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  • Latin name: Lecithin
  • ATH code: A05BA50
  • Active ingredient: Lecithin (Lecithin)
  • Producer: Farmetiks INK. (Canada), LLC Yuviks-farm, LLC Vitaprom, LLC Farmindustriya, CJSC Koral-Med (Russia), "Queisser Pharma GmbH & Co. KG" (Germany), Nittani Farmastikals/Vitalayn, Solgar Vitamin (USA)


The composition of various drugs varies depending on by what pharmaceutical company they are released.

So, for example, natural extract of lecithin on a soy basis is a part of the VitaLine Lecithin which is let out in granules. Substance for 98% consists of phosphatides, including including linoleic acid, phosphatidylsincaline, phosphatidylethanolamine, linolenic acid, phosphatidylinositol).

One capsule of NSP (NSP) Lecithin contains 0,52 g of the cleared concentrate of lecithin which is received from soy oil. About 95-97% of substance make biologically active effective agents — polyunsaturated fatty acids and phospholipids.

0,45 g of sunflower lecithin, and also 0,8% of monoglycerides and 0,6% of moisture are a part of one capsule of the drug Our Lecithin. Active component of drug is made from sunflower seeds on the original patented technology that allows to receive high cleaning (for 98,6%), immunological and ecologically safe substance.

The Lecithin capsule Doppelgerts contains 0,5 g of active agent, and also a complex of vitamins (including vitaminsE , V1, V2, V6, V9, V12, RR).

In a drug capsule Coral Lecithin (from Coral club) enters 1,2 g of liquid soy lecithin.

Release form

Dietary supplement is issued:

  • in granules;
  • in capsules;
  • in tablets;
  • in the form of powder;
  • in the form of gel;
  • in the form of solution for oral administration.

Pharmacological action

Dietary supplement Lecithin is a universal additive to food which increases resistance of a liver to influence of disturbing factors, recovers a homeostasis in a liver and increases its anti-toxic activity.

In combination with the dietary supplements vitamin complexes improves functional activity of a brain and strengthens a nervous system.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The main components of lecithin — sincaline and inositol — represent substances which are vital for ensuring full activity of a brain.

Sincaline is responsible for intellectual activity, coordination of reductions of muscles, creative activity. In addition, sincaline promotes forming of short-term (operational) memory and its preservation.

Inositol exerts beneficial influence on mood, ability to be guided in space, behavior. Substance promotes decrease in nervousness and irritability, has the calming effect.

Sufficient content of lecithin in food stuffs allows to reduce cholesterol level in blood and frequency of reductions of a cardiac muscle, promotes blood fluidifying, reduces a tone of walls of blood vessels, improves indicators of a blood pressure and blood supply of various bodies and fabrics.

Substance takes active part in regulation of a metabolism of lipids in an organism, stimulating processes of splitting of lipids to simple fatty acids. In the presence of lecithin fats are quicker removed from a liver and come to internals and fat depos.

Besides, against its use recovery of the cells of a liver damaged at influence on them of alcohol, nicotine, narcotic substances, food dyes and preservatives, medicines accelerates.

Substance carries out an important role in increase of protective forces of an organism: it promotes recovery of function of lymphocytes and mononuclear phagocytes, due to development of antibodies increases body resistance to diseases, stimulates growth and activity of phagocytes.

Lecithin activates reproductive function, improves processes of food and a detoxication, recovers the damaged cells of skin and stimulates processes of formation of new, protects skin from influence of free radicals, contributes to normalization of weight, stimulates production of bile and prevents formation of bilious concrements, interferes with development of cirrhosis at abuse of alcoholic drinks, stimulates processes of digestion of vitamins A, E, K and D in a digestive tract.

Useful properties of substance do it irreplaceable and for pregnant women. It is connected with the fact that it takes part in forming and normal development of a nervous system of a fruit, exerts beneficial influence on development of mental capacities of the child in the future.

Indications to use

Use of Lecithin is reasonable at:

  • fatty degeneration of a liver of various etiology;
  • acute and chronic hepatitis;
  • cirrhosis;
  • to hepatic coma;
  • poisonings with food stuffs or medicines;
  • alcoholic and radiation injuries of a liver (including at poluneuritis potatorum);
  • sclerous defeats of vessels (dietary supplement is shown to use both in medical, and in the preventive purposes);
  • the states which are followed by decrease in concentration of attention and/or working capacity;
  • stresses;
  • psychoemotional overloads;
  • the increased nervousness;
  • to sleeplessness;
  • cardialgias;
  • overfatigue;
  • psoriasis;
  • neurodermatitis;
  • diseases of kidneys;
  • heart troubles and vessels;
  • the diseases connected with aging of an organism;
  • lipidemias.

Besides, medicine is appointed for acceleration of recovery after the postponed serious illness and faster recovery after the delivery (if the woman does not nurse) and also as one of components of therapy which purpose is the general strengthening of an organism.

Means is also capable to increase efficiency of therapy which is appointed for treatment of such female diseases as endometriosis, a fibrous and cystous mastopathy, a breast cancer and a cancer of a uterus.


The only contraindication to use is hypersensitivity to any of drug components.

Side effects

Side reactions in connection with reception of Lecithin arise rather seldom. As a rule, they are connected with the increased individual sensitivity to means components.

In some cases (usually at prolonged use of means) disturbances from the alimentary system which are shown mainly in the form of nausea, the dispepsichesky phenomena, the strengthened salivation are possible.

Application instruction of Lecithin

According to the application instruction, our Lecithin and other drugs of lecithin which are let out in the form of capsules should be accepted in the dose making from 1,05 to 2,1 grams a day. Divide it into 3 receptions.

The granulated lecithin, and also drugs which are issued in the form of powder accept 1-2 teaspoons a day, previously dissolving in water or fruit juice.

In the instruction for oral administration it is specified solution that in this dosage form it is necessary to accept means inside three times a day on 20 ml (it corresponds to the volume of 2 dessertspoons).

How to accept Lecithin? Means is recommended to be drunk for a long time. Usually the course of treatment makes of 1,5-2 months and more (up to several years). In each case duration of treatment and expediency of carrying out repeated courses is defined by the attending physician depending on features of a disease.

Age limits differ for drugs of various producers. For example, Lecithin our Yuviks-farm is not appointed to persons younger by 12 years. Some means can be used, since 6-7-year age, and some are recommended only for people 18 years are more senior.


There are no data on overdose.


It is not known.

Terms of sale

Means of non-prescription dispensing.

Storage conditions

In the dry, svetozashchishchenny place at a temperature below 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

3 years.

Special instructions

Lecithin — what is it?

Wikipedia answers the question "what is lecithin?" that letsitina are a generalizing concept which can be used for definition of by-products of refining vegetable oils by a hydration method.

The chemical formula of substance looks as follows:


In a molecule of phosphatidylsincaline phosphoric acid, glycerin, higher fatty acids and vitaminopodobny substance sincaline which is raw materials for synthesis of neuromediators (transmitters of nervous impulses) are connected.

The human body feels need for polyunsaturated fatty acids and phospholipids from the moment of the beginning of forming of a germ and in the subsequent throughout all life.

Fosfatidilkholin treats group of difficult lipids and is one of components of membranes of living cells. In particular the cells creating nervous tissue are rich with it.

Universality of drugs of lecithin is caused by the fact that phosphatidylsincalines are a basis of all cellular covers in a human body: the isolating and protective fabrics which surrounded nerve fibrils, a head and spinal cord consist of them approximately for 30%, and liver cells — for 65%.

The need of an organism for phosphatidylsincalines is caused as well by the fact that the last are used as the construction material necessary for recovery of the damaged cells. Besides, they are the main vehicle which is carrying out delivery in cells of vitamins, nutrients and drugs.

At deficit of these substances efficiency of influence of one and all medicines significantly decreases.

At disturbance in an organism of a hormonal background endogenous progesterone, estrogen and testosterone are formed of cholesterol and only under a condition if cholesterol is in an assimilable and transport state. Such state to it is given by inositol and sincaline.

Besides substance represents an effective form of organic phosphorus — a microelement which is extremely important for health of teeth.

Accepting drugs of lecithin it is not necessary to exceed the dose recommended by the instruction. With care means is applied at patients with cholelithiasis and at pancreatitis in an aggravation stage.

In need of prolonged use of dietary supplement it is recommended to enter the products containing a large amount of vitamin C and calcium into a diet or to accept in addition drugs of ascorbic acid and calcium for the purpose of neutralization of harmful products of a metabolism of lecithin.

Advantage and harm of lecithin

It is impossible to revaluate advantage of substance. Its deficit first of all affects a condition of a nervous system. The main symptoms of insufficient content of lecithin in an organism are dysmnesias, sleeplessness, changeability of mood, decrease in concentration of attention.

Besides, deficit of substance in a diet is followed by digestive disturbances which are shown in the form of rejection of greasy food, abdominal distention, frequent ponos, renal failures and/or a liver, by increase of arterial and intracranial pressure, progressing of heart diseases, vessels, joints, bodies of the alimentary system, weight reduction, bad development of the speech in children, instability of a mental state.

Administration of drug, as a rule, has no by-effects that favourably distinguishes it from the majority of medicines which are used for treatment of dysfunctions of a brain.

What is soy lecithin? Emulsifier lecithin — advantage and harm

Soy lecithin — what is it? This substance which is received from production wastes of oil and products from soy. In the food industry it is applied in the form of E322 additive.

Emulsifier soy lecithin is necessary by production of margarine, products from milk, chocolate, bakery products. E322 is also quite often used as antioxidant. In the description of a product the additive can be specified under the name emulsifier lecithin.

Today many articles about harm and advantage of soy lecithin are written. Useful properties of substance are described above.

As for a question of harm of soy lecithin, here all specialists agree in opinion that if to use it in reasonable quantities, substance does not do to an organism any harm.

However, used in high doses, it can become the reason of allergic reactions (in particular at the persons having predisposition to them).

According to most of consumers, other danger is covered that substance can be received from genetically modified raw materials. In spite of the fact that there are no official data on danger of use of GM-products, today their quantity is strictly regulated.

E476 additive — advantage or harm?

One more form of lecithin is a polyglycerol which is also known under the name the E476 stabilizer.

Polyglycerol is received in the chemical way. Properties of this substance allow to apply it as the stabilizing agent to preservation of required level of viscosity and improvement of a consistence of separate food stuffs.

In this regard the additive is quite often used at production of chocolate, mayonnaise and ketchups, margarine, ready gravies and the thin soups which are let out in vacuum packaging.

In comparison with E476 lecithin manages much cheaper, at the same time similar replacement does not affect product tastes.

There are no direct proofs of harm of E476 for an organism. The conducted researches did not reveal toxicity of this substance. Their results also allowed to establish that the additive is not allergen and does not provoke emergence of irritation of integuments (including at direct contact with them).

Nevertheless, it is necessary to consider that from the moment of statement of production of polyglycerol on a flow, for its production GM-plants quite often began to use. On a question, than it is fraught for an organism, scientists meanwhile find it difficult to give the answer.

According to some data, abuse of products which contain E476 additive can become the reason of increase in the sizes of a liver and kidneys, and also disturbances of a course of exchange processes in an organism. In this regard it is worth being especially careful at their inclusion in a food allowance of people with stomach diseases and small children.

What products contain lecithin?

The name of substance has the Greek roots. In a literal translation of "lekithos" means "an egg yolk". Respectively, it in large numbers contains in eggs.

Other products where lecithin contains, products with the high content of fat — chicken and beef liver, nuts, fish, sunflower seeds, meat, sunflower oil, bean are (in particular, soybeans).


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