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  • Latin name: Malavit
  • Active ingredient: Hygienic means of "Malavit" (Malavit)
  • Producer: LLC firma “malavit, Russia


Hygienic solution of Malavit contains more than one hundred various components, each of which represents an environmentally friendly natural product. The mineral and organic composition of drug includes:

  • the purified ionized water (infomatriyets);
  • copper the carbonic main;
  • copper sulfate;
  • stone oil;
  • glycerin (Glycerol);
  • food lactic acid (Acidum lacticum);
  • gum (Gummi);
  • pitch of a cedar of the Siberian Pinus sibirica;
  • pine kidneys (Gemmae Pini silvestris);
  • birch kidneys (Betulae gemma);
  • bark of an oak (Cortex Quercus);
  • mummy (Altai Depuratus mumijo);
  • to chag (birch mushroom of the sort Inonotus obliquus);
  • extracts of medicinal plants (inula of high Inula helenium, dandelion of medicinal Taraxacum officinale, calendula of medicinal Calendula officinalis, yarrow of ordinary Achillea millefolium, peppermint of Mentha piperita, thyme of Thymus, coltsfoot of Tussilago, camomile of pharmaceutical Matricaria chamomilla, acorus of marsh Acorus calamus, sage of medicinal Salvia officinalis, immortelle of sandy Helichrysum arenarium, purple cone-flower of Echinacea, plantain of Plantago, Chelidónium celandine);
  • information gomeokokteyl.

Drug does not contain ethanol, dyes and preservatives.

Basic component natural antiseptic and antiinflammatory cream-gel of Malavit from a series of hygienic products "Prevention and health" is drug of Malavit. Excipients: neutral gel (Neutral gel), glycerin (Glycerol), menthol (Menthol), essential oil from grape seeds (Grape seed oil), the distilled water.

Hygienic means of Malavit is an operating basis of all products which are turned out by the Malavit company. As active components dietary supplements, means on care of an oral cavity, treatment-and-prophylactic cosmetics for intimate hygiene, means on face care, hair and a body as auxiliary components contain extracts of curative plants, organic acids and natural essential oils.

So, for example, structure anti-cellulite cream-gel of Malavit hygienic means of Malavit, extract of seeds of a horse-chestnut (Extractum seminum Aesculi hippocastani), extract of an ivy (Extractum Hederae), extract of a horsetail of field (Extractum Equiseti arvensis siccum), extract of a fucus (Fucus vesiculosus extractum), extract of a laminaria (Laminariae extractum), extract of coffee (Coffee extractum), natural essential oils of orange (Citrus) and lemon (Citrus limon), essential oil of a petitgreyn (Citrus aurantium), menthol (Menthol) enter.

Release form

Drug of Malavit represents a concentrate for external use. Solution is issued bottles of dark glass with a dropper. The volume of one bottle — 30 or 50 ml.

Cream-gel of Malavit is issued in the plastic tubas with a capacity of 75 ml packed into a box.

In addition to solution and ointment the company of Malavit lets out:

  • nasal spray for hygiene and prevention of upper respiratory tracts (in particular, in the fall and in the winter when microbic and virus load of an organism increases);
  • treatment-and-prophylactic salt hot-water bottles of various forms and sizes;
  • Dietary supplements of Malavit (Gamboge, Artro, Mento, It, It, Venum, VIP New elixir);
  • toothpastes and conditioner for an oral cavity;
  • intimate cosmetics (gel-lubricant and soap-gel for intimate hygiene);
  • medical cosmetics for face care (Food and Moistening cream-face gel, a srub, plasticizing, clearing and moisturizing alginate lifting mask);
  • medical cosmetics for leaving behind a body (shower gel, gel srub for a shower, cream for a bust, the nutritious, moisturizing and tonic body cream-gel, joint cream, cream for removal of fatigue of legs, the anti-cellulite cream-gel which is carefully clearing and bleaching skin a flickering polish-body scrub, bath salts with natural plant extracts, hand creams, a toilet soap);
  • a cosmetics series for children which includes toothpaste, cream for prevention of the irritations and erubescence arising when using diapers, the hypoallergenic shampoo intended for use from the first days of life;
  • medical cosmetics for care of hair (shampoos and balm conditioners for various types of hair);
  • a series of medical cosmetics for men (the cream moisturizing, toning and deodorizing skin after shaving, shampoo 2 in 1 for the normal hair and hair inclined to fat content).

The basis of all these means is made by liquid naturopathic drug of Malavit.

Pharmacological action

The vegetable and mineral components which are contained in an elixir allow:

  • to remove an inflammationhypostasis, pain and an itch;
  • to accelerate processes of healing of wounds (including burns and frostbites) and a rassasyvaniye of hematomas;
  • to accelerate an angenesis and to recover their functional activity;
  • to increase local immunity;
  • to normalize the course of exchange processes;
  • to normalize function of sweat and sebaceous glands.

Also solution has antifungal, antiviral and tonic effect.

Cream-gel is characterized by ability to render effect:

  • antihistaminic;
  • local and reflex;
  • antiinflammatory;
  • antifungal;
  • antiviral;
  • deodorizing;
  • softening;
  • moistening.

Pharmacological action anti-cellulite cream-gel is directed on:

  • improvement of blood circulation in deep layers of skin;
  • intensive drainage and removal of excesses of liquid from problem zones;
  • disposal of congestive processes hypodermic fatty layer;
  • prevention of emergence of new fatty deposits;
  • reduction of a vascular reticulum (asterisks) and striya (extensions) (the effect is noted already two weeks of use of means later);
  • reduction of visible displays of cellulitis (the effect is noted three-four weeks of use of means later);
  • takes off fatigue, feeling of weight and puffiness of legs after long standing.

Cream for joints of Malavit has the warming effect, promotes removal of fatigue and reduces expressiveness of a pain syndrome.

Cream for fatigue of legs promotes fast removal of fatigue and weight in legs, feeds, humidifies. tones up and refreshes skin of legs.

Cream for a bust of Malavit well influences a condition of skin of a breast of area of a decollete, humidifying, feeding and strengthening it. Means also interferes with a senilism of skin, protects it from emergence of extensions and creates effect of lifting.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

As it is specified on the official site of the manufacturing company, multifunctionality and Malavit's efficiency are caused by activity of the components which are his part, and also the unique "Malavit-tekhnologiyey" allowing to structure and activate material of initial natural raw materials.

Thus useful properties of water, mineral salts, extracts of medicinal plants, gum (resinous releases of bark of plants), organic acids, natural essential oils and other ingredients reveal most fully, and it in turn allows to create steady information and rich cluster structures.

The similar effect is reached by means of transfer special TM-Generatorami information of biological activity of precious metals (iridium, platinum, gold and silver) and the semi-precious stones and minerals possessing curative properties (including malachite, amethyst, nephrite, a cornelian, silicon, a jasper, pearls, diamond, sapphire, rock crystal, a ruby, obsidian, pearls, turquoise) on a water-salt basis of means of Malavit.

Malavit-tekhnologiya thanks to which it is created so-called information "гомеококтейль" repeatedly increases the level of activity and quality of initial natural raw materials therefore products created with its use possess ability to have complete effect on an organism even at external use.

Malavit: what is it?

Medicine of Malavit is characterized by the properties expressed antiinflammatory, antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral, has the rejuvenating and deodorizing effect. And at separate pathologies for achievement of more expressed and steady clinical effect solution supplement with appointment cream-gel.

Thanks to the antibacterial properties concerning almost all types of mephitic and aerobic gangrenes, and also thanks to the ability to have the disinfecting effect, Malavit is widely used in complex treatment of sharply proceeding pyoinflammatory processes.

Also drug effectively eliminates symptoms of the diseases caused by a viral infection. At the same time the fact that use of means does not provoke development in resistance microorganisms to it is very important.

Bactericidal, antiinflammatory, antiviral and antifungal properties of Malavit allow to apply him to treatment of the various skin diseases caused by injuries, stings of insects and animals, burns, frostbites, fungi and viruses actively.

Ability to block development of inflammatory process, to reduce intensity of pain, to remove hypostases and to accelerate processes of a rassasyvaniye of hematomas does solution and cream by irreplaceable supportive applications in complex treatment of diseases of a musculoskeletal system as a result of which muscles and joints, and also in treatment of fresh injuries of various nature of an origin and their effects are surprised.

Thanks to the antiinflammatory properties Malavit is actively used for treatment of LOR-diseases: antritis, otitises, tonsillitis in an acute and chronic form, sinusitis etc.

The knitting, antiinflammatory and anesthetizing properties of the components which are Malavit's part do reasonable purpose of drug at different stomatologic diseases.

So, means is successfully applied by dentists to treatment of periodontosis, stomatitises, and also to removal of a dentagra. For fixing of effect solution is recommended to be supplemented with use of products of Malavit for care of an oral cavity.

In combination with other therapeutic actions drug is quite often appointed to the patients suffering from genital herpes, a vulvovaginitis, a colpitis, an erosion of a neck of uterus, a vestibulit, vaginal candidiasis, a bacterial vaginosis etc.

Broad use of solution and cream-gel in gynecology is caused by Malavit's ability to quickly remove symptoms of an inflammation and to exert beneficial effect on microflora of a vagina. Besides, use of drug in combination with other medicines not only supplements, but also strengthens action of the last.

As a part of complex therapy of Malavit it is recommended also at a number of urological diseases, including including uretrita, prostatitis and cystitis.

So the broad spectrum of activity is defined by quality of active ingredients.

So, the ions of copper and silver which are contained in drug render the knitting, cauterizing, antimicrobic, local wound healing, antiviral, antiedematous and antiinflammatory action.

Food lactic acid which is powerful part of information matrix promotes acceleration of regeneration, recovery and updating of skin. Besides, lactic acid softly clears skin, reduces expressiveness of scars from spots and cellulitis.

Gum provides protection of skin and mucous membranes, creating thereby conditions for reduction of intensity of pain on the damaged sites, accelerating their healing and removing puffiness of fabrics.

The pitch of the Siberian cedar possessing high biological activity has bactericidal, disinfecting and wound healing effect (thanks to this improbable ability to accelerate healing of wounds, in the people she received the second name — gallipot).

Birch kidneys which contain essential oils, phytoncides, tannins, saponins, organic acids (including ascorbic) flavonoids and practically all known vitamins, possess ability to remove symptoms of an edematous syndrome, to render antimicrobic, vermifuge, expectorant and wound healing action.

Thanks to the chemical composition pine kidneys are effective disinfecting and an expectorant. Also they remove inflammation symptoms in an oral cavity and an intimate zone, have the calming effect on a nervous system and improve composition of blood.

Bark of an oak represents a reliable tool for treatment of a wide range of dermatological and gynecologic diseases, elimination of the problems connected with defeat mucous in roto-and a nasopharynx, elimination of excessive sweating of legs and signs of a fungal infection.

Also bark of an oak allows to accelerate healing of wounds and burns, to remove an inflammation of integuments, to recover beauty and force of hair, to relieve of seborrhea.

It is caused by existence in it of a large amount of tannins which, entering interaction with proteins, prevent irritation of fabrics and effectively fight against pathogenic microflora. Useful properties of bark of an oak are defined also by activity of the flavonoids which are its part, pectins and starch.

The mummy and stone oil are unique natural products which are characterized by high biological activity.

Efficiency of treatment-and-prophylactic use of a mummy is caused by the natural antibiotics and anticoagulants, and also a difficult organomineral complex which are contained in it in which there are more than 80 various components.

Thanks to such rich biochemical structure of a mummy it is used as immunomodulatory, wound healing, regenerative, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, spasmolytic, soothing, diuretic and cholagogue drug.

Being a natural adaptogen, the mummy also promotes increase of level of resistance of an organism to negative impact of various aggressive factors (for example, to unfavorable climatic conditions, influence of contagiums, toxins, carcinogenic substances, radiation, sharp temperature fluctuations, etc.).

Stone oil represents the natural alum which is formed in the course of secondary lixiviation of certain rocks and containing in the structure about fifty necessary for a human body micro — and macrocells.

This mineral substance is characterized by ability to influence well all sore points of the person, accelerating their healing. In particular, it is long since used in obstetric and gynecologic practice, for treatment of inflammatory diseases, diseases of a digestive tract, a diabetes mellitus, tumors etc.

Stone oil effectively removes symptoms of a pain syndrome, accelerates healing of bones and soft tissues after changes, improves a condition of skin, vessels and mucous, prevents development of heart troubles; supports normal indicators of coagulability of blood, acid-base equilibrium and arterial pressure; speeds up work of enzymes, protects an organism from moisture loss, normalizes the course of exchange processes and function of a thyroid gland, promotes recovery of cells and cellular structures, normalizes transfer of nervous impulses etc.

The complex of the plant extracts which are contained in Malavita allows to normalize function of various fabrics, bodies and systems of bodies, accelerates regenerative processes, removes an inflammation, rejuvenates, tones up, increases immunity, removes an inflammation, hypostasis and pain.

The cream-gel of Malavit which is a part neutral gel provides deep penetration of biologically active agents of means into skin and mucous. And exactly thanks to properties of neutral gel these substances have the prolonged therapeutic effect, promoting more intensive regeneration of the pathogenic factors of fabrics struck as a result of influence.

The oils of grape seeds and glycerin which are contained in cream effectively humidify and soften integuments, carefully looking after them.

Indications to use

Indications to Malavit's use are:

  • fresh injuries and effects of injuries (including sports);
  • musculoskeletal system diseases, including the striking joints and soft tissues, acute inflammatory processes;
  • neuralgia, neuritis;
  • head and muscular pain;
  • dermatological diseases (herpes, warts, eczema, furuncles, acne, anthrax, fungal infections, etc.);
  • defeats of an integument of various genesis (decubituses, burns, wounds, frostbites, stings of animals and insects, etc.);
  • LOR-diseases and diseases of upper respiratory tracts;
  • stomatologic diseases;
  • gynecologic diseases (drug is used also for sanitation of a vagina before childbirth, procedure of artificial abortion, and also before introduction of intrauterine contraceptives);
  • urological diseases.

Also drug is used for hygiene of face skin and a body, a toilet of external genitals, skin and mucous covers of an intimate zone.


The only contraindication to Malavit's use is the intolerance any of the components which are his part.

Side effects

In extremely exceptional cases treatment by Malavit was followed by development in patients of allergic reactions.

Application instruction of Malavit

Solution and cream-gel of Malavit are intended for external use. Before drawing the bottle with means is recommended to be stirred up slightly (insignificant opacification of solution and emergence in it a small amount of a deposit is allowed).

Drops of Malavit: application instruction

Solution should be applied on skin by means of a wadded sponzh in the place of a projection of inflammatory process. For strengthening of therapeutic effect the processed site is covered from above with a polyethylene film and bandage.

Time of use of application makes of twenty minutes till three o'clock. To achieve more expressed effect at subacute processes before making a compress the sore point is recommended to be warmed up previously by means of the local warming procedure (massage, a hot-water bottle, grinding).

To destination the attending physician solution is applied in pure or in a divorced look:

  • If integrity of an integument is not broken, Malavit put without cultivation. Gauze napkins moisten in solution, put to an affected area, cover with cellophane and leave at several o'clock.
  • And on a surface of mucous membranes of Malavit it is necessary to apply on the injured skin in a divorced look. The proportion for cultivation can be different: from 1:20 to 1:5 that corresponds to 10-40 ml of solution on a glass of water (200 ml). In such look solution keeps the pharmacological activity not less than 24 hours.

Compresses with solution of Malavit quite often supplement with use antiseptic cream-gel from the same basic series of products "Prevention and health". Ointment is allowed to be applied as directly, and on a gauze cut or a cotton plug.

Duration of a course of treatment and optimum therapeutic dose are defined by the attending physician proceeding from disease severity, efficiency of therapy and the general condition of the patient.

For treatment of LOR-diseases usually appoint from 5 to 10 drops of Malavit to 100 ml of water. The received solution is used for washing of the nasal courses, as nasal drops, and also for rinsing of a throat. Frequency rate of procedures — from 3 to 5 within a day.

To the children who did not reach 5-tiletny age, Malavit part in 0,5 glasses of water (100 ml), dosing means at the rate of 1 drop for every year of life of the child.

Patients with the diagnosis catarral otitis drug should part 5 drops of means in 5 ml (teaspoon) of water. The received solution is warmed up to the body temperature of the patient, then moisten in it a wadded turunda, slightly become obsolete and entered into acoustical pass. Frequency rate of procedures — from 4 to 6 within a day.

Malavit it is effective as well at initial stages of development of such diseases as ORZ, a SARS or flu. Treatment assumes grinding of a back and breast of the patient with an elixir in pure form and a mortgaging in a cream nose (frequency rate of procedures — from 5 to 6 times a day).

Also it is recommended to use Malavit for rinsing of a throat. For this purpose 12-15 drops of means part in 100 ml of water.

In obstetric and gynecologic practice hygienic means of Malavit is appointed at the milkwoman, genital herpes, an endocervicitis, and also at some other diseases of a female genital.

Solution contributes to normalization of microflora of a vagina that does reasonable its use in complex treatment of one of the most widespread female diseases — a bacterial vaginosis (or, in other words, vagina dysbacteriosis). The positive therapeutic effect is noted in 95 cases from 100.

Routes of administration in gynecology:

  • Toilet of external genitals (Malavit part in a proportion two teaspoons on a glass of water).
  • Fonoforez of a vagina with Malavit (means is parted in water in a proportion 1:10).
  • Syringing with solution (for this purpose 2 teaspoons of drug should be parted with a glass of water).
  • Treatment by tampons with medicine (2 teaspoons of Malavit part in a glass of water, then plentifully moisten a friable gauze tampon in the received solution and enter it into a back vault of the vagina for three-five hours).

The course of the treatment described above makes 10 procedures. If Malavit's use is supplemented fonoforezy, as a rule, by enough 5-6 procedures.

Drug can be used also as a prophylactic in days of a menstrual cycle. For this purpose the hygienic tampon is moistened with several drops of solution and entered into a vagina.

All procedures can be conducted by the woman independently in house conditions.

In urological practice treatment of cystitis, uretrit, prostatitis and other diseases is carried out only under control of the doctor. Malavit it is used as addition to the main therapy. Treatment by it assumes instillation of the solution divorced at 5-20 times in an urethra. Duration of exposure makes of half an hour to an hour. Frequency rate of procedures — 1 or 2 during the day. The course of treatment usually makes from 10 to 15 days.

For treatment of stomatologic diseases rinsings of an oral cavity solution for which preparation 7-10 drops of means of Malavit part in a glass of water are appointed.

Also use of applications with use of tampons (turundas) moistened in solution of Malavit divorced in glycerin is allowed. Malavit and glycerin should be taken in proportions 1:1 or 1:2.

Efficiency of treatment significantly increases if to supplement it with use of means of Malavit for care of an oral cavity.

At the increased perspiration of feet and palms, prepare trays with sea salt (about 40-50 g of salt on 5 liters of water) and 10 ml of solution of Malavit. Excessively sweating axillary hollows periodically process the tampon which is plentifully moistened in not divorced solution.

For treatment of stings of insects and snakes not divorced drug is applied on the gauze cut put in several layers then the gauze is put to the place of a sting for 7-10 minutes. Frequency rate of procedures — 3-4 during the day.

Such application made directly after a sting of an entsefalitny tick, a poisonous spider or a snake gives to the person giving first aid to the victim, necessary time for training of the patient for carrying out the subsequent necessary injection of gamma-globulin.

For treatment of fungus diseases of feet between toes put the turundas moistened in solution of Malavit. Treatment is supplemented with hot foot trays (optimum temperature — about 50 degrees) with addition divorced in water in a proportion 1:10 Malavita.

Itch and entsefalitny mite perish in 7-10 minutes after single application with use of drug in not divorced look.

At the emergence of acne rash, pustules, furuncles, and also for treatment proceeding in a chronic form of a dermatosis, affected areas of skin process from three to five times a day not divorced solution of Malavit.

At sprain the compress with Malavit is recommended to be made as soon as possible, passing cold procedures. For this purpose on the damaged place impose the gauze which is plentifully moistened in solution, cover application with a polyethylene film and fix an elastic roller.

Duration of one procedure — 2-3 hours. Frequency rate of procedures — 2-3 in days.

At changes for the first three-five days after an injury of Malavit it is recommended to enter under a splint or gypsum. The dose of drug makes 10-20 ml, frequency rate of procedures — 1-2 during the day. After gypsum will be removed, treatment is continued according to the same scheme, as at sprain.

At neuritis, neuralgia (including epileptiform neuralgias), head and muscular pain drug in not divorced look is rubbed to the place of localization of pain.

Hydrotherapeutic procedures using liquid Malavit exert positive impact on a condition of an integument of the head and hair. At the same time effects of negative impact on them the chlorinated water completely are eliminated.

Qualitatively to improve health and outward of hair and skin means is added to a bathtub at the rate of 10 drops on 200 l of water. The bigger effect can achieve, supplementing bathing procedures with use of shampoos and shower gels of Malavit.

Gel of Malavit: application instruction

Gel of Malavit is used as independent means, and in combination with drug in the form of solution.

As drug contributes to normalization of function grease and sweat glands, and also interferes with distribution of inflammatory process, it is quite often used by cosmetologists as an effective remedy from spots. Thanks to the easy texture and a pleasant smell cream can be also applied in house cosmetology to daily personal hygiene and care of problem skin.

The oil of grape seeds which is contained in it protects skin of all types from dryness and interferes with its senilism.

Dermatologists quite often appoint cream-gel for treatment of the mycoses, condylomas, warts, furuncles, an anthrax and other fungal and pyoinflammatory infections of an integument located in it glands and hair follicles.

Applications with cream of Malavit are recommended to be done several times a day to a total disappearance of symptoms of a disease. So, for treatment of herpetic rashes ointment is applied on affected areas of skin of a body and lips by three or four times a day (it is undesirable to wash away means).

In complex treatment of LOR-diseases (in particular, antritis) cream-gel is used, applying 7-8 times a day on a projection of a sinus of Highmore. Therapy is supplemented with washing of the nasal courses and rinsings of a throat using solution of Malavit (for this purpose 20 drops of means part with a glass of water). Washings and rinsings 2-4 times a day are recommended to carry out.

At initial stages of development of acute respiratory diseases and flu gel is put by 5-6 times a day in the nasal courses, supplementing treatment with rinsings of a throat the liquid means, and also grindings of a back and breast of the patient with Malavit divorced at the rate of 12-15 drops on a glass of water in not divorced look.

At the milkwoman and other gynecologic diseases cream-gel is applied on a friable gauze tampon and entered into a back vault of the vagina for three-five hours. Treatment by drug in the form of cream is allowed only after carrying out procedure of sanitation of a vagina.

For treatment of fresh injuries, their effects, neurologic diseases, and also musculoskeletal system diseases cream of Malavit is used according to the following scheme:

  • in the presence of hematomas on a body (and at absence of damage of integrity of an integument) means is applied on an affected area by two or three times a day;
  • at diseases of a musculoskeletal system and an inflammation of soft tissues owing to various injuries for removal of pain and reduction of puffiness of fabrics cream is applied with the easy massing movements on the damaged site several times a day;
  • at nose injuries to kill pain and to reduce expressiveness of hypostasis cream is recommended to be applied (without rubbing) on the damaged site twice a day;
  • for treatment of neuralgia, neuritis, headaches and a mialgichesky syndrome drug is recommended to be rubbed several times a day in the place of localization of pain (means is used in combination with other therapeutic actions).

Anti-cellulite cream of Malavit is applied with the massing movements one - twice a day on problem zones: hips, stomach, buttocks. It is the best of all to use means right after a hot shower. For removal of fatigue of legs cream is applied in shins with the easy movements on the direction from below up.

Joint cream is rubbed in problem body parts by 1-2 times a day for three-four weeks (it is allowed to use means only on the unimpaired sites of skin). If necessary in one or two weeks the course of treatment is repeated.

Tired leg cream is applied with the easy massage movements on area of shins and hips of times or two in day.

Cream for a bust is applied with the gentle massing movements of times - two in day on area of a breast and a decollete (towards a neck).


There are no data on overdose by drug of Malavit today. Drug is not intended for intake. If it for any reason occurred, for first-aid treatment to the victim it is recommended to make a gastric lavage and to give absorbent carbon. The further scheme of treatment is defined by the attending physician.


Simultaneous drawing Malavit in a combination with other local means on one site of skin or mucous is not recommended.

In need of such combination between use of drugs it is necessary to sustain a sufficient interval.

Terms of sale

Drug is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

Solution of Malavit store in the place protected from light at a temperature from 5 to 25 º S. Berech from children.

Cream-gel of Malavit store at a temperature from 5 to 25 º S. Berech from children.

Period of validity

Solution of Malavit is considered suitable for the use during 2 flyings from the date of production.

Cream-gel keeps the pharmacological properties within 18 months from the date of production.

Malavit at pregnancy

Pregnancy is not contraindication to purpose of drug.

Researches showed that Malavit has no embriotoksichesky and teratogenic effect. Therefore means is authorized to use at pregnancy on any its terms.

The negative impact on a fruit is excluded both at outside, and at intimate use. It is more than that, Malavit is allowed to be used as daily means of hygiene, applying it on 2-5 drops on laying.

About Malavita

About Malavita at forums — positive. Many people who tried to be treated by this means note its high performance in fight against fungus and gynecologic diseases.

Means well proved as an antiseptic agent. Liquid Malavit promotes faster healing of wounds after an exodontia, removes an inflammation of gums, well helps from spots, mosquito stings, at cuts, decubituses and grazes.

In gynecology of Malavit it is considered nearly panacea from such frequent and unpleasant disease as vaginal candidiasis (milkwoman).

Also drug allows to get rid of warts, condylomas and pustulous diseases of skin quickly.

Responses on cream-gel of Malavit testify to efficiency of this cure for stretchings, bruises, sports injuries and neuralgia. Many teenagers exactly thanks to this means managed to solve problems with acne rash.

Both solution and cream are described as the inexpensive and economically spent means. One more their plus — completely natural structure. The unpleasant smell of liquid means of Malavit is most often mentioned as minuses, some also doubt safety of use of drug because of the copper which is contained in it.

Nevertheless, numerous clinical trials confirm a high profile of safety, positive properties of drug and lack of side effects at its use.

In order to avoid development of negative reactions of Malavit, as well as any other medicine, it is necessary to use accurately according to the instruction.

It is also possible to find many positive responses on other products of the Malavit company in the Internet. In particular, on shampoo, toothpastes and children's medical cosmetics.


  • Malavit means hygienic 50 ml fl. Malavit Ltd company
  • Malavit means hygienic 30 ml fl. Malavit Ltd company
  • Nutritious moistening for a litsaalkor of Ltd company Malavit ml cream-gel 50
  • Malavit cream-gel 75mlalkor of Ltd company
  • Children's 75mlalkor Ltd company Malavit cream

Drugstore of IFC

  • Malavit fl 50 ml, Malavit of joint stock company (Altai) Russia
  • Malavit cream for joints of 100 ml, Alkor Ooorossiya
  • Malavit fl 30 ml, Malavit of joint stock company (Altai) Russia
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  • Gigiyenich. means to Malavitdva LINIYA of LLC PFK (Kiev)
  • Lotion of Malavit 50mlmalavit (Russia)


  • Cream for sustavovalkor Ltd company (Russia) Malavit 100 ml
  • Solution naruzhn Malavit 30 ml.
  • Solution naruzhn Malavit 50 ml.
  • Malavitdent paste zubnayamalavit 70 g (Russia)
  • Cream for grudialkor Ltd company (Russia) Malavit 100 ml
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