Magnesium citrate

Магния цитрат Constitutional formula

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  • Latin name: Magnesii citras
  • ATH code: A02AA, A02AA10, A02AD, A12CC, A12CC30
  • Chemical formula: C12H10Mg3O14
  • CAS code: 3344-18-1

Chemical name

Magnesium 2-hydroxypropane-1,2,3-trikarboksilat

Chemical properties

Magnesium citrate – magnesian salt of citric acid. Substance is synthesized in the form of the white powder which does not have the specific smell however possessing sourish taste. A chemical compound will slowly be dissolved in cold water, at the same time quickly and it is well soluble in hot. The received solution transparent without color, with taste of citric acid. The molecular mass of citrate = 214,4 grams on mol.

Substance is used as a magnesium source as laxative for preparation for operations or to a kolonoskopiya. Also Magnesium Citrate possesses the calming, anesthetizing, anticonvulsant, somnolent, antistress action. The chemical compound is used in the food industry in the form of the regulator of acidity E345, also substance gives to drink or a product lemon aroma and taste.

Medicine contains about 11% of elementary magnesium.

Pharmacological action

Metabolism, the anesthetic compensating for the magnesium deficiency, normalizing, sedative, anticonvulsant, antiarrhytmic, laxative, cholagogue, etc.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This connection possesses an extensive action spectrum, has many scopes.

First of all, medicine is used for maintenance of necessary energy level of all organism. Substance eliminates a magnesium defect, regulates processes of energy balance. Magnesium is practically in all cells of an organism, takes part in a set of biological processes. Ions of magnesium act as antagonists of calcium, at a lack of Mg potassium begins to be removed from an organism intensively, it leads to decrease in working capacity, muscular spasms, a breakdown, weakness, a depression. The magnesium located in cells is localized in ATP – a universal carrier and the accumulator of energy.

This substance possesses antiarrhytmic action. It is known that in 90% of cases cardiac arrhythmia is associated by a lack of Mg and K. Veshchestvo possesses ability to reduce excitability of cardiomyocytes, to stabilize cellular membranes, to normalize ionic balance in a cardiac muscle. Besides, means expands coronary arteries, reduces the general peripheric resistance of vessels, prevents aggregation of thrombocytes. It was experimentally proved (group of teenagers with rheumatism or diseases of cardiovascular system) that this connection has cardiotonic, antiarrhytmic and vegetotropny effects.

Also means has the anticonvulsant, sedative and anesthetizing effect on an organism, reduces arterial pressure. There is it thanks to ability of ions of magnesium to regulate current of calcium ions through a semi-impenetrable membrane in a cell, eliminating its functional hyperactivity. Calcium is responsible for reduction, and Mg – for relaxation of smooth muscles. Also medicine inhibits development of acetylcholine in a nervous system of the person that leads to relaxation of skeletal muscles, decrease in the ABP.

Magnesium citrate normalizes a dream, possesses sedative action. It is caused by ability of substance to activate processes of production of melatonin, glycine and the other neuropeptids exerting impact on emotional reaction.

Medicine favorably influences a nervous system in general. In the conditions of a stress, the raised mental and exercise stresses magnesium begins to be removed from an organism actively, to be developed cortisol and adrenaline (Mg is also necessary for their development). It is known that even the short-term stress is capable to bring standard daily rate (400 mg) of this microelement out of an organism. Substance can be used for prevention of migraine and a depression.

Means possesses ability to improve production of insulin and process of digestion of sugar. This property apply 2 types at prevention of a diabetes mellitus. Substance exerts beneficial effect on an organism in general at PMS, a uterus hyper tone.

In intestines substance is badly soaked up through walls and creates the high osmotic pressure therefore in it water begins to collect. Thus, Magnesium citrate has laxative effect, strengthens an intestines peristaltics, liquefies fecal masses, increases their volume and stimulates full evacuation. Also chemical compound has moderate cholagogue and diuretic effect, prevents emergence of a hungover syndrome, takes part in synthesis of DNA, RNA and collagen.

At drug high absorbing capacity. The field of penetration into a gastrointestinal tract means is quickly acquired and distributed practically on all fabrics and bodies of an organism. Medicine with urine through kidneys (about a third of the accepted dose) is removed.

Indications to use

Drugs of Magnesium citrate are appointed at deficit of Mg2 + in an organism:


Patients cannot appoint medicine with a gipermagniyemiya or hypersensitivity to active ingredient or other drugs of magnesium.

Side effects

This substance is well transferred, usually does not cause any side effects. Sometimes at long use of high doses diarrhea is possible. It means that it is necessary to correct a drug dosage.

Magnesium Citrate, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The mode of dosing depends on a disease and a condition of the patient.

Usually appoint 0,3-0,45 grams of substance a day. Before reception drug is dissolved most often in water. Duration of treatment is defined individually.


As a result of overdose of means diarrhea can develop. Treatment: symptomatic.


At the Magnesium citrate combination to cyclosporine or Cisplatinum accelerates process of removal of Mg2 + from an organism.

The concomitant use of drugs of magnesium and tetracycline is not recommended, drugs exert mutual impact on farm. each other parameters. It is necessary to observe 3 hour interval between reception of Magnesium of Citrate and tetracycline.

Terms of sale

The recipe is not required.

Special instructions

During treatment it is necessary to consider that the raised exercise and mental stresses, reception of purgatives or alcohol, increase need of an organism for magnesium. The recommended daily dosage makes 0,3 grams.

Before therapy it is better to consult with the attending physician. Special care needs to be observed: at a renal failure, to patients on a diet, at painful feelings in a stomach, nausea and vomiting during treatment.

Patients with gastritis or cankers of a stomach have to take medicine after food.

To children

Drug is widely used in pediatric practice. Substance has no age limits.

With alcohol

Reception of Magnesium citrate allows to warn and eliminate a hungover syndrome.

At pregnancy and a lactation

Substance can be used during pregnancy and feeding by a breast after consultation with the doctor.

Section: Active ingredients
PAY ATTENTION! Information on active ingredients on the website is help generalizing, collected from public sources and can form the basis for making decision on use of these substances it is not aware of treatment. Before Magnesium substance use citrate surely consult with the attending physician.