Why to treat teeth during pregnancy?

You are pregnant! Ahead the sea of pleasure, but also is not less cares … Many cases it is necessary to be in time in the next half a year moreover a lot of analyses and inspections, and here in clinic for women channelized to the stomatologist on "sanitation of an oral cavity". What for? Unless it is impossible to postpone? It is harmful: x-ray films, anesthesia!.

It is worth understanding these questions. All women know — pregnancy is negatively reflected in a dental health, skin, a hair, but often perceives it as inevitability … All know that teeth it is necessary to treat before pregnancy …

Why teeth suffer the first?

But because the kid grows and he needs calcium. It is one of the reasons. Strengthening of enamel of tooth happens by means of calcium and phosphates which contain in saliva, but during pregnancy their quantity decreases because, construction of bones of a fruit, requires a lot of calcium, and it is partially withdrawn from a bone tissue of mother. As a result, density of teeth is weakened, and they become more brittle, and sometimes crumble directly in the eyes.

Secondly, during pregnancy the hormonal background very much changes, it leads to disturbance of work of exchange processes in fabrics which surround tooth. Practically each pregnant woman faces an inflammation of a gingiva of varying severity. If in time not to cure a similar disease, and to bring to seriously started form, then urgent and serious treatment by medicines which, it is not excluded, will do harm to yours to the baby can be required!

Thirdly, your kid meets a large number of microbes, also your carious enter there. Even the kiss of the father or mother with painful teeth or gingivas is dangerous to the baby!

Similar effects can be avoided, having come to the stomatologist to survey and hygienic cleaning, in advance having warned that you are in situation. To you will remove the firm dental plaque promoting development of caries and an ulitis, will appoint preventive procedures, will treat caries, with use harmless to you and the kid anesthesia. It is the myth as if anesthetics are harmful, long ago there are similar drugs without adrenaline, they are allowed for use not only during pregnancy, but also during feeding by a breast.

Perhaps, even to do small surgical manipulations which do not demand further reception of antibiotics. If tooth ached and it was necessary to remove urgently a nerve, do not refuse a picture on a viziograf (a computer x-ray film) because, the doctor only this way will be able to make sure of quality of the work. The beam of a viziograf is directed to 1-2 teeth, it practically does not dissipate, and the exposure dose is minimum here. And also, you will be protected by all means a lead apron, and to the kid will not get to radiation.

With the purpose to warn problems, try to come to the stomatologist a bit earlier to carry out prevention, treatment is usually appointed to the second trimester of pregnancy as it is considered the stablest.

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