Fans of the Internet have flu and cold more often

At people who have a dependence on the Internet, as a rule, weak immunity, scientists from Italy claim. They assure that too keen admirers of the Internet are more susceptible to infectious diseases, in particular to attacks of flu and cold.

The reason of such dependence physicians call the fact that fans to spend many hours in worldwide network more time carry out lonely therefore their immune system is weakened. Owing to lack of regular interaction with other people, and also in view of the insufficient amount of time which is carried out in the fresh air the probability of development of viral diseases considerably increases.

In the course of experiment the organism condition at 500 volunteers whose age made from 18 to 100 years was estimated. At the same time scientists noted that those people who sat up on the Internet suffered from flu and cold more. In comparison with those who did not suffer from Internet dependence they had these illnesses more often for 30%. Also researchers defined that such people suffer from very strong tension, without having access to a network.

The researches conducted earlier already proved that too long "sitting" in worldwide network leads to a sleep deficit, development of unhealthy food preferences, passive way of life and addictions. All these tendencies also lead to deterioration in function of immune system and increase a susceptibility to attack of viruses.

By the way, the negative impact on immune system is exerted not only by unhealthy habits, but also some popular food stuffs. The Irish microbiologists told that the processed meat and cheese can worsen a condition of immunity of the person. If the person abuses meat and cheese which contain a sodium glutamate, in a stomach acidity decreases. As the bacterium a listeriya, getting into a stomach, is neutralized by gastric juice, at the lowered its contents the listeriya survives and leads to infection with an infection.

Meanwhile nutritionists advise in autumn time in addition to take care of immunity strengthening. They do not advise at this time to adhere to diets with the low maintenance of proteinaceous food, but suggest to enter as much as possible fermented milk products into a diet. Instead of coffee it is desirable to use fresh vegetable and fruit juice in the morning, and for day – herbal teas.

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