The Lopoukhost is an inborn deformation of an auricle owing to what ears at the person have the expressed bulged appearance.

How the lopoukhost is shown?

As a rule, at people with a lopoukhost both the form, and the size of auricles are normal. But they are located not in parallel to a temporal bone, and almost at right angle.

The main signs of a lopoukhost at the person are an increase in a corner under which the auricle is located to occipital part of the head, and also a smoothness of a contour of an antihelix and an auricle. At a normal state of affairs the corner of the head and a sink of an ear has to make no more than 30 °.

The outside ear at a fruit forms on the third month of development. The auricle relief gradually appears on the sixth month of pre-natal development. Therefore, already at the birth of the kid the lopoukhost accurately is defined. At this time still there is an opportunity to change the child a shape of ears, at the same time the surgery is not required.

On statistical data, about a half of people are born with a lopoukhost of different degrees of manifestation, and, this defect is observed equally often both at boys, and at girls. The Lopoukhost is not a physiological problem, but such defect can cause serious complexes and sincere experiences in children and teenagers. Similar complexes can be observed and in adulthood, at the same time having changed to the worst character of the person.

At the person it can be deformed both one, and both auricles. Physicians define three degrees of a lopoukhost at the person depending on which a certain scheme of surgical intervention practices. At the same time both features, and extent of deformation are so individual that the specialist has to select the scheme of treatment for correction of this defect only in an individual order.

Why the lopoukhost is shown?

The Lopoukhost is an effect of one or at once several inborn features of development of a sink of an ear. Most often the lopoukhost at the person is present owing to an underdevelopment or a smoothness of an antihelix. So the eminence which is located from within an auricle parallel to a curl is called.

Sometimes the ear excessively acts owing to hypertrophied cartilaginous structure of a sink of an ear. If the ear is located normally, then at the same time one more type of deformation can take place. This protrusion of a lobe which happens owing to an ear sink hypertrophy.

Лопоухость у ребенкаIn certain cases the lopoukhost at the person is observed if all auricle is increased evenly. At the same time the size of an ear can be a miscellaneous, but noticeable disproportion of ears in relation to a facial skeleton is sometimes noted. The similar picture is observed if the inborn isolated rapid growth of an ear or more intensive growth of one half of the face is observed. This phenomenon which in medicine is called a macrotia can be observed at the patient suffering from anomaly of vessels or at a neurofibromatosis of Recklinghausen.

It is necessary to remember that the lopoukhost is often shown in view of a hereditary factor. Sometimes the lopoukhost in one family is noted through several generations.

How to get rid of a lopoukhost?

The expressed lopoukhost at the child can strongly disturb parents who seriously think of how to clean a lopoukhost. If this defect at the child is swept not too up, then the problem how to correct a lopoukhost, should not become priority for adults. Sometimes it is only enough to look narrowly at a face of the kid and further to do to it a hair which will allow to clean a lopoukhost. Sometimes the photo of a lopoukhost of the kid should showing to the hairdresser, and he will prompt how to hide a lopoukhost by means of a hairdress. But if strongly bulged ears are a serious problem for the child and prevent it to coexist normally with peers, then parents should reflect whether operation on a lopoukhost is reasonable.

If to the baby at whom ears are strongly bulged six months were not executed yet, then it is possible to think of how to clean a lopoukhost without operation. In this case the lopoukhost at children cleans up by means of a silicone form by which the ear is enshrined in the correct provision. The baby has cartilaginous tissue very soft therefore the lopoukhost in house conditions cleans up in such a way through certain time, at the same time the child does not feel pain.

Лопоухость у детейThe Lopoukhost at children who already were 6 years old and also at adults cleans up by carrying out an otoplasty. Those who decided on similar surgical intervention, the technique of its carrying out and the price of operation interests. The otoplasty proceeds for no more than one hour. The specialist on the course of surgical intervention cleans excess cartilaginous tissue, doing for this purpose a cut. Sometimes it is only enough to sprain in the necessary situation a cartilage. After operation approximately in 10 days all seams are removed. After an operative measure noticeable hems are absent.

What surgical intervention is necessary, the doctor defines, estimating lopoukhost degree. In total three such degrees are defined.

At the first degree it is enough to remove part of cartilaginous tissue in that place where the auricle goes deep. At the second degree of a lopoukhost the surgeon has to create an antihelix fold in the course of operation. At the third degree of this disease it is necessary to remove initially excess cartilaginous tissue then the antihelix fold is artificially created.

People who have problems with coagulability of blood, the patient with serious illnesses of internals, at diseases of infectious and oncological character cannot carry out an otoplasty. Operation is not performed if the person is ill a diabetes mellitus if in an ear of the patient inflammatory process develops.

Such operation is performed for correction of esthetic defect therefore it does not threaten health and human life. Nevertheless, the experienced surgeon has to carry out an otoplasty as a result to gain the expected effect.

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