Magic of a nettle

Annually in May the first escapes of very well-known burning nettle by all in villages, as a rule, do not grube. On the contrary – somewhere in the depth of a garden about a fence specially leave young growth. For what? There is for centuries a developed opinion that if at least three times to eat a young nettle soup, then all year you will not suffer catarrhal diseases. It is difficult to claim as far as it is right, however, all know about surprising properties of this ubiquitous plant in Russia.

All have heard a lot, but the modern person, especially the citizen, got used to manage antibiotics. Meanwhile, the nettle not casually took an important place in doctor books and herbalists throughout several centuries in the different countries of the world. The range of its useful impact on a human body strikes with the width. Except that the nettle is eaten thanks to its irreplaceable vitamin properties to this day (not only in the form of soup, but also in salads), it is applied also inside and outwardly. All parts of a plant are used: rhizome, seeds, leaves and flowers. By the way, it is worth making a reservation that traditional medicine provides use in the medical and strengthening purposes only one version – a nettle gonochoristic, in the nature, as well as any representative, at it has several versions (a nettle deaf, big, monecious, etc.).

It is no wonder that our great-grandfathers allocated a nettle with magic properties and even thought up it the poetical name — an odolen-grass. Was considered that it helps not only at diseases of internals – kidneys, a liver, for example, and also cures painful states (asthma, paralysis), but also levels a condition of the patient with hysteria, neurosis. Cold, flu, an ache in bones or rheumatism were considered as "urticaceous" illnesses at all, that is, giving in to treatment with its help. Our ancestors also knew that this plant well helps at overfatigue, returns the exhausted forces.

The fact that from medical plants, as a rule, prepare broths infusions, teas know everything. And the nettle is also used in such types. But besides it is useful to mix it with honey, to insist on alcohol. Besides, it is curious that in old times special pyshechka baked from rye flour, urticaceous seeds (in the ratio 3 to 1) and honey droplets. These pastries intended not just for tasty tea drinking. Was considered that if to feed with these hlebo-urticaceous products within a month before going to bed the one who suffers from an urine incontience then soon the illness will recede. However, it is worth noticing — also the official medicine does not shun this wonderful plant: powder of a dried nettle is included into a number of drugs.

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