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  • Latin name: Lorinden A
  • ATH code: D07XB01
  • Active ingredient: Salicylic acid + Flumethasonum (Salicylic acid+Flumetasone)
  • Producer: Jelfa S.A., Poland LLC VALEANT, Russia


Lorindenm And contains active components: Flumethasonum pivalat and salicylic acid, and also additional components: vaseline white, lanolin anhydrous and propylene glycol.

Release form

Lorindenm And in the form of the ointment packed into tubas on 15 g is issued.

Pharmacological action

Ointment possesses antipruritic, antiallergic, vasoconstrictive, antiedematous and antiinflammatory action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Lorindenm And is the combined drug intended for outside use possessing antiinflammatory keratolytic and other effects caused by its structure. One of its active agents – Flumethasonum pivalat, belongs to synthetic GKS. Antiinflammatory, antiedematous, antiallergic and antipruritic effects are characteristic of it. At the same time activity of the phospholipase of A2 which is suppressing synthesis of prostaglandins and leukotrienes, slowing down release of mediators of inflammatory processes is inhibited. Besides, effect of drug reduces migration of leukocytes and lymphocytes in the center of inflammations. Prevention of the regional accumulation of neutrophils reducing the inflammatory exudate and products of cytokines which is slowing down migration of the macrophages reducing an infiltration and granulation is also noted. Flumethasonum pivalat considerably lowers proteolytic activity of kinin of fabrics, development of fibroblasts detains, prevents growth of connecting fabric in the place of an inflammation. The hyperemia, hypersensitivity reactions, exudative and proliferative processes which proceed in connecting fabrics in the centers of inflammations decreases. Other active component – salicylic acid is NPVS promoting GKS penetration, the supplementing drug antiparakeratozny, moderate keratolytic and local hypothermal action. Moreover, salicylic acid improves penetration into Flumethasonum skin. Also antibacterial and fungicidal action is shown, recovery of protective functions of skin is established. At the same time secretion grease is suppressed or sweat glands, the keratosic epithelium promoting removal of scales is loosened. Clinical practice showed that absorption of Flumethasonum of a pivalat at children happens stronger in comparison with adult patients. Especially skin sites – on a face, skin folds, the damaged surfaces, occlusive bandages are subject to it. For this drug fast distribution after penetration into an organism is peculiar. The matter is that it is provided with salicylic acid accelerating and facilitating absorption of Flumethasonum of a pivalat. The metabolism of drug occurs mainly in a liver. Removal is carried out mainly as a part of urine and a little with bile in the form of the connections added with glucuronic acid and invariable substances.

Indications to drug use

Ointment of Lorindenm And is appointed at:

Contraindications to use

It is not recommended to use drug to the patients suffering:

  • bacterial, fungal and virus damages of skin;
  • tuberculosis cutis;
  • exudative stages of skin diseases;
  • syphilis with skin manifestations;
  • precancerous conditions and new growths of skin;
  • eels.

Besides, from use of ointment it is necessary to refrain at the beginning of pregnancy, at trophic ulcers from a varicosis, at hypersensitivity and at children's age. Respect for care demands treatment of patients with the diagnosis – a renal failure as danger of nefrotokischesky action of considerable doses of salicylates remains.

Side effects

Treatment by Lorindenm And can be followed: burning, xeroderma and skin itch. Long use quite often causes development: purpura, atrophies of skin, disturbances of pigmentation, telangiectasia, perioral dermatitis, local hirsutism and steroid eels.

Ointment Lorindenm And, application instruction (Way and dosage)

This outside means is recommended to apply on the struck surfaces with rather thin layer every day on 2-3 times. When the acute inflammation is removed, it is possible to reduce use to 1-2 times. Disappearance of painful symptoms is not the reason of drug withdrawal as it is necessary to continue treatment not less than 3-4 more days.

Chronic skin defeats demand stable therapy within 3 weeks. Besides, use of an occlusive bandage which is changed in 1-2 days is allowed. At the same time it is possible to regulate extent of moistening of especially dry sites by means of thickness of a layer of outside means, depending on the therapeutic requirements established for a specific case.


Cases of overdose arise rather seldom. It can occur in a means usage time on extensive sites of integuments that causes system manifestations GKS or poisoning with salicylates.


Use Lorindenm And during vaccination or immunization can strengthen its immunodepressive effect. Also the combination of this means to other outside drugs is not allowed. System absorption of drug GKS is capable to reduce considerably influence of insulin, hypotensive drugs, peroral hypoglycemic means and anticoagulants, to reduce concentration of a prazikvantel as a part of blood. Simultaneous use Lorindenm And with some medicines increases risk of emergence of collateral manifestations, for example, with androgens, estrogen, oral contraceptives, anabolic steroids, antipsychotic means, bukarbany, Azathioprinum, holinoblokator, antihistaminic drugs, tricyclic antidepressants, nitrates, diuretics and some other.

Terms of sale

This outside drug is released according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Storage of outside means requires the place, cool, dark and unavailable to children.

Period of validity

3 years.


Treat analogs of this drug: Flumethasonum pivalat, Lorindenm, S. Takzhe's Lorindenm possess similar action: Dexamethasone, Prednisolonum, Diprospan, Methylprednisolonum and others.


Alcohol intake does not exert special impact on action of Lorindenm And.


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  • Lorindenm And 15 g ointment in a tuba
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