Lignin Hydrolytic

Лигнин Гидролизный Constitutional formula

The description is actual on 19.08.2015

  • Latin name: Ligninum hydrolisatum
  • ATH code: A07BC
  • CAS code: 9005-53-2

Chemical name

Complex three-dimensional mesh biopolymer, aromatic nature. There is no general constitutional formula, as well as the name for the Lignin Hydrolytic.

Chemical properties

This substance represents amorphous powdery connection. Color: various shades of brown. Connection possesses a specific smell. Molecular weight from 5000 to 10000. In the Lignin Hydrolytic the lignin – about 50-80%, all the rest — impurity (hardly hydrolyzable polysaccharides, resinous substances, cindery enzymes). Means is badly soluble in water and organic solvents.

Substance in a dry form well burns, when spraying is explosive. The burning point of 195 degrees Celsius, means begins to smolder at 185 degrees.

The hydrolytic Lignin found broad application in various branches of science and the industry.

It is used:

  • for production of fuel briquettes, gas, fuel for coppers;
  • as raw materials for production of the bricketed reducers of metal and silicon;
  • in production of a nitrolignin, plastic, fertilizers, a brick, strukturoobrazovatel for the soil;
  • as herbicide;
  • in chemical industry as raw materials for production of acetic acid, phenol, oxalic acid;
  • for creation of absorbent carbon and other enterosorbents;
  • as a sorbent in medicine and veterinary science.

Pharmacological action

Occluding, antioxidant, anti-diarrheal, hypolipidemic.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

In a digestive tract substance adsorbs various microorganisms and products of their life activity, xenobiotics, toxins, radioactive isotopes, allergens, ammonia, heavy metals. Means exerts positive impact in general on functioning of a gastrointestinal tract, thereby, compensating a lack of food fibers, normalizing microflora.

This connection is not metabolized, after penetration into a digestive tract is removed in an invariable look.

Indications to use

Medicine is used:


Drugs on the basis of the Lignin Hydrolytic are contraindicated:

  • at an allergy to medicine components;
  • if in a gastrointestinal tract there are bleedings, ulcers or erosion;
  • at antiacid gastritis.

Side effects

Usually substance is well transferred. Can seldom arise: lock, hypersensitivity reactions, indigestion.

Lignin Hydrolytic, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Means is let out in the form of tablets, granules, paste or powder. Reception of substance before food, several times a day is anyway shown.

Before the use substance needs to be dissolved in 300-400 ml of water, mixing 2 minutes.

The dosage is established by the doctor in this or that specific case.

As a rule, adult appoint from 5 to 7 grams in means in day. For children, depending on weight, the daily dosage is twice less.

The course of treatment is defined by the doctor.


Overdose cases are noted by medicine.


Owing to ability of a lignin to absorb medicines, it can reduce their efficiency, slow down absorption in a gastrointestinal tract.

Terms of sale

The recipe on drug is not required.

Special instructions

At the heavy course of infectious diseases it is recommended to use means as a part of complex therapy.

It is necessary to observe a time interval between drug intake and other drugs.

At long use it is recommended to combine means with vitamins of group B, E, K, D and calcium.

At pregnancy and a lactation

Medicine is safe in use at pregnant women and the feeding women.

Drugs in which contains (Analogues)

Substance is a part: The polyfan, the Lignin, Polyphepanum, the Lignin Hydrolytic Cleared Filtrum-STI, Entegnin.

About the Lignin Hydrolytic

About drug good. Means is rather effective at all types of poisonings and infectious diseases of a gastrointestinal tract as a part of complex treatment. Some did not like unpleasant taste of medicine, "as though in a mouth of the earth filled" and aftertaste in an oral cavity after powder reception.

Section: Active ingredients
PAY ATTENTION! Information on active ingredients on the website is help generalizing, collected from public sources and can form the basis for making decision on use of these substances it is not aware of treatment. Before use of the substance Lignin Hydrolytic surely consult with the attending physician.