Lipoic acid

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  • Latin name: Lipoic acid
  • ATH code: A16AX01
  • Active ingredient: Thioctic acid (Thioctic acid)
  • Producer: URALBIOFARM, MARBIOFARM (Russia)


The tablet contains 12 or 25 mg of active ingredient of thioctic acid. In 1 ampoule of 10 ml of solution.

Release form

Lipoic acid is issued in the form of tablets in a special film cover in packaging on 10, 50, 100 pieces.

Pharmacological action

Active component is endogenous antioxidant which is capable to connect aggressive free radicals. Alpha lipoic acid acts as coenzyme in processes of transformation of substances which have pronounced antioxidant effects.

Such substances are capable to show tire-tread, protective functions concerning cells, protecting them from aggressive influence of reactive radicals which form in the course of an intermediate metabolism of substances, or at the time of disintegration of alien exogenous substances (including heavy metals).

Active ingredient participates in a mitochondrial metabolism of substances in a cell. Stimulating glucose utilization, thioctic acid is capable to show a synergism to insulin. At patients with a diabetes mellitus change of level of concentration of pyruvic acid in blood is registered.

In the mechanism and nature of biochemical influence active agent is similar to vitamins of group B. Active ingredient has lipotropic effect which is shown in acceleration of utilization processes concerning lipids in hepatic system. Lipoic acid is capable to stimulate transition of fatty acids from hepatic system in various fabrics in an organism.

For medicine character disintoxication effect at receipt in an organism of salts of heavy metals and at other poisonings. Thioctic acid changes a cholesteric metabolism, improves the general and functional condition of a liver.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Indicators of pharmacokinetics and the description of a pharmacodynamics in medical literature do not meet.

Indications, use of Lipoic acid

The medicine is widely used in therapy of hepatic pathology, a nervous system, at alcoholism and intoxications, a diabetes mellitus, for simplification of a course of oncological diseases.

Main indications:

When carrying out a course of treatment Prednisolonum the medicine acts as the proofreader and synergist for the prevention of development of "withdrawal", a smooth dose decline of a glucocorticosteroid.

Lipoic acid for weight loss

The mechanism of effect of active agent allows to apply a medicine to disposal of excess weight. The effect is more brightly expressed at simultaneous active sports. Lipoic acid is capable to start the zhiroszhiganiye mechanism, but independently it is not possible to burn all excess fat therefore intensive exercise stresses are required.

Muscular tissue "attracts" nutritious elements during trainings, and thioctic acid is capable to increase endurance, strengthening a zhiroszhiganiye and increasing overall effectiveness of occupations by physical activity. Simultaneous observance of a diet allows to achieve the greatest result.

Dosage of Lipoic acid for weight loss

There are usually enough 50 mg of a medicine. The minimum threshold makes 25 mg. The most effective time of reception of medicine for achievement of the maximum results in fight against excess weight:

  • to or right after a breakfast;
  • at the last daily meal;
  • after trainings, physical activity.


Drug well works at observance of a diet and a simultaneous active combination of occupations in the gym. At thematic forums users open a small secret: drug works at reception of uglevodisty food (semolina or buckwheat cereal, dates, honey, macaroni, rice, peas, haricot, grain products) better.

Lipoic acid in bodybuilding

Quite often in bodybuilding thioctic acid is combined with Levokarnitin (the Carnitine, a L-carnitine). This amino acid is a relative of vitamins of group B, and is capable to activate a lipometabolism. The left carnitine releases fat from cells, stimulating a power expense.


Age limit – till 16 flyings.

Side effects

Lipoic acid, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Every day enter 300-600 mg of thioctic acid intravenously that corresponds to 1-2 ampoules on 10 ml and 1 ampoule of 20 ml of concentration of 3%. Duration of therapy makes 2-4 weeks then treatment is continued by the tableted form in a daily dose of 300-600 mg.

The application instruction of Lipoic acid in tablets

Inside in 30 minutes prior to food. Tablets cannot be broken and chewed. Daily dose: 1 tablet of 1 times a day (300-600 mg). The medical effect is reached at reception of 600 mg a day. Further the dose can be reduced twice.

At diseases of hepatic system appoint tablets: to 4 times a day on 50 mg within a month. A repeated course can be conducted in 1 month.

Therapy of diabetic neuropathy and alcoholic polyneuropathy: begin with intravenous injections with transition to the tableted form 600 mg a day.


The clinical picture consists of the following negative manifestations:

Treatment is posindromny.


The medicine is capable to strengthen influence of glucocorticosteroid medicines. Suppression of activity of Cisplatinum is noted. Drug strengthens influence of hypoglycemic means (peroral forms), insulin.

It is not recommended to apply with medicines which contain ions of metals (calcium, magnesium, iron) because of ability of Lipoic acid to connect metals.

At an urgent need of use of drugs it is recommended to maintain a certain time interval (at least 2 hours). Metabolites of ethanol and he weaken effect of thioctic acid.

Terms of sale

Prescription issue.

Storage conditions

Transportation and storage of tablets and solution is allowed only at observance of temperature condition – to 25 degrees.

Period of validity

3 years.

Special instructions

The main ways of a metabolism are oxidation and conjugation (a source — Wikipedia).

Advantage and harm

Lipoic acid belongs to natural antioxidants and vitamins. It contributes to normalization and acceleration of metabolic processes, stimulates work of a pancreas, brings toxins out of an organism, reduces sugar level in blood, improves visual perception, well influences cardiac performance, reduces cholesterol, contributes to normalization of a blood pressure.

Against use of Lipoic acid reduction of expressiveness of negative reactions which arise after carrying out chemotherapy at oncological patients is noted.

Medicine well influences a condition of the nerve terminations damaged as a result of a diabetes mellitus. Seldom against use of a medicine negative reactions are shown.

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