Liposuction of various parts of a body

Fight against excess fatty deposits it becomes very frequent a vital issue for women, and sometimes and for men. And even if by improbable efforts it turns out to dump several kilograms, all the same in so-called "problem" places excess weight often remains.

What is a liposuction?

Recently even more often such cosmetic problems are solved by carrying out special operation at which fatty tissue is removed from an organism through small cuts. This operation is called a liposuction.

Carrying out a liposuction means use of vacuum removal of pokozhny fat after it was previously destroyed in the mechanical way or with use of ultrasound. Popularity of such cosmetic operative measure increases every year though the first operations of this kind began to make rather recently, about 20 flyings ago. There are statistical data which demonstrate that the liposuction is the most widespread esthetic operation in many civilized countries now. So, in the United States about 300 thousand such operations are made every year.

The essence of a liposuction consists that lipoblasts (adipocytes) in a human body do not breed. Therefore, after removal of fatty tissue it will not appear again. Therefore, the liposuction is, first of all, esthetic operation.


The liposuction is carried out with the esthetic purpose: operation gives the chance to eliminate cosmetic defects and to improve contours of a figure of the person. Very often the liposuction is carried out in parallel with use of other methods of therapy of obesity that is even more effective. Removal of fatty tissue also positively influences the general state of health of the person. Recently there were researches of scientists which demonstrate that fatty tissue produces the hormones, in turn, activating development of many dangerous diseases in an organism. In this case it is about a hypertension, heart troubles, atherosclerosis , etc. To prevent such impact on an organism, doctors during operation put removal of a certain amount of fat for the purpose, and correction of lines of a body is already a minor task.

Carrying out a liposuction allows to remove fatty deposits from hips, a stomach, buttocks, hands, the person, and also from other parts of a body. According to data of physicians, most often use of a liposuction of a stomach practices today, in this area excess fat most often collects.

There are several types of such operative measure. Today the laser liposuction, and also an ultrasonic and non-invasive liposuction About which confirm efficiency of such procedures is actively applied.

Features of obesity at the person

Липосакция и ожирениеBefore making the decision on the address to doctors, it is necessary to know about some features of adjournment of excess weight at the person. Doctors allocate two different types of obesity at the person: local and generalized.

At generalizirovanny obesity the set of excess weight occurs owing to the broken metabolism which occurs in view of influence of different factors. It can be a genetic arrangement to completeness, constitutional factors or the wrong approach to forming of a daily food allowance and lack of adequate exercise stresses. The person at whom this form of obesity is observed grows stout as the fighter of sumo. Therefore treatment of this kind of obesity by means of a liposuction does not make sense. Here intervention of therapists, endocrinologists, nutritionists and use of conservative methods of therapy is necessary.

Absolutely other approach practices at a local form of obesity. Despite observance of diets and regular physical activity at such type of obesity of people cannot lose excess weight. Most often the local form of obesity occurs at women. Their fat is laid on an internal surface of hips, on a chin, on a stomach. At such type of obesity carrying out a liposuction can solve problems and clean fat from these places. But at the same time it is necessary to consider that the liposkulptura is not a direct method of weight reduction and there cannot be full substitutes of physical activity and healthy nutrition. Therefore each person who makes the decision on carrying out a liposuction has to adjust himself and on change of way of life in the future.

Liposuction of a stomach and other parts of a body

The liposuction of a stomach is carried out now very often. Being inspired by a photo before operation, reading positive About procedure, many women look for information on that, how much is carrying out a liposkulptura and what its effects. The cost of this operation will be defined depending on features of its carrying out and quantity of zones from which the patient wishes to remove subcutaneous fat. Therefore, if the woman except a liposuction of a stomach wishes to carry out over time both the operative measures directed to removal of fat from hips, knees, a shin, and also the person (at the request of the patient the liposuction of cheeks and a chin is carried out), then and the total price of procedure will be rather high. But anyway consultation with the specialist and careful following to its councils is required previously. It is impossible to define expediency of operation and to choose a technique of its carrying out in house conditions. It is done only by specialists of special clinics.

Carrying out a liposuction of a stomach and other parts of a body takes place with use of different techniques. The deep liposuction assumes removal of that fatty tissue which is located under a layer of subcutaneous fat. And carrying out a superficial liposuction allows to level a surface of skin and to get rid of displays of cellulitis.

How there is a liposuction?

Процесс липосакцииRegardless of what body is exposed to operation on removal of fat, initially to the patient the anesthetic, and also the solution giving the chance not to allow bleedings and emergence of hematomas is entered. Medicines which use at operation allow to prolong anesthesia action, and also to activate fat decomposition process.

After that the small cut through which the tube attached to the vacuum device is entered is carried out. Other end of a tube is entered between skin and muscles into fatty deposits. The vacuum device, creating negative pressure, pumps out fat.

Depending on a condition of the person, and also taking into account his wishes when carrying out procedure both local, and general anesthesia can be carried out.

Methods of carrying out liposuction

Today several different methods of carrying out a liposuction will be applied. Traditional (vacuum dry) the liposuction already practically does not practice now. Its carrying out provides introduction to a section of a corrugated tube and destruction of fat by means of movements by this cannula (tube). Lipoblasts are sucked away by the vacuum pump. Such method is the most traumatic for the person as at it the big loss of blood takes place. Advantage of this method is its accuracy. For this reason it in certain cases is still applied by surgeons, but on condition of processing of small zones.

Also vacuum wet liposuction which is carried out by the principle dry practices, only before operation the zone of its carrying out is cut away drug for local anesthesia.

Carrying out a tumenestsentny liposuction provides introduction to a zone which will be exposed to operation, special solution (Klein's solution). In its structure — normal saline solution, lidocaine and adrenaline. Under the influence of solution lipoblasts turn into a liquid emulsion which, in turn, is pumped out through thin cannulas. This method is applied when it is necessary to pump out a little fat as overdose of solution is unsafe.

The ultrasonic liposuction is carried out with use of ultrasound which destroys fatty tissue. This method is not used on a stomach as there is a danger of an internal injury ultrasound during procedure. All other bodies are exposed to operation with use of this technique, and responses of patients testify to its efficiency. By means of an ultrasonic liposuction it is possible to remove the bigger volume of fatty tissue (about 6-8 liters). One more important advantage – simultaneous lifting of skin during a liposkation that gives the chance not so carefully to trace amount of remote fat as it is demanded by other kinds of a liposuction. The prices of carrying out this procedure vary depending on the necessary volume of operation.

At an electric liposuction the device generating current of necessary frequency is used. At the same time to the place of operation liquid then from there the emulsion is sucked away moves. The surgeon has to have experience as when carrying out this procedure the special device is used. Operation is performed throughout rather long period, but differs at the same time in high precision of processing.

The liposuction without operation is carried out with use of ultrasound. At the same time fat turns into an emulsion, however its pumping out is not made as the emulsion is soaked up in blood of the patient and later is brought out of an organism by a liver. The non-invasive liposuction is applied rather infrequently as at such procedure the organism transfers serious loading. However the liposuction without operation (cavitation) allows to get rid effectively of displays of cellulitis and to considerably level a skin surface.

Features of the postoperative period

Особенности послеоперационного периодаThe patients who transferred a liposuction have to know about features of the recovery period after carrying out procedure. Often in the place where operation was performed, there are small consolidations which decrease over time and completely disappear in several months. After removal of fatty tissue in a fatty tissue there are channels in which liquid from fabrics and blood collects. Respectively, there are bruises, gradually disappearing in 2-4 weeks.

Sometimes the person after operation some time feels pain or discomfort during walking or at exercise stresses. But most often such manifestations disturb the patient only at first after operation and quickly disappear. But if they remain also after a long time, then an additional operative measure — a lipoplastika on doctor's orders is sometimes carried out.

If the patient had a lot of excess fat, and in the course of operation its significant amount is removed, then skin after a liposuction can droop. Especially noticeable otvisany skin in a stomach at the women who transferred pregnancy.

If after carrying out a liposuction of people watches a body weight and does not allow its repeated increase, then the good result remains. But at a weight set in the future the result is lost. But specialists note that even at a set of excess weight on those places where the liposuction was carried out, fat lays down more exactly, than earlier.


If the person is adjusted on carrying out a liposuction, it needs to be defined how many fat he wishes to remove for one procedure. It is important to consider what the more fat will be removed in one step, the it will become heavier than people to transfer the period after operation. It is the best of all that the issue of amount of the fat deleted for once was resolved by the surgeon. Optimum to carry out some more procedures for correction later, but not to subject an organism to trial.

It is better for patient to spend the period after operation under supervision of specialists, that is in a hospital. As a rule, hospitalization lasts from 1 to 3 days.

It is possible to estimate previously received result approximately in three weeks. But finally the effect of a liposuction will be swept up 3 months later.

Not to allow complications after operation, doctors often recommend to carry the compression linen allowing to prevent developing of hypostases.

There is a number of contraindications for carrying out operation on removal of fat. It is not done at oncological diseases, a diabetes mellitus, problems with coagulability of blood, at dysfunction of a liver and kidneys, endocrine obesity, existence of varicosity in a zone where operation, at thrombophlebitis is necessary, for a peptic ulcer of a stomach, heart diseases, arterial hypertension, pregnancy.

Before operation detailed consultation of the experienced doctor, and also carrying out laboratory researches is necessary. Only the specialist has to select an optimum method of carrying out operation and make all key decisions concerning carrying out a liposuction.

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