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  • Latin name: Leucovorin
  • ATH code: V03AF03
  • Active ingredient: Calcium folinat (Calcium folinate)
  • Producer: TEVA Pharmaceutical plant, autonomous area (Hungary); Pliva Hrvatska D.O.O. (Czech republic); Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Limited (Israel); LLC LENS-FARM (Russia)


Lyophilisate — calcium of a folinat pentahydrate, sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride.

Solution — calcium of a folinat pentahydrate, sodium chloride, edetat dinatrium, nitrogen, sodium hydroxide, water for injections.

Tablets — calcium of a folinat pentahydrate, monohydrate of lactose, corn starch, magnesium stearate.

Release form

Powder for preparation of solution for in/in and introductions in oil in glass bottles on 20 ml in a cardboard pack No. 1 or 10.

Solution for intravenous administration in glass bottles on 45 and 80 ml in a cardboard pack No. 1, calcium of a folinat pentahydrate.

Tablets of rounded shape on 15 mg in the blister packaging in cardboard packaging No. 10, 30. Leykovorin in ampoules of 25 mg 2 ml, in cardboard packaging of N5.

Pharmacological action

Filling up deficit of folic acid.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Drug is got into condition folic acid — a derivative product of tetrafolic acid. In therapeutic practice it is used as an antidote of HP which on nature of action concern to antagonists of folic acid who interfere with process of synthesis of the tetrahydrofolate of folic acid which is the leading cofactor of biosynthesis of nucleic acids. As a result of it process of synthesis of nucleic acids is blocked and process of cellular division is broken.

Contrary to folic acid of calcium folinat does not demand process of transformation into tetrahydrofolate and as a result of its use the broken process of biosynthesis of RNA, DNA and proteins it is possible to recover. However, such effect is shown only concerning healthy cells. Drug compensates for the deficiency of folic acid of an organism, and also increases efficiency of the ftoruratsil having antineoplastic effect. As a result interaction of these drugs the stable complex which part thymidylate of a sintetaza is, having an inhibiting effect on synthesis of DNA forms.

The beginning of therapeutic action of Leykovorin at intramuscular introduction is noted in 10-20 min., at introduction intravenously — in 5 minutes. Duration of action makes 3-6 hours and does not depend on a way of introduction.


Leykovorin, at intramuscular introduction reaches therapeutic concentration in 2 hours, at intravenous administration — in 10 minutes. Collects mainly in a liver, gets through GEB. It is metabolized in a liver and intestines in pharmacological active 5 methyltetrahydrofolate. 80-90% of a dose with urine and 5-8% with a fecal masses are removed.

Indications to use

  • Intoxication of HP, being antagonists of folic acid (Pyrimethaminum, a methotrexate, Trimethoprimum);
  • Megaloblastny anemia at a lack of folic acid;
  • At use of the Methotrexate in high doses as prevention of its toxic action;
  • In complex therapy of colorectal oncology (in a combination ftoruratsit + leykovorin).


High sensitivity to drug, megaloblastny anemia at a lack of B12 vitamin. To take with caution at HPN, alcoholism, at children's age, at epilepsy.

Side effects

Local allergic reactions, dispepsichesky frustration, excitement, sleep disorder, depression.

Leykovorin, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Drug is used in/in, in oil, inside. Various schemes of treatment by Leykovorin are appointed, at the choice of a dose, the doctor has to be guided by a specific disease and specially painted schemes. At the combined appointment with ftoruratsily, Leykovorin enter in/in slowly in a dose of 200 mg/sq.m or kapelno, in/in with further introduction of a ftoruratsil in/in in a dose of 370 mg/sq.m.

Drugs enter for 5 days, with 4–5 week breaks between repeated courses. For prevention of toxic action of Trimethoprimum, the drug is administered in a dosage 3-10 mg a day before normalization of hematologic indicators.


Leykovorin's use in the doses exceeding therapeutic clinically expressed symptoms does not cause.


Drug reduces action of HP, being antagonists of folic acid and reduces anticonvulsant effect of Primidonum, Phenytoinum and phenobarbital. Leykovorin can strengthen medical and toxic action of Ftoruratsil that should be considered at selection of dosages of Ftoruratsil. It is not recommended to appoint at the same time drug with infusion solutions which part the hydrocarbonate is. When mixing in one syringe of drug with Droperidolum the deposit can drop out.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

In the dry place at a temperature not above 25 °C.

Period of validity

3 years.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Calcium folinat, Leykovorin-LENS, Kaltsiumfolinat-Ebev, Leykovorin of calcium, Leykovorin-Tev, Folinat of calcium, Sanfitsinat.

About Leykovorin

About drug among doctors in most cases favorable. Leykovorin can effectively be used as an antidote at high-dose therapy by the Methotrexate, authentically protects not struck fabrics. Leykovorin's use in the combined colon cancer therapy (leykovorin + chemotherapy 5-FU) is an effective method of treatment and authentically reduces the frequency of recurrence and increases indicators of survival of patients.


  • Leykovorin-LENS lyophilisate for solution 10 of mg No. 5 flakonylens-Farm Ltd company
  • Leykovorin-LENS lyophilisate for solution 50 of mg No. 5 flakonylens-Farm Ltd company
  • Leykovorin-LENS lyophilisate for solution 25 of mg No. 5 flakonylens-Farm Ltd company
  • Leykovorin-LENS solution for injections 10mg/ml 5 ml No. 5 flakonylens-Farm Ltd company
  • Leykovorin-Tev solution for injections 10mg/ml 5 ml No. 1 flakonteva Pharmaceutical
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  • Leykovorinteva (Hungary)
  • Leykovorinrsn TEVA Group (Netherlands)
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