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  • Latin name: Lugol
  • ATH code: R02AA20
  • Active ingredient: Iodine (Iodine)
  • Producer: VALENTIS, JSC (Republic of Lithuania), DOCTOR (Russia)

Composition of Lugol

12.5 mg Yoda are a part of 1 ml. Auxiliary components: potassium iodide and glitserol. Lugol Vialayn in addition contains sea salt, extract a laminaria, triclosan and saccharinate of sodium.

Release form

Solution is issued in bottles from dark glass. Also in a pack from a cardboard there is a special applicator for spraying and the instruction from the producer on spray Lugol.

Pharmacological action

Molecular iodine which has mestnorazdradayushchy effect and antiseptic action acts as the operating component. Influences gram-positive flora and gram-negative bacteria bakteritsidno. It is active concerning yeast, pathogenic fungi. The greatest iodine resistance is observed at stafilokokk, pseudo-monads. When processing extensive sites of skin the resorptive effect is registered, active component is capable to take part in process of synthesizing of T3 and T4. Thanks to potassium iodide active ingredient is quicker and better dissolved in water, glitserol in turn has the softening effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The correct use of a medicine excludes resorptions of active agent through integuments. Lugol at contact with mucous walls for 30% turns into a form of iodides. The accidental proglatyvaniye leads to full absorption of iodine which collects in a thyroid gland. Metabolites are removed by renal system, sweat glands and fecal masses. At chest feeding gets into milk.

Indications to use

External use:

  • traumatic damages;
  • wound defeats;
  • infectious and inflammatory pathology of integuments;
  • mialgiya.

Topical administration:

In therapy and the LOR-expert quite often appoint Lugol at quinsy. Antiseptic action of a medicine allows to fight locally against inflammatory processes at quinsy. Medicine is effective at easy, initial forms of a disease, and at purulent quinsy Lugol is recommended to be combined with antibiotics. The medicine can be applied at tertiary syphilis, to prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis (intake).


Medicine is not applied at individual hypersensitivity. The medicine is contraindicated to intake at:

In pediatrics age restriction – till 5 flyings.

Side effects

External use can be followed by negative reactions:

At intake it is observed:

At registration of other reactions Lugol is recommended to cancel independently spray.

Application instruction (Way and dosage)

Spray Lugol Vialayn forms on mucous a special protective film, makes antiseptic impact for a throat. Children can appoint a medicine. Medicine is applied 4-6 times a day locally to processing of a throat, a mouth, a pharynx. Pressing a head of the sprayer provides a uniform irrigation of mucous membranes. It is recommended to hold the breath during procedure. To protect eyes. At hit of a medicine in eyes washing is recommended by sodium thiosulphate or water. The application instruction of spray Lugol for children: three times a day to a total disappearance of the catarral phenomena. To children it can be appointed from 5 years. Lyugs eucalyptus Lugol is appointed after food, irrigating mucous by means of the special sprayer up to 6 times a day.


Irritation of a respiratory path (bronkho-and laryngospasm, burn). At hit the haemoglobinuria, hemolysis inside develops. The dose 3 grams is considered deadly that corresponds to 300 ml of solution. Therapy: intravenous administration of Sodium thiosulphate of 30%, gastric lavage hydrosodium carbonate solution.


The medicine is inactivated by sodium thiosulphate. Iodine can lead to damage of medical metal objects. Blood, pus, fat, acid and a shchelochka of the environment reduce antispetichesky activity of solution. Pharmaceutical Lugol is incompatible with ammonia solutions, essential oils.

Terms of sale

Lugol can be bought without medical prescription form.

Storage conditions

The producer recommends to observe the mode from 15 to 25 degrees. Disintegration of active iodine accelerates at a temperature more than 40 degrees and from influence of sunshine.

Period of validity

3 years.

Lugol for children

Spray Lugol is actively applied to children in therapy of LOR-pathology: quinsies, tonsillitis, stomatitises, laryngitis. Children can appoint on reaching 5 years. The medicine about one year is not intended for children because of the drug of iodine which is a part which is capable to be soaked up in a system blood stream and to exert impact on a thyroid gland and the general development of the child.

Lugol at pregnancy (and at a lactation)

Whether it is possible at pregnancy? Spray Lugol at pregnancy is contraindicated, even in 1 trimester. When breastfeeding it is appointed in exceptional cases when the expected advantage considerably exceeds harm for the child.


  • Lugol spray for a throat of 50 ml flakonvalentis closed joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Lyugol-Vialayn ml spray 12,5mgml 45, Florey Sprey of Oooukrain
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  • Lugol with glycerin FF solution 25gzhitomirskaya (Ukraine, Zhytomyr)


  • Lugol with glycerin solution 25gviola
  • Lugol with glycerin solution 25gviola
  • Lugol with glycerin solution 25gviola
  • Lugol with glycerin solution 25gviola
  • Lugol with glycerin solution 25gviola
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