk healers used ordinary pumpkin sunflower seeds. The matter is that seeds of pumpkin contain very large amount of zinc, an element which is extremely necessary for each man's organism, regardless of age. In order that there came the simplification of a disease, traditional medicine advises to use on thirty pumpkin sunflower seeds before one of meals. It needs to be done every day, and the organism will be provided with necessary standard daily rate of zinc.

There is one more way of treatment of prostatitis by means of pumpkin sunflower seeds. It is necessary to clear of a peel near a floor of kilogram of sunflower seeds and to overwind them on the meat grinder. It is necessary to consider that such prostatitis medicine will be effective only if not fried sunflower seeds of pumpkin are used. Honey – about 200 grams is added to the received weight. Solution should be mixed well and to mold peculiar balls candies of the size of a nut. These medical candies need to be stored in the cold place. There are balls it is necessary before food, one or two every days. It is necessary to chew or get to the core of these candies long in a mouth. Such prostatitis medicine positively influences a state of health of the man. It is enough to repeat such course of house treatment once a year.

How to treat prostatitis in house conditions, it is possible to learn from many publications of recipes of traditional medicine. For example, treatment of an illness aspen bark. Cora needs to be brought together in the start of motion of juice, that is in the spring, before blooming of kidneys. Thickness of bark has to make up to five millimeters. It is necessary to dry up collected bark a little in an oven then hundred grams of bark should be crushed and filled in bark with 200 grams of vodka. At the same time bark has to be completely covered with liquid. This mix has to be drawn in the dark place for two weeks. After that infusion is filtered and drunk three times a day, dripping on twenty drops on 100 g of water. It is necessary to use prostatitis medicine before food, at the same time the course of treatment will last about two months.

For treatment of prostatitis folk remedies use also a sokoterapiya. The use of a large amount of fresh juice stimulates allocation from an organism of the man of uric acid which absorption in muscles becomes frequent the reason of diseases of a prostate. The fresh carrot juice mixed with juice of an asparagus, cucumbers and beets will be suitable for this purpose. Asparagus juice is especially useful in this case: it is recommended to drink on a liter floor in day.

One more drink, useful to men, – juice from berries of black elder. It needs to be drunk in the morning, before a breakfast, on one tablespoon. It is necessary to use juice not less than ten days. In the course of treatment by juice at the patient temperature can rise. It is the normal process testimonial of the fact that therapy works. And for long storage of juice of elder it is possible to add to capacity with it a little vinegar.

The shell of chestnuts can also help those who have prostatitis. For this purpose it is necessary to take a fresh shell with needles and to make it. To prepare broth, the crushed peel of a chestnut is filled in with boiled water and drawn. Broth is used instead of tea. Use of such broth for enemas is also possible.

Лечение простатита в домашних условияхThe brown, ripened chestnuts can also be used for treatment of prostatitis. For this purpose it is necessary to separate a peel of chestnuts, to crush it and to fill in for the night three tablespoons of a peel with boiled water. In the morning infusion is filtered and steamed on the water bath while in capacity there is no about 200 g of liquid left. It is necessary to accept broth three times a day, before meal, on thirty drops. It is necessary to drink broth until it reaches a limit. The course of treatment a peel of a chestnut is repeated in two months. It is recommended to complete three such courses.

For treatment in house conditions patients with prostatitis can use parsley juice: it is accepted three times a day before food on one tablespoon. Parsley contains a large amount of vitamin A and vitamin C that does it very useful to dl of a man's organism. Broth of seeds of parsley – not less effective remedy. To prepare it, it is necessary to crush seeds to a powder consistence then to fill in four spoons of this powder with boiled water (one glass) and to boil for fifteen minutes. To accept broth on one tablespoon several times a day (to six times).

Herbs of a hemlock and celandine are suitable for preparation of tincture of dl of treatment of prostatitis. However it is necessary to consider that the hemlock is a dovity grass. On a half of a tablespoon of both herbs it is necessary to fill in 100 g of alcohol. Tincture to prepare ten days in the dark place then it is filtered. It is necessary to use infusion in the mornings in 30 minutes prior to meal. For this purpose it is necessary to add to a small amount of water or milk in the first day one drop of infusion. The next day quantity of drops makes already two, etc. That is in the thirtieth day of people uses thirty drops of infusion. Further counting follows upside-down, and in the sixtieth day treatment of the patient returns to one drop of infusion again.

Also in house conditions it is possible to prepare broth of a grass of a yarrow, leaves of a birch and a bearberry ordinary. Mix of herbs is filled in with boiled water and drawn. After filtering use two tablespoons before food.

Besides, it is possible to prepare also other broths: for treatment of prostatitis it is successfully used leaves and bark of a hazel grove, a burdock root, a primrose spring.

Treatment of prostatitis candles

For fight against inflammatory processes propolis long since was considered as very good means. Extract of propolis can be applied as an element of complex treatment of prostatitis. For preparation of means which is applied to treatment it is necessary to evaporate 40 grams of propolis in 200 ml of pure alcohol. When extract of propolis is ready, 0,1 g of extract mix up from 2 g of cocoa butter. This mix needs to be created in the form of a candle and to insert for the night into a rectum. Such treatment continues every day for a month. Approximately in one and a half months the course can be repeated again. Propolis can also be accepted inside: for this purpose use 20% spirit tincture of propolis. 40 drops of such tincture dissolve in 100 g of water. Such prostatitis medicine is taken for forty five days before food. It is also possible to receive medical treatment for flower pollen which is used on one dessertspoon morning and in the evening for half an hour before food.

For other type of candles take three tablespoons of rye flour to which add on one teaspoon of crude egg and honey. Do homogeneous dough of which create the candles making in the diameter about one centimeter of solution. Candles need to be put in the freezer. They are inserted into an anus in the evening and in the morning. Treatment lasts four weeks, in need of it it is possible to repeat in a week.

Treatment of prostatitis by means of other methods

Лечение простатита в домашних условияхThere is also a special gymnastics by means of which it is possible to facilitate a condition of the patient with prostatitis. How to treat prostatitis by means of exercises? For this purpose it is necessary to carry out them in the mornings. Initially after awakening for five minutes it is necessary to do a light massage of a crotch. It very effectively helps to avoid stagnation of a prostate. Exercise which helps to get rid of an illness needs to be done as follows: to rise exactly to the utmost, legs at the same time at shoulder length. Further squat approximately on one third is carried out. In this pose it is necessary to move knees serially forward for five minutes. The same exercise can be executed once again before going to bed. Initially it is difficult to carry out it, but then skills appear. There are also other exercises useful to patients with prostatitis. However it is necessary to consider that when performing exercises there should not be notable load of area of a basin. Besides, for prevention and treatment of prostatitis it is useful to go much on foot.

To improve the address of blood and a lymph in an organism, it is possible to apply periodically heat baths, at the same time water temperature has to make no more than 43 degrees. Such bathtub approximately proceeds twenty minutes. Medical sedentary bathtubs also prepare with use of broths above the listed herbs.

Also the warming microclysters are applied. Broth of a sage, train will be suitable for them. Temperature of the solution used for an enema has to make 38 degrees.

Also in house conditions the warming procedures are quite available to patients with chronic prostatitis. It can be paraffin application, a hot-water bottle, heated salt or sand.

It is important to pay attention to food: it has to be the most balanced. Sick prostatitis forbids to use coffee, alcohol, cocoa, acute and salty, smoked products.

However the most important point of treatment of prostatitis in house conditions is the constant control of the attending physician and approval of all applied methods by it.

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