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  • Latin name: Magnicum
  • ATH code: A11EC
  • Active ingredient: Magnesium and B6 vitamin
  • Producer: Kiev vitamin plant, PAO (Ukraine)


In 1 tablet of magnesium of a lactate of 470 mg and pyridoxine of 5 mg.

Release form

Tablets in a film cover soluble in intestines No. 50.

Pharmacological action

Completion of a lack of vitamins and minerals.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


The combined drug representing an optimum combination of magnesium and B6 vitamin.

Magnesium takes part in an exchange of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, in enzymatic biochemical and redoxreactions. Activates enzymes of cellular oxidation and synthesis of nucleic acids. It is necessary for stabilization of thrombocytes and fibrinogen, plays a role in reduction of a myocardium and neuromuscular excitement. Is an antagonist of calcium. Deficit of magnesium is the cornerstone of mechanisms in developments hypertensive and an urolithiasis, malignant new growths and a vasospasm.

The pyridoxine participates in a metabolism of amino acids, carbohydrates and fats, is a part of enzymes. Promotes transport of amino acids through membranes of cells, it is necessary for formation of neuromediators. Participates in an exchange of folic acid, B12 vitamin, synthesis of unsaturated fatty acids. Has neurotropic, kardiotropny and hemopoietic effect. In a combination magnesium and a pyridoxine show a synergism of pharmacological activity.


The pyridoxine increases absorption of magnesium in intestines, improves its penetration into cells due to formation of a chelate complex. Increases concentration of magnesium in blood, holds it in cells and reduces allocation it with urine.

Indications to use

The states which are followed by deficit of magnesium in an organism:

Deficit of magnesium is observed during the smoking and an alcohol abuse, long reception of laxatives, diuretics and contraceptive means.


Side effects

In rare instances Magnikum's use can cause:

  • abdominal pain, diarrhea or lock, nausea, vomiting;
  • skin rash.

Magnikum, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Pill Magnikum is taken on 1–2 three times a day. The tablet should not be broken, it is necessary to swallow whole, washing down with a glass of water. To children 6 years are more senior appoint on 1 tablet three times a day.

With the medical purpose duration of therapy and a dose are determined by the doctor. The course of treatment depends on a disease.


Intoxication magnesium occurs at patients with a renal failure.

It is shown by symptoms: nausea, vomiting, hypotension, difficulty of breath, muscular weakness, muscle pain, arrhythmia, decrease in reflexes, anury, changes of an ECG.

The regidratation and artificial diuresis is carried out.

The hemodialysis is carried out at a renal failure.


Magnesium weakens action of thrombolytic means (Warfarin derivatives), reduces absorption of Theophylline, Tetracycline, digestion of iron and fluorides. The interval in reception of these drugs has to make 3 h.

Simultaneous use of antacids on the basis of phosphates and salts of calcium reduces magnesium absorption.

Removal of magnesium with urine increases at reception of diuretics, Cisplatinum, mineralokortikoid and Cycloserinum.

Aminoglycosides, muscle relaxants and Colistin can cause paralysis of muscles.

The need for B6 vitamin increases at Gidralizin's appointment, Cycloserinum, Penicillaminum, the Isoniazid, oral contraceptives.

To avoid co-administration with the Levodopa as B6 vitamin oppresses its action.

Terms of sale

It is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

Temperature is not above 25 °C.

Period of validity

2 years.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Magne B6 (Sanofi Vintrop Industriya, France), Magnelis B6 (JSC Pharmstandard-UfaVITA, Russia).

About Magnikum

It is unknown whether there is a risk for a fruit at reception of this drug, nevertheless, Magnikum at pregnancy often is appointed the doctor. Only he assesses a situation and if the advantage is higher, than potential risk for a fruit, the choice for this drug is made. It is a lot of reviews of its reception or analogs at threat of an abortion or premature births. At emergence of a hyper tone of a uterus drug was appointed a long course, sometimes — all pregnancy.

"The pain attack in the bottom of a stomach passed in 30 minutes. Drug helped out all pregnancy", "became quiet, there passed the tone in a uterus", "at threat treatment the doctor appointed up to 8 tablets a day".

All consumers who accepted this drug in other occasions, noted results after a week of reception: frequency decreased or absolutely headaches and heartaches disappeared, there passed irritability, the dream improved. "… became quieter, ceased to react to all events literally for a week of reception", "the feeling of alarm left and in general the health improved", "to me helped to get rid of spasms of gastrocnemius muscles".

Drug was transferred well, side reactions were noted seldom. All note that this drug worthy replacement of B6 to dear Magna.


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