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  • Latin name: Levorin
  • ATH code: A07AX
  • Active ingredient: Levorinum (Levorin)
  • Producer: Biosynthesis (Russia), GNIISKLS (Russia)


Levorinum sodium salt.

Release form

  • tablets — in one tablet of 500 000 ED;
  • vaginal tablets (candles) of 250 000 ED;
  • ointment in tubas on 30 and 50 g of 500 000 ED;
  • powder for suspension of 1 g, 16 g and 120 g on 125 000 ED, 2 000 000 ED and 4 000 000 ED respectively;
  • granules for solution in bottles of 10 ml.

Pharmacological action

Possesses chemotherapeutic activity concerning a pathogenic drozhzhepodobny fungi, in particular Candida mushroom.

Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics

In drug to contain conjugated double bonds in a large number. They are characterized by the high level of a tropnost to styrene formations of a plasma membrane of fungi.

At interaction with them double bonds promote strengthening of permeability of a membrane thanks to what components of cytosol exchange with external environment that stimulates killing.

The maximum activity is observed concerning Candida albicans and a number of protozoa such as trichomonads.

After hit in an organism drug components are almost not soaked up from a gastrointestinal tract and removed through intestines.

Indications to use

Levorinum is shown for treatment of the diseases caused by a drozhzhepodobny fungus Candida. Enters their number:

  • gastrointestinal tract candidiasis;
  • trichomoniasis;
  • fungal infections of mucous membranes;
  • fungal infections of epidermis;
  • fungal infections of female generative organs.

Besides Levorinum is used as a prophylactic at a so-called kandidonositelstvo – a state when at an organism there are parasitic fungi, but the disease does not develop.


Levorinum is contraindicated at:

Side effects

Levorinum in all forms can provoke manifestation of side reactions. Tablets and solution for injections can cause dispeptic reactions of various type, attacks of headaches, dizziness.

Ointment use seldom provokes manifestation of allergic reactions – a severe itch, local reddening, irritation.

Application instruction of Levorinum

At a paronychia, interdigital erosion and damages of the folds of skin caused by drozhzhepodobny mushrooms it is recommended to apply ointment. It is necessary to grease problem sites from one to two times a day during seven about ten days.

Tablets Levorinum, application instruction

At the oral cavity diseases, an inflammation of a mucous membrane caused by drozhzhepodobny mushrooms, Levorinum is appointed (adult) as solution (1: 500) for rinsing. It is necessary to rinse a mouth solution to three times a day for three weeks.

At fungal infections of a mucous membrane of generative organs at women Levorinum solution where the tampon then it is entered into a vagina is moistened is also used. Treatment is carried out throughout fifteen — twenty days. At uterine bleedings this method is not recommended to be applied.

At candidiasis of a gastrointestinal tract and intestines appoint Levorinum inside adult to one tablet or a capsule to four times a day for ten days. If the disease form heavy, then treatment can be appointed a course twelve days.

To children till two years at the corresponding diseases medicine is appointed in dosages of 25000 — 30000 ED/kg in day, to children from two to six years — 20000 — 25000 ED kg/put, to children after six years drug is appointed in a dosage of 250 000 ED to four times a day. The course of treatment makes one week. To the discretion of the specialist the course of treatment can be prolonged about two weeks.

At oral cavity candidiasis, damage of a mucous membrane, candidiasis of a gastrointestinal tract tablets on 500 000 ED can be used. The adult appoint on one tablet to four times a day, to children from three to ten years — 1/4 tablets to four times a day, to children from ten to fifteen years half of a tablet to four times a day, to children after fifteen years the adult dosage to four times a day is appointed.

Duration of treatment can make two weeks. At the standard course of a disease a course of treatment one week.

To children most often appoint drug in the form of suspension which prepares from powder. In a bottle 2000000 or 4000000 ED Levorinums. For preparation of suspension in a bottle it is necessary to pour the cooled clear water exactly to a mark in a bubble then carefully to shake up before formation of homogeneous mass.

Carefully it is necessary to shake up a bottle with suspension before each use. One teaspoon (5 ml) contains 100 000 ED. Suspension in the same doses, as tablets is accepted.


At administration of drug in the quantities exceeding the recommended dosages overdose symptoms can be shown:

  • allergic reactions (itch, local reddening, irritation);
  • dispepsichesky reactions (nausea, desires to vomiting, pain in epigastric area).

At manifestation of symptoms of overdose operational carrying out a symptomatic treatment is necessary.

Interaction with other medicines

Data are not provided.

Terms of sale

Drug is released in drugstores according to the recipe of the doctor with the corresponding press.

Storage conditions

To store powder and all dosage forms of Levorinum in the place protected from penetration of direct sunshine at a temperature not above 4 °C.

Divorced suspension needs to be stored in the refrigerator not longer than one week. After this term it is not recommended to use suspension.

Period of validity

Period of storage of tablets and capsules 1 year, powder for suspension preparation 1 year.

Ointment can be stored after disturbance of tightness of a tube 2 years.

Analogs of Levorinum

Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Analogs of this medicine are presented at the pharmaceutical market by the following drugs:

  • Allilchep – drops for internal use;
  • Bacteriophage – solution for internal and topical administration;
  • Bacteriophage – rectal suppositories;
  • Bacteriophage – suspension;
  • Bacteriophage – tablets;
  • Enterofuril – capsules, suspension;
  • Ersefuril — capsules;
  • Stopdiar – tablets, suspension;
  • Bevisal – tablets.

About Levorinum

About this medicinal drug not only patients who really used it, but also the specialists informed on its features leave. Both the first, and the second agree in opinion that Levorinum in all forms practically in 90% of cases renders the expected effect.

There are responses with neutral character. Doctors explain absence of any effect with the wrong use of medicine – to take a pill, suspension, candles and ointment it is necessary strictly according to the instruction and recommendations of the doctor.

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