Treatment of cystitis folk remedies

Cystitis – inflammatory process of a mucous membrane of a bladder which is one of the most often found urological diseases. Most often developing of cystitis is connected with colibacillus and microbes of a sort of a klebsiyell. Much more often the illness is shown at women as a result of a special anatomic structure of a female organism: through an urethra in the ascending way the infection gets into a bladder much easier. Cystitis is sometimes shown as well at males as the state accompanying an inflammation in seed bubbles, a prostate, an urethra, epididymes. Both at women, and at men the infection in certain cases gets into a bladder after medical examinations. Often displays of cystitis arise after radiation therapy, and also during pregnancy at women.

A number of factors which promote display of cystitis is allocated. First of all, this decrease in the general immunity. Often cystitis provokes strong overcooling, the beginning of sex life.

Displays of cystitis differ from symptoms of other diseases: at cystitis of people suffers from very frequent desires to an urination at which the acute pain is felt. At the patient muddy urine which can have an unpleasant smell is made. In rare instances body temperature can increase. The cystitis course of treatment to women is appointed by the gynecologist, and to men – the urologist. After carrying out necessary researches medicamentous therapy is carried out – cystitis pills are appointed individually.

Treatment of cystitis in house conditions

However also parallel carrying out treatment of cystitis in house conditions by means of folk remedies is possible. At the same time national methods of treatment very effectively help to get rid of cystitis.

First of all, each woman has to realize the fact that treatments of cystitis – much more hard task, than its prevention. It is especially important to pay attention to methods of prevention of an illness to women who expect the child's birth, treatment of cystitis at pregnancy by medicamentous means is undesirable.

Women are recommended to visit as often as possible a toilet, without allowing big breaks between urinations. It is desirable to choose for daily use the cotton linen which provides good air exchange and, respectively, reproduction of microbes decreases. It is not necessary to use daily laying during a summer heat, it is also desirable not to wear very close trousers and jeans. In the course of washing of underwear it is very important as it is possible to rinse more carefully it after use of means for washing.

At cystitis it is necessary to correct food. If at the patient the acute form of cystitis takes place, it is necessary to stop to eat in general for some time firm food. At the increased temperature it is necessary to drink only water. After normalization of body temperature it is possible to enter into a diet fresh juice from vegetables. Carrot, beet juice is recommended. Cucumber juice with addition of honey can be very effective diuretic.

The diet at cystitis assumes exceptions of a diet acute, salty, and also smoked products. The diet at cystitis assumes the everyday use about three liters of liquid. Food at cystitis assumes very low content of acids. Marinated products for the period of treatment of a disease also should be excluded from a diet.

It is very desirable for people who treated cystitis or other diseases by reception of antibiotics recently to include yogurts, biokefirs in a food allowance. At the same time the amount of the consumed liquid needs to be increased significantly. The most useful drink in this case cranberry drink is considered. This drink not only acidifies urine, but also influences as anti-inflammatory drug. It is recommended to use every day a glass of water to which a half of a teaspoon of baking soda is added. The diet at cystitis should not include some alcoholic beverages.

лечение цистита народными средствамиFor preparation of drink useful at cystitis, it is possible to use juniper extract (1 teaspoon of means needs to be parted in a glass of water), but treatment of cystitis at pregnancy by this means cannot be carried out. Except plentiful drink at cystitis warming up is recommended: it is possible to put a warm hot-water bottle on area where the bladder is located. Heat sedentary baths are also useful.

There are many homeopathic remedies which are used for treatment of cystitis. Such cystitis pills can facilitate noticeably a condition of the patient, eliminating unpleasant symptoms.

Treatment of cystitis aromatherapy

Long ago it is noted that use of essential oils makes antiseptic impact on an organism. Aromomasl at cystitis should be applied at once after the first symptoms of an illness are shown. In the course of carrying out the warming bathtub before immersion it is necessary to add several drops of essential oil to water. As a rule, add no more than ten drops to a bathtub. As aromatic oils, the most suitable for treatment of cystitis, it is possible to take lemon (this oil is used in smaller quantity – no more than five drops), camomile, bergamot oil. Also effectively influences at treatment of cystitis in house conditions sandalwood oil.

At a strong exacerbation of cystitis and pronounced unpleasant feelings it is possible to prepare a compress which is put on the lower part of a stomach. It is necessary to add to a warm compress 3-5 drops of oil of a lavender or a camomile. However in the course of use of aromatic oils for treatment of cystitis it is necessary to consider that during pregnancy not all oils are recommended for use. Therefore each woman, beginning treatment of cystitis at pregnancy by means of aromatic oils, has to consult previously surely with the doctor.

Treatment of cystitis herbs

The basic principle of treatment of cystitis folk remedies is use of herbs for preparation of infusions and broths which use for plentiful drink.

If symptoms of a disease are shown is not really expressed, then, perhaps, medicamentous cystitis medicine not to be necessary. Constant drink of a large amount of tea from herbs promotes treatment of inflammatory process. As such tea it is possible to use broth of a camomile, meadowsweet vyazolistny. As treatment of cystitis folk remedies recommend also a grass to a beech which smyagchayushche affects a mucous membrane. At the regular use of broth of this grass it is possible to avoid treatment by antibiotics or other cystitis pills. Besides, for treatment herbs recommend broth of a bearberry ordinary which is very strong antiseptic agent. Alkaline impact on urine of the person sick with cystitis, celery seeds, a root and leaves of a mallow medicinal render. Every day it is necessary to eat surely several garlic gloves which helps to win against an infection.

Among effective remedies of traditional medicine it should be noted also the use of barley water with a lemon. It is recommended to drink instead of tea for day. To make drink, it is necessary to fill in with water 100 g of pearl barley and to bring it to boiling. The croup needs to peretsedit and pour out water. After that grain is filled in by 600 ml of boiled water, add a dried peel of one lemon and draw drink. It is necessary to store the filtered liquid in the refrigerator.

Buds of a black poplar from which prepare infusion help to cure cystitis and accept it on a half-glass before food. Also from kidneys it is possible to prepare tincture on alcohol and to accept it approximately on thirty drops three times a day.

In parallel with reception of other drugs for cystitis treatment by means of grass collecting is shown. At reception of grass collecting regularly significant improvement will come in two-three weeks. However, preparing collecting, it is necessary to adhere precisely to the recommendations specified in recipes and not to exceed a dose of reception of broths and infusions.

One of collecting herbs includes equal parts of a St. John's Wort, a camomile, leaves of cowberry, buds of a black poplar. It is possible to prepare broth as follows: to two dining rooms spoons of the crushed collecting add boiled water half of liter. Collecting is drawn in a thermos for night. It is necessary to accept broth to five times a day by the third part of a glass before food.

The second collecting herbs for treatment of cystitis at women is included by two parts of leaves of a birch, a juniper, a bearberry, and one part of a grass of a field horsetail. Broth prepares, as well as in the first case. It is possible to accept it to four times a day on a third of a glass before food.

One more effective infusion for treatment of cystitis at women and at men to prepare from five parts of leaves of a birch and a juniper and two parts of seeds of parsley. Preparation and a dosage of infusion are similar to the previous recipes.

More prolonged treatment of cystitis is carried out with use of grass collecting which flowers of a calendula and violet three-colored, flax seeds, cowberry leaves enter. The dosage and preparation is carried out as and in the previous cases. And the course of treatment such national cystitis medicine proceeds about two months.

лечение цистита народными средствамиOne more grass collecting for treatment of cystitis includes five parts of a St. John's Wort and a Labrador tea, one part of seeds of flax, on three parts of pine kidneys and mint, two parts of a field horsetail. To drink such collecting prepared as and earlier described grass infusions, follows on a quarter of a glass before food for two months.

Good means for treatment of cystitis is dogrose broth. For this purpose take four tablespoons of the crushed roots of a dogrose and fill in them with water liter. It is necessary to boil roots about fifteen minutes. After cooling and draft broth is accepted on a half of a glass four times a day before food.

For preparation of curative broths for treatment of cystitis use also a grass of a delphinium field, corn stigmas, linden flowers, a lungwort, haricot pods, a leaf of a sage, a plantain, a grass of a wormwood and centaury.

If the urination is complicated, the effective recipe of a fioterapiya is used. Dried flowers of elder are filled in with boiled water and drawn on an extent of one hour. Infusion needs to be drunk for two weeks on two tablespoons. And as a diuretic broth of leaves of blackcurrant is applied. Also blackcurrant fruits are effective.

Treatment of cystitis at pregnancy

During pregnancy the general immunity of the woman, as a rule, considerably decreases therefore the disease of cystitis is very often shown during incubation of the child. Each pregnant woman has to show consideration for the symptoms which are shown at her very much. Increase of an urination is characteristic of all pregnant women, but at emergence of unpleasant feelings in the course of an urination, in a bladder the woman needs to begin treatments of cystitis at once as acute cystitis in the absence of necessary therapy very often passes into a chronic form. In turn, chronic cystitis is much more difficult to treat. Treatment of cystitis during pregnancy has to be carried out only under the leadership of the doctor. He will appoint necessary cystitis medicine and will recommend possible auxiliary methods of treatment. However each pregnant woman has to understand accurately that treatment by folk remedies for her not always happens harmless. Therefore even before reception of grass collecting she needs to discuss expediency of such methods of therapy with the attending physician.

At an exacerbation of cystitis the woman has to, on extreme meter, one day to observe a bed rest, to try not to lift at all weights, to be washed away constantly by warm water.

At treatment of cystitis pregnant women are recommended to eat cowberry berries which effectively replace some cystitis pills. Cowberry has the expressed diuretic effect. The condition of the woman can significantly facilitate cranberry and sea-buckthorn drinks, the use of dried apricots, apples, prunes, fresh juice, broth of a dogrose. Also it is useful for the pregnant woman who got sick with cystitis to eat a lot of greens of parsley, fennel, a celery root. Besides, also turnip, a melon, a water-melon, pears, pumpkin, plum have some medicinal properties.

The pregnant woman has to show consideration for a question of prevention of cystitis and in which case allow strong overcooling of an organism very much.

Other folk remedies for treatment of cystitis

лечение цистита народными средствамиThere are some efficient recipes which long since people use for treatment of cystitis. Very noticeable effect brings use of the following method. It is necessary to take two halves of a red brick and to strongly heat it, having put on fire. After warming up of a half put in a metal bucket. Edges of a bucket need to be wound with fabric and to sit down on a bucket, having wound with a woolen plaid so that all lower body was covered. Procedure lasts until heat proceeding from a bucket is felt.

As cystitis medicine also turnip juice which is previously boiled on fire for five minutes is used. Such juice is used on two tablespoons a day.

One more means – the warm milk mixed with several drops of birch tar. Such medicine is drunk on a third of a glass three times a day.

It is very useful to put to the women having cystitis to a stomach bottom a compress from fresh gruel from onions. Also on area of kidneys impose a compress from the potter's clay which is filled in with apple cider vinegar. Healthy food for patients with cystitis is mix of pine nuts with honey. Such means is used for cleaning of kidneys, a bladder.

Besides, for treatment of cystitis use the juice of a black radish mixed with equal part of honey; mix of seeds of a celery and honey.

Also sometimes apply mummies to treatment of cystitis. Solution of one gram of a mummy in one glass of water can be used for syringing. And from 0,3 g of a mummy and a half of a teaspoon of the milk mixed with flour prepare candles which need to be inserted into an anus.

Useful cure for cystitis is olive oil – it needs to be taken on one tablespoon for half an hour to food every day. Several times a day it is possible to accept the ground powder of seeds of parsley which dose has to be very small – on a knife tip.

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