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  • Latin name: Levomekol
  • ATH code: D03AX
  • Active ingredient: Dioksometiltetragidropirimidin (Dioxomethyltetrahydropyrimidinum) + Chloramphenicol (Chloramphenicolum)
  • Producer: JSC Nizhpharm (Russia), the STALEMATE H_mfarmzavod "The z_rka" is red (Ukraine)

Levomekol's structure

Are a part of ointment an angenesis stimulator a dioxomethyltetrahydropyrimidine (Dioxomethyltetrahydropyrimidine) in concentration of 7,5 mg/g and an antibiotic chloramphenicol (Chloramphenicolum) in concentration of 40 mg/g.

Excipients: poly(ethylene oxide)s 400 and 1500.

Release form

Ointment. Means of outside therapy. Represents substance of white (slightly yellowish) color. About 40 g in tubas, and also on 100 or in banks of dark glass are packaged 1000.

Pharmacological action

Dehydrating, antimicrobic.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Means represents the combined structure for topical administration. Removes an inflammation, shows activity in the relation Gram (+) and Gram (-) of bacteria: Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Without damaging a membrane of cells, chloramphenicol easily and deeply gets into fabrics, stimulating at the same time their regeneration.

The antimicrobic effect remains including in the presence of the necrotic masses and purulent separated.

Indications to use: what ointment Levomekol is applied to?

Drug perfectly removes an inflammation and extends pus. The indication to Levomekol's use — purulent (including infected with the mixed microflora) wounds in the first phase (an inflammation phase) of a wound process.

Levomekol use as ointment for healing of wounds and decubituses, as furuncles ointment, apply at the started hemorrhoids forms, at callosities, at herpes (from herpes means is appointed at suppuration yazvochek — drug promotes their clarification and faster healing), at a purulent inflammation in outside part of acoustical pass, and also to treatment of purulent spots.

Ointment is also appointed as topical treatment for lymph nodes at their inflammation (at acute and chronic lymphadenitis). The main treatment is directed to elimination of a lymphadenopathy.

To the patient appoint antiallergic and fortifying drugs, vitamins, a calcium gluconate. In certain cases operation on opening of an abscess, carrying out antibacterial and detoksikatsionny therapy can be required.

Levomekol's use at cold

In the summary there are no instructions concerning use of drug for treatment of catarrhal diseases therefore its use at cold is possible only from approval of the attending physician.

Ointment in a nose from cold and antritis is applied when the bacterial infection is an etiology. As in house conditions to define what provoked diseases, purpose of an antibiotic is possible only on the basis of results of the corresponding analyses.

From what ointment Levomekol helps with stomatology?

Drug well proved at treatment of purulent wounds in an oral cavity. Ointment is effective at:

  • trophic ulcers;
  • stomatitis;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • periodontosis.

In surgical stomatology it is used at implantation and an exodontia as the means helping to remove painful symptoms and to reduce puffiness of fabrics.

Levomekol in gynecology and urology

In gynecology drug is used as local wound healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent after the delivery and operations.

Some doctors consider it expedient to appoint Levomekol for suppression of pathogenic microflora at colpitises.

To men drug is appointed at a balanoposthitis and a balanitis.

Whether it is possible to smear a tattoo with Levomekol?

Quite often people who made a tattoo recently ask such question. Specialists say that the drugs possessing wound healing action (in particular if the antibiotic is their part), stimulate immunity of skin because of what the pigment is perceived by an organism as a foreign body and is more actively torn away by skin.

If there is no inflammation, to optimum use for processing of a tattoo ointment D-panthenol, Bepanten Plus or the special healing Tat Wax ointment. Levomekol's use is allowed only at an inflammation and suppuration.


Drug has the following contraindications:

  • hypersensitivity to a dioxomethyltetrahydropyrimidine (methyluracil) or chloramphenicol;
  • eczema;
  • psoriasis;
  • fungus diseases of skin.

Side effects

Local allergic reactions:

There can sometimes be the general weakness.

Similar symptoms are a reason for the treatment termination Levomekoly and addresses to the doctor.

Levomekol's use in the form of vulval pads can become the reason of development of candidiasis in this connection drug is contraindicated at the milkwoman.

Ointment Levomekol: application instruction

Ointment is intended for treatment of adult patients and children 3 years are more senior.

On an open wound Levomekol put by means of a sterile napkin or cotton wool: the napkin/vatu is impregnated with ointment, put to an affected area (rykhlo fill with napkins a wound), and then fixed by means of a plaster or bandage.

In the same way ointment is applied also at furuncles: after the surface of a furuncle will be processed by an antiseptic agent, put the gauze impregnated with Levomekol to it and fix a bandage by a plaster.

Also medicine can be entered into purulent cavities by the syringe through a drainage tube (catheter). In this case ointment is previously heated to 35-36 °C.

Bandagings carry out daily until the wound completely is cleared of the necrotic masses and pus. If the wound surface an extensive, daily dose of ointment in terms of chloramphenicol does not exceed 3 g.

Levomekol apply within 4 days from the first day of defeat. At the expense of a giperosmolyarny basis drug cannot longer be used 5-7 days as in this case it can provoke osmotic shock at the unimpaired cells.

From 5-7 in the afternoon treatments of the patient transfer to medicines which recover integrity of the damaged fabrics.

Levomekol from callosities

Ointment is quite often applied to treatment of callosities. The open burst callosities are processed by means every 2-3 hour (better for a bandage).

If the callosity water, it is accurately punctured with a sterile needle in 2 places (previously having disinfected the place of a puncture solution diamond green or iodine), and then, carefully pressing a wadded disk, delete from it liquid. After that the callosity is plentifully greased with Levomekol, and the leg is bandaged.

Levomekol at cold, antritis, an ear inflammation

At a purulent inflammation with localization on the outer side of acoustical pass, it is necessary to impregnate with ointment the flagellum twisted from a sterile gauze and to establish it in an ear for 10-12 hours. In the similar way Levomekol is applied also at antritis of purulent type.

At cold (if slime dense, green and badly departs) doctors sometimes advise to insert the dense cotton plugs impregnated with ointment into the nasal courses. Procedure duration — 4 hours.

Route of administration in stomatology

At defeats of a mucous oral cavity, during removal or implantation of teeth drug easy roundabouts is rubbed in the struck fabrics. It is recommended to use ointment 2-3 rubles/days.

After processing of a wound within half an hour it is not necessary to eat, drink and rinse a mouth.

The application instruction of Levomekol in gynecology and urology

At gynecologic diseases Levomekol apply on a sterile tampon and enter into the area of the damaged fabrics. Tampons do of a sterile gauze, at introduction the tip of a gauze has to remain outside (it will facilitate pulling of a tampon).

Replacement of tampons/bandages is carried out daily since they become impregnated with decomposition products of fabrics and pus.

Also the drug can be administered to the area of a wound by means of the syringe. Before introduction it is warmed up to body temperature.

At an erosion of a neck of uterus ointment should be applied carefully and only after the woman passes full inspection. Levomekol well heals wounds, but the methyluracil which is contained in him can become the reason of development of tumoral process.

Medicine is applied only after carrying out cytologic research and a kolposkopiya.

At a balanoposthitis treatment is carried out with observance of certain rules. It is possible to achieve the best therapeutic effect only if ointment is applied on cleared of a plaque and suppurating body parts.

For washing use weak solution of potassium permanganate. After washing the struck place is dried and processed ointment (Levomekol put with a thin layer).

Procedure is repeated during the day from 1 to 3 times. Duration of treatment is established by the doctor.

Ointment Levomekol at hemorrhoids

Use of ointment from hemorrhoids allows:

  • to eliminate microbes which are potential contagiums;
    to raise a local host defense (thanks to it the organism is more actively connected for fight against an infection);
  • to accelerate clarification of wounds on hemorrhoidal nodes from the decomposition products formed as a result of inflammatory process;
  • to strengthen synthesis of protein in cells of a mucous membrane and venous walls of a rectum, accelerating, thus, healing processes;
  • to reduce probability of complications which are shown in the form of local intoxication;
  • to kill pain, hypostasis, an itch and burning;
  • to dry the damaged fabrics (means well proved at treatment of the becoming wet hemorrhoids).

Above-mentioned properties of Levomekol do reasonable its uses not only at early stages of pathological process, but also for stabilization of a condition of the patient after surgical removal of hemorrhoidal nodes, and also in cases when the illness proceeds with complications.

Before applying ointment, the proctal area is washed out clear cool water and dried a towel. It is recommended to apply Levomekol on hemorrhoidal nodes before going to bed. The area of an anus is covered with a pure cut of a gauze.

Treatment is carried out by a 10-day course. For this term the exacerbation of an illness passes into a remission phase. More prolonged use is possible only after consultation with the doctor.

Completely it is impossible to cure hemorrhoids only only one Levomekol, therapy has to be complex.

Levomekol at burns

The main operating component of drug is levomycetinum (chloramphenicol) which represents universal antimicrobic remedy.

Chloramphenicol is effective concerning many strains of bacteria, and also concerning separate viruses.

Not less at burns also immunity stimulation is important. The methyluracil which is a part of ointment stimulates formation of interferon and leukocytes. Interferon has immunostimulating and antiviral effects, and leukocytes protect an organism from disease-producing microbes.

Also methyluracil exerts impact on division and growth of cells that allows to accelerate recovery of fabrics in the defeat center.

Excipients (drug basis) increase efficiency of active ingredients, in particular in the presence of the necrotic masses and pus.

Drug well disinfects and recovers the damaged fabrics, reduces hypostasis, stops purulent process. Thanks to the fact that it has a water basis it is quickly soaked up in fabric and easily washed away.

It allows to apply Levomekol's ointment from burns of any degree (including the 3 and 4 which are followed by a massive necrosis with disintegration of fabrics), however, at a heavy current drug is appointed as an additional tool against the general therapy.

Before Levomekol's use from burns the struck surface is washed out then cover with the napkin impregnated with ointment. Replacement of bandages is made to 5 rubles/days.

Levomekol from spots

Quite often apply ointment and from spots on the face. Means is applied pointwise on especially large purulent spots (better before going to bed).

After the abscess is opened, Levomekol put to the wound area.

Use of ointment in veterinary science

Indications to use in veterinary practice are the purulent wounds and other pyoinflammatory processes infected with the mixed microflora (for example, infectious otitis or severe forms of an acute inflammation of proctal glands at dogs).

Ointment is applied locally and outwardly. The sterile gauze napkins impregnated with it impose on a wound surface and fix by a bandage. In purulent cavities the drug which is previously warmed up to the body temperature of an animal (35-40 °C) is administered by means of the syringe.

Bandagings do every day, the wound will not be cleared yet.

At infectious inflammations mucous and skin apply ointment on an affected area a thin layer of 1-2 rubles/days to an absolute recovery. Drug can be used as separately, and as addition to the main treatment.


At overdose strengthening of manifestations of side reactions is possible.

Long (more than 5-7 days in a row) external use quite often provokes development of a contact sensitization that can become an origin of reactions of hypersensitivity at the following use of ointment or dosage forms for system use which contain a dioxomethyltetrahydropyrimidine and chloramphenicol.

Therapy: symptomatic.


It is necessary to avoid simultaneous use of ointment Levomekol with the drugs oppressing a hemogenesis: cytostatics, streptocides derivative of pyrazyl ketone.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

To store at a temperature below 25 °C. To protect from children.

Period of validity

2 years.

Special instructions

Use of drug can lead to increase of reactive sensitivity of skin that is followed further by reactions of hypersensitivity at Levomekol's use or a dioxomethyltetrahydropyrimidine with chloramphenicol in the form of dosage forms of systemic action.

In need of ointment use more than 30 days in a row control carrying out the clinical analysis of peripheral blood is required.

It is necessary to avoid hit of funds for mucous membranes and in eyes.

Levomekol is an antibiotic or not?

Drug is considered an antibiotic as its structure in addition to wound healing substance contains also a germicide chloramphenicol.

Levomekol's analogs

Synonyms: Left methyl, Netran.

The analogs of ointment similar on the action mechanism: Levomycetinum, Levosin, Lingezin, Protegentina ointment, Streptonitol, Fastinum 1.

In gynecology and at hemorrhoids as analog of drug in some cases Metiluratsilovy candles can be applied.

Levomekol or Vishnevsky's ointment — what is better?

Basis of ointment of Vishnevskya xeroform, birch tar and castor oil. Levomekol possesses local antiinflammatory and antimicrobic action, use of ointment of Vishnevsky gives local irritative and antiseptic effects.

Levomekol appoint mainly for treatment of strongly inflamed, diapyetic contaminated wounds (in a wound inflammation phase). Vishnevsky's ointment, according to Wikipedia, is applied generally in a phase of regeneration of a wound process: balsam linimentum stimulates a reparation and granulation of fabrics in the regenerating wound.

Linimentum is contraindicated at not debrided purulent processes (a felon, a furuncle, an anthrax, etc.), however use in these cases allows to accelerate a naryvaniye and cleaning of a wound in the subsequent.

The antiseptic agent which is contained in Vishnevsky's ointment through skin gets in the concentration insufficient for bactericidal action. Tar and castor oil stimulate local blood circulation in nagnoivsheysya areas and an inflammation. The course of pathological process is aggravated with morbidity increase, expansion of a purulent cavity and accumulation of exudate.

Vishnevsky's ointment of a gidrofobn therefore its use for treatment of purulent wounds does not allow to provide normal outflow of a wound secret, and its antimicrobial component is not released and has no necessary effect.

Levomekol is a hydrophilic water-soluble substance. The antibiotic which is contained in it easily passes from ointment into a wound. Osmotic activity of drug at 10-15 times exceeds action of hypertonic salt solution and lasts from 20 to 24 hours. In this regard for effective action on a wound surface there is enough 1 bandaging a day.

What to choose, Unguentum Ichthyoli or Levomekol?

Unguentum Ichthyoli renders keratoplastichesky, antiseptic, antiinflammatory and mestnoanesteziruyushchy action.

Means regulates a tone of vessels and exerts beneficial effect on the inflamed skin and hypodermics. Indications to use of "ikhtiolka" are skin diseases, arthritises and neuralgia.

Thus, drugs have different indications to use that does incorrect their comparison.


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