Manchurian Aralia Tincture

Маньчжурской Аралии Настойка Drug photo

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  • Latin name: Tinctura Araliae
  • ATH code: A13A
  • Active ingredient: Aralias Manchurian roots
  • Producer: JSC Dalkhimfarm (Russia), JSC Vladivostok Pharmaceutical Factory (Russia)


1000 ml of tincture include 200 grams of roots of the Manchurian Aralia and 70% alcohol.

Release form

Drug of the Manchurian Aralia is issued in the form of tincture in bottles or bottles droppers, on 25 or 50 ml.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Tinctura Araliae Manchurian (An aralia high), mistakenly called the Aralia Manchzhurskaya, is medicine of a plant origin which takes active part in stimulation of TsNS (exceeding ginseng tincture on the action) and shows hypertensive, all-tonic and hypoglycemic efficiency.

Improves a dream, appetite, reduces fatigue, well influences a nervous system, and also strengthens processes of oxidation-reduction character and adrenal glucocorticosteroid function in fabrics. Increases leukocytic phagocytal activity and the general resilience of a human body.

Indications to use of the Aralia Manchurian


With care:

Side effects

Tinctura Araliae, application instruction

Tincture of drug is shown for reception orally (inside), preferably after meal.

The dosage for patients is more senior than 12 years makes 30–40 drops, with reception twice a day (in the morning and in the afternoon).

As a rule, duration of therapy takes from 15 to 30 days. The repeated course of treatment according to the recommendation of the doctor is possible.


At overdose strengthening of side effects, with severity depending on a dose is possible:

The symptomatic treatment is shown.


Observed potentiation of effects of analeptics and stimulators (Caffeine, Phenaminum, Camphor and so forth).

Medicine is an antagonist of the drugs showing somnolent action and/or the oppressing TsNS (including tranquilizers, barbiturates, ave. anticonvulsants).

Terms of sale

Tinctura Araliae can be got without presentation of the recipe.

Storage conditions

Tincture keeps all the pharmacological qualities at 8–15 °C.

Period of validity

36 months.

Special instructions

Use of the Aralia manchzhursky is not recommended in the evening, because of a possible sleep disorder.

Seasonality of efficiency of medicine is observed (use and is most efficient in the winter in the fall).

During therapy it is necessary with special attention treats driving of transport and exact or dangerous work.

Landing of the Aralia Manchurian and care of it.

Despite the small cost, Tinctura Araliae it is not so simple to find in drugstores and therefore some people grow up this plant, and afterwards do tincture, independently.

Фото Маньчжурской Аралии

Photo of the Aralia Manchurian

The aralia Manchurian represents a treelike perennial plant with large leaves and thorns on the trunk course. Blossoms in the flying, fructifies in the fall, breeds shanks, seeds or poroslevy escapes. Perfectly feels in a midland and it is rather frost-resistant for more northern regions.

The plant is photophilous and prefers well trained and fertile (use of fertilizers) the soil, is afraid of parasites. The greatest curative properties the root system of a plant which is very brittle and therefore requiring special attention and careful attitude possesses.

Except the medical purpose the plant is used also in the decorative purposes, for example for forming of "hedge" or just as decoration of a garden (country) site.


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