The lymph represents one of kinds of connecting fabric. It is provided in an organism by the transparent colourless liquid deprived of thrombocytes and erythrocytes, in a lymph there are only a few lymphocytes. In case of developing of small wounds, from them just the lymph which in popular speech is called an ichor is allocated.

The main functions of a lymph consist in return to blood from fabrics of salts, water, toxins, proteins, metabolites. In an organism of the healthy person about 1-2 liters of a lymph circulate.

Lymphatic system is a part of vascular system which supplements cardiovascular. Its leading role – clarification of fabrics and cells, immunity creation, and also normalization of a metabolism. It is not closed, and the movement of a lymph happens to small speed.

Enter lymphatic system:

At reduced immunity, and also the dehydrated organism through a lymph parasites can extend: to a bacterium, fungus, viruses, the elementary, etc. This way of distribution received the name lymphogenous.

The lymph moves practically on all organism and carries out a big way. From capillaries it gets into absorbent vessels then moves to the chest canal from each party, also to subclavial and jugular trunks. Further the lymph reaches neck veins, and after — a hollow upper vein. Lymph nodes which occur on the way at a lymph carry out an immune and barrier role.

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