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  • Latin name: Lincomycin
  • ATH code: J01FF02
  • Active ingredient: Lincomycin (Lincomycin)
  • Producer: Synthesis of joint stock company, Russia


The antibiotic Lincomycin has in structure active ingredient lincomycin and a number of auxiliary ingredients.

The lincomycin having the hydrochloride form is a part of Linkomitsin-AKOS ointment.

Release form

Form of production of drug – capsules and the solution which is contained in ampoules. In packaging there can be about 6, 10 and 20 capsules on 250 mg. In ampoules about 1 ml or 2 ml of solution can hold.

Linkomitsin-AKOS ointment is implemented in tubas on 10 and 15 g.

Pharmacological action

Antimicrobic means which belongs to group of linkozamid. Bacteriostatic influence in relation to a wide range of microorganisms is noted it. If use of higher doses of drug practices, it can have bactericidal effect.

Mechanism of antimicrobic influence of an antibiotic following: under its influence there is a protein synthesis inhibition in cells of microorganisms. Renders the expressed activity in relation to gram-positive anaerobic and aerobic microorganisms. Resistance to influence of means is shown by Enterococcus faecalis strains, and also viruses, mushrooms, the elementary. Also the majority of gram-negative microorganisms is steady against it. Slow development of resistance to this means is noted. Cross resistance of this substance with clindamycin is noted.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

After lincomycin intake the hydrochloride is absorbed from a gastrointestinal tract quickly. About 50% of substance get to a system blood stream. Contacts proteins of plasma for 75%, the greatest concentration is observed 2-4 hours later after reception orally. Substance gets into liquids and fabrics of bodies. The highest concentration are observed in saliva, kidneys, generative organs, a liver, a cardiac muscle, bone tissues, a bronchial secret. It is capable to get through a blood-brain barrier, it is allocated with breast milk. The metabolism generally occurs in a liver, leaves an organism with a stake, its small amount is also allocated with urine as metabolites and in an invariable look. Time of semi-removal from an organism — 5-6 hours, it increases at the people having diseases of kidneys.

Indications to Lincomycin use

The tablets Lincomycin and pricks of Lincomycin are appointed at the following diseases:

  • diseases of bones and joints of infectious character which development was provoked by microorganisms, sensitive to that means (osteomyelitis, septic arthritis);
  • the infectious diseases of ENT organs and respiratory tracts provoked by sensitive microorganisms (it is applied at quinsy, at antritis, otitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, tracheitis, etc.);
  • diseases of integuments and soft tissues which are provoked by microorganisms, sensitive to means (abscess, purulent wounds, mastitis, a furunculosis, an ugly face, etc.).
  • Linkomitsin-AKOS it is outwardly applied at inflammatory and purulent diseases of soft tissues, skin which were provoked by the microorganisms sensitive to the operating ingredient.

Lincomycin in stomatology is applied for the purpose of treatment of purulent and infectious processes which happen in an oral cavity. In particular, Lincomycin in stomatology can be appointed at treatment of a periodontal disease, periodontitis, an ulitis, purulent abscesses, etc. Whether there are indications to Lincomycin use, the stomatologist in an individual order defines.


It is not necessary to use in the course of therapy this drug to people who have high sensitivity to the antibiotics relating to group of linkozamid. It is not applied to treatment of the patients having serious illnesses of kidneys and a liver. It is not used for treatment of children to 6-year age.

Side effects

At use of Lincomycin in ampoules and in capsules at patients such by-effects can be noted:

At any by-effects it is necessary to tell about it to the attending physician at once.

Application instruction of Lincomycin (Way and dosage)

If to the patient Lincomycin pricks were appointed, the application instruction has to be observed carefully in the course of treatment. The drug in ampoules can be administered intravenously and intramusculary. In days the means dose for the adult patient has to make no more than 1,8 g if the disease proceeds hard, then the doctor can increase it to 2,4 g. Means is entered three times a day, at the same time the interval to honey injections makes 8 hours. Children should enter means in a dose at the rate of 10-20 mg on 1 kg of body weight a day. Lincomycin in/in is entered kapelno, before introduction solution is diluted with isotonic solution of sodium chloride.

At infectious diseases also capsules Lincomycin are appointed. The application instruction recommends drug to accept in capsules at quinsy, and also at antritis or in 1 hour before food, or 2 hours later after its reception. Tablets cannot be chewed, they need to be swallowed entirely, plentifully washing down. Drug in tablets should be accepted at regular intervals, having divided its daily dose. Children whose body weight exceeds 25 kg a daily dose need to define 1 kg of weight at the rate of 30 mg of means of N.

When using medicine in stomatology, and also at treatment of other infectious diseases, as a rule, Lincomycin is appointed on 500 mg three times a day. At heavy symptoms the dose can be increased before four times reception on 500 mg of medicine. As a rule, the course of treatment proceeds from 1 to 2 weeks. Sometimes duration of treatment makes till 3 weeks (for example, at osteomyelitis). In the presence at the patient of disturbances of functions of a liver or kidneys the dose needs to be adjusted in an individual order.

Ointment Lincomycin is outwardly appointed. The application instruction demonstrates that Linkomitsin-AKOS ointment needs to be applied directly to the place of defeat by a thin layer. It is necessary to make this procedure 2-3 times a day.


There are no data on cases of acute overdose by drug. If to accept it throughout the long period and in high doses, display of pseudomembranous colitis and candidosis infection can be noted. In that case treatment by drug should be suspended.


If the antibiotic is applied in at one time with nonsteroid antiinflammatory drugs, at the patient the probability of development of respiratory insufficiency increases, the apnoea is possible.

Reception at the same time of Lincomycin and antidiarrheal means increases probability of development of pseudomembranous colitis.

It is impossible to carry out treatment by drug in at one time with use of muscle relaxants and inhalation anesthetics.

Absorption of an antibiotic decreases at a concomitant use of the adsorbing drugs.

Lincomycin reduces expressiveness of action of a neostigmin, pyridostigmine, an ambenonium.

Bacteriostatic influence of an antibiotic is lowered at a concomitant use of Erythromycin and chloramphenicol.

Pharmaceutical incompatibility with Kanamycinum, novobiocin, Ampicillin is noted.

Terms of sale

Drug is implemented according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

To store drug in the form of solution, capsules and ointment it is necessary in the dry and dark place, temperature at the same time has to make 15-25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

It is possible to store drug 4 years. Period of storage Linkomitsin-AKOS – 2 years.

Special instructions

If at the patient functions of kidneys, a liver are broken, to him reduce a single dose of drug on 1/3-1/2, and increase an interval between introduction. At long treatment by an antibiotic it is necessary to control a condition of a liver and kidneys.

In the presence at the patient of a renal or liver failure drug is contraindicated from what Lincomycin can be appointed only according to vital indications.

If to the patient the tablets Lincomycin are appointed from what as a side effect pseudomembranous colitis develops afterwards, drug is cancelled, and bacitracin or Vancomycinum is appointed.

Outwardly ointment is carefully appointed at dermatomycoses.

Solution cannot be entered quickly intravenously


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Analogs of an antibiotic Lincomycin are drugs of Lincomycin a hydrochloride, Lincocinum Clindamycin, Dalatsin C, Clindamycin Norton, etc.

It is strictly forbidden to use other drugs to patients to whom Lincomycin is appointed without preliminary approval of the doctor.


  • Linkomitsin-akos ointment of 2% 15gsintez joint stock company
  • Lincomycin a hydrochloride of 30% solution for injections of 1 ml No. 10 of amp. JSC Dalkhimfarm
  • Lincomycin hydrochloride of 250 mg No. 20 capsule/synthesis/synthesis of joint stock company
  • Lincomycin hydrochloride of 250 mg No. 20 of a kapsulybelmedpreparata
  • Lincomycin a hydrochloride of 30% solution for injections of 1 ml No. 10 ampulymikrogen NPO Federal State Unitary Enterprise

Drugstore of IFC

  • Lincomycin of / hl solution for in 30% 1 ml No. 10, Borisovsky ZMP (Borisov) Belarus
  • Lincomycin kaps 250 mg No. 20, Belmedpreparata (Minsk) Belarus
  • Lincomycin kaps 250 mg No. 20, Synthesis of AKO of joint stock company (Kurgan) Russia
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  • Linkomitsinkiyevmedpreparat (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Linkomitsinzdorovye (Ukraine, Kharkiv)
  • Linkomitsinborshchagovsky HFZ (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Lincomycin solution for injections of 30% of an ampoule of 1 ml No. 10darnitsa (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Lincomycin solution for injections of 30% of an ampoule of 2 ml No. 10darnitsa (Ukraine, Kiev)


  • Lincomycin hydrochloride of 250 mg No. 20 kaps. Synthesis of joint stock company (Russia)
  • Lincomycin a hydrochloride of 30%/1 ml No. 10 solution for in.amp. Synthesis of joint stock company (Russia)
  • Lincomycin a hydrochloride of 30%/1 ml No. 10 solution for in.amp.
  • Lincomycin a hydrochloride of 30%/2 ml No. 10 solution for in.amp.
  • Lincomycin a hydrochloride of 30%/1 ml No. 10 solution for in.amp. Health - the pharmaceutical company (Ukraine)
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