Treatment of an urethritis at men and women

Urethritis — inflammatory process which develops in an urethra (urethra). In the modern world an urethritis — an eurysynusic illness which occurs both at men, and at women.


Two groups of uretrit are allocated: infectious and noninfectious. Development of an infectious urethritis happens at the patient under the influence of various activators. A specific urethritis — result of action of gonokokk, gardnerell. Therefore, infection most often occurs during sexual contacts. The nonspecific urethritis develops as a result of impact on a human body of colibacillus, stafilokokk, streptococci. Besides, distinguish an acute urethritis and a chronic urethritis.

Development in a sick nonspecific urethritis can begin owing to traumatizing an urethra. Sometimes similar occurs during medical manipulations — tsistoskopiya, introductions of a catheter to a bladder. Also the injury can arise during passing of a stone across the canal.

Besides, development of an urethritis is possible owing to allergic reactions, developments of stagnation in a small basin, urethrostenoses. However it is necessary to consider that progressing of a noninfectious urethritis in an urethra very often is the reason for activation of opportunistic microorganisms (most often it staphylococcus). As a result, at the patient with a noninfectious urethritis the secondary nonspecific bacterial urethritis is rather quickly shown.

Considering the fact that the reasons of an urethritis can be so various, it is necessary to understand that can ache with it all. The urethritis at children and adults can proceed without bright symptoms therefore sometimes the sick person does not even suspect that it developed this illness.

Very often infection with an urethritis occurs in process seksualn6ogo contact. Initially the woman can complain that she developed cystitis (inflammatory process of a bladder). Later urethritis symptoms are noted.

Despite the fact that what reasons provoked a course of a disease, the person has to understand that independently it is impossible to accept antibiotics or folk remedies at all. The correct tactics — at once to address the specialist.


Симптмы уретрита у мужчин и женщинUrethritis symptoms, as a rule, become expressed approximately in 3–7 days after there was infection. But it happens that the acute urethritis is shown after a two-three-week incubation interval. Symptoms at women and men are shown, first of all, by strong burning or feeling of pain in the course of an urination. Especially sharply the sick person feels gripes or burning when the urination begins. One more symptom which is shown both at adults, and at children, it allocations from an urethra. As a rule, they are found in the morning. If at the person the nonspecific bacterial urethritis develops, then such allocations can be plentiful, they have mucopurulent character and an unpleasant smell. Sometimes the urethritis develops without allocations. There is only pain and burning.

As a rule, symptoms at men at an urethritis are more expressed as it is promoted by features of anatomy of the stronger sex. Men have a long urethra and narrower therefore they feel symptoms of an illness, as a rule, sharply. At the same time at women the disease can proceed in general asymptomatically, or its signs are not pronounced. But it does not mean at all that treatment of an illness is not required. Without adequate therapy the acute urethritis passes into chronic.

The urethritis at men can be shown also by other signs. In the morning patients can notice that sponges of an outside opening of an urethra stick together and redden. At the same time, despite the fact that what reasons provoked a course of a disease, all-inflammatory signs (weakness, the increased temperature) do not appear.

In certain cases the acute form of an illness gradually passes into chronic. As a rule, it occurs if the patient transferred a gonorrheal urethritis which incorrectly treated. Gonorrheal processes can affect urethral the channel and a prostate. Besides, the chronic urethritis develops if at the patient immunity is weakened. It occurs if the person had other illnesses, took some medicine, etc.

If the person who got sick with an urethritis, does not reflect how to cure this illness and does not pay attention to symptoms, then over time all signs by itself disappear as there is a suppression of inflammatory process. However disease-producing factors and remain in a human body.

At men such activators remain in seed bubbles, a prostate. At women they can stay some time in small glands of a threshold, and also in bartolinovy glands. As soon as there is an overcooling of an organism, the person uses a large amount of alcohol, or there is other stressful situation for an organism, inflammatory process in an urethra develops again. But at repeated development of an inflammation in the patient not only the urethritis, but also a vesiculitis, chronic prostatitis, and also other diseases which can lead even to infertility over time is shown already.


Диагностика уретрита у мужчин и женщинTo confirm a disease, it is necessary to address the specialist urologist who will conduct the necessary researches. In this case it is about crops of allocations from an urethra. If the patient has no allocations, the first portion of urine from trekhstakanny test is applied to the analysis. Carrying out such researches gives the chance not only to define what activator provoked a course of a disease, but also to reveal sensitivity of the activator of an urethritis to antibiotics of different groups.

It is especially important to reveal timely an urethritis at women as symptoms of a disease can be absent in general. Nevertheless, it is easy to find both an acute, and chronic urethritis, having conducted laboratory researches. Diagnosis provides also carrying out additional researches which give the chance not only to define the reasons of a course of a disease, but also to establish whether inflammatory process extended to other bodies. Most often at men seed bubbles and a prostate suffer, and women have a bladder. Proceeding from the received results, the doctor makes the decision on how to cure a disease.


For patients with an urethritis with the most important point of treatment carrying out antibacterial therapy is. How to treat an urethritis and what drugs at the same time to use, the doctor solves after studying of results of analyses. Today in the course of therapy of an urethritis a number of drugs antibiotics is applied. Than to treat a disease, the doctor defines, proceeding from these analyses. The scheme of treatment of an illness is built depending on its weight. Therefore it can proceed as few days, and several weeks. In most cases treatment of an urethritis practices in house conditions. The person can be hospitalized only if the acute urethritis is complicated by purulent forms of a disease.

Treatment of an urethritis at men and women takes place according to the identical scheme. But at development of a chronic form of a disease therapy continues much longer and more difficult, than at its acute form. To the patient antibacterial therapy, and also administration of medicines directly is carried out to an urethra. Treatment also provides an immunotherapy medicines and non-drug means. Besides, some specific moments at treatment of an urethritis at women at pregnancy are considered, and also at therapy of an illness at children.

Treatment of a gonorrheal urethritis which the person catches mainly at sexual contact is carried out by the specialist venereologist. As recently physicians note high penicillin resistance of gonokokk, at a gonorrheal urethritis cephalosporins and other antibiotics are applied. At the same time the patient has to drink a lot of liquid and adhere to a rigid diet, having excluded alcoholic beverages and spicy food from a diet. If the gonorrheal urethritis passes into a chronic form, then solutions of silver nitrate or solution of colloid silver can be entered into an urethra. After the postponed chronic gonorrheal urethritis of the patient has to be followed up by a doctor for two months. It should be noted that immunity after an illness is not developed therefore repeated infections are possible.

Development of a bacterial urethritis — result of hit in an urethra of pathogenic bacterial flora. Treatment of this form of an illness assumes obligatory accounting of sensitivity of its activator. If the bacterial urethritis is combined with cystitis, then treatment is carried out in a complex. Except reception of antibiotics also the physical therapy practices. Chronic forms of an illness assume use of methods of an immunotherapy. Treatment of a secondary urethritis has to be carried out surely taking into account the accompanying illness — a vesiculitis, prostatitis, an urethra stricture.

Лечение уретрита у женщинMecotic urethritis, as a rule, treat with use of metronidazole, Tinidazolum, tiberal. As infection occurs at sexual contacts, it is important to carry out treatment of both sexual partners at the same time. Sometimes repeated treatment practices.

Chlamidia urethritis treat according to the scheme of therapy of the slow infection including antibiotics and immunomodulators. Sometimes also reception of half-yen antibiotics with the purpose to prevent defeat by candidiasis practices.

At a virus urethritis doctors sometimes have some difficulties with drug selection. As a rule, antibacterial drugs of a broad spectrum of activity in a complex with corticosteroid hormones are used. Treatment can last about three weeks.

Kandidamikotichesky urethritis — a rare form of an illness, a consequence of defeat mucous an urethra barmy mushrooms. At statement of such diagnosis antibacterial drugs are cancelled, and treatment is carried out by antifungal means.

If owing to a chronic urethritis at the patient the urethra stricture develops as complication, to the patient carry out bougieurage (expansion) of an urethra by means of special tools.


One of the main measures of prevention of an urethritis — intelligent sex life and presence of the constant partner. If accidental sexual contacts take place, without fail it is necessary to use a condom. Those people who are sexually active should be checked regularly regarding venereal infections.

One more important point — timely treatment of all infectious and inflammatory diseases. It is necessary not to allow developments of those diseases which can provoke afterwards an urethritis. It is, first of all, an urolithiasis at which traumatizing an urethra happens stones and sand.

Besides, it is necessary to avoid overcooling, to regularly empty a bladder, without allowing breaks for three hours and more. The optimum mode of drink and the diet excluding very hot and salty dishes, alcohol is important. You should not allow disturbances of a chair also.

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