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  • Latin name: Maninil
  • ATH code: A10BB01
  • Active ingredient: Glibenclamidum
  • Producer: Berlin-Chemie AG/Menarini Group (Germany)


The main, actively active ingredient is Glibenclamidum. 1 tablet contains 1,75, 3,5 or 5 mg of this element.

The drugs Maninil 1,75 and Maninil 3,5 also contain the following additional components: methylhydroxyethylcellulose, monohydrate of lactose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, starch, dye red.

The medicine Maninil 5 contains the following additional components: talc, monohydrate of lactose, gelatin, magnesium stearate, starch, dye red.

Release form

Is issued in the tableted form.

Pharmacological action

Maninil — hypoglycemic drug, belongs to group of derivatives of a sulfonilmochevina of the second generation. Possesses ekstrapankreatichesky and pancreatic action mechanisms.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Glibenclamidum stimulates production of insulin and increases insulinovydelitelny effect of glucose.

Under the influence of drug sensitivity of cells of a pancreas to insulinotropny glyukozozavisimy polypeptide increases.

The Ekstrapankreatichesky effect is reached thanks to increase of sensitivity of receptors to insulin.

Maninil in therapeutic doses reduces risk of development of such complications as a nephropathy, a retinopathy, a cardiopathy, reduces mortality from a diabetes mellitus.

Drug possesses antiarrhytmic and cardioprotective action that allows to appoint it to diabetics from the accompanying ischemic heart disease.

Glibenclamidum reduces aggregation of thrombocytes, prevents vascular complications of SD.

Drug works more than 12 hours. In the micronized form Glibenclamidum is absorbed from a gastrointestinal tract quicker that allows drug to work more physiologically and softly.

Indications to use

Maninil is appointed at inefficiency of a dietotherapy at SD of the 2nd type. It is applied in a combination therapy with insulin at day control of level of glucose.


SD of the first type, diabetic prekoma, coma, ketoacidosis, giperosmolyarny coma, extensive burns, injuries, leukopenia, infectious diseases, pregnancy, mikroangiopatiya, liver, renal failure, intestinal impassability.

With care appoint at adrenal insufficiency, alcoholism, a feverish syndrome, diseases of a thyroid gland.

Side effects

At an inadequate diet, disturbances of the mode of dosing Maninil can lead to a hypoglycemia.

Also fever, increase in body weight, an allergy, an arthralgia, dispepsichesky frustration, a proteinuria, neurologic frustration, a cholestasia, disturbances of work of a liver, hemopoiesis disturbance, a late skin porphyria, a polyuria, a photosensitization, disturbance of flavoring perception, headaches, fast fatigue is noted.

Tablets Maninil, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The dose of the drug Maninil is selected individually, considering weight of a course of a disease, age of the patient, sugar level in blood. The daily dose averages 2,5-15 mg. Glibenclamidum is accepted since morning and in the evening for half an hour to food, at the same time it is not necessary to chew tablets.

According to the application instruction, Maninil 5 can be accepted the maximum dosage in 3-4 tablets a day.


The increased sweating, feeling of hunger, disturbance of the speech, consciousness, sight, tremor, cardiopalmus, irritability, sleeplessness, depression, wet brain and other signs of a hypoglycemia, lump.

Treatment: to accept sugar inside. If the unconscious patient then to enter a dextrose intravenously bolyusno, a glucagon, diazoxide. Each 15 min. to carry out control of level of glucose to blood. For the prevention of a repeated hypoglycemia it is necessary to give to the patient food, carbohydrate-rich (digestible). At wet brain appoint dexamethasone, a mannitol.


Antifungal HP, APF, NPVS inhibitors, fibrata, antitubercular HP, anticoagulants of a coumarinic row, salicylates, beta adrenoblockers, anabolic steroids, MAO inhibitors, guanyl guanidines, fenfluramin, tetracycline, chloramphenicol, pentoksifillin, cyclophosphamides, akarboza, a pyridoxine, Disopyramidum, Bromocriptinum, Reserpinum, Allopyrinolum, insulin strengthen effect of Maninil.

Adrenostimulyatora, barbiturates, antiepileptic HP, inhibitors of a karboangidraza, BMKK, Chlortalidonum, thiazide diuretics, furosemide, Baclofenum, a glucagon, terbutalin, asparaginase, danazol, an isoniazid, Ritodrinum, morphine, salbutamol, diazoxide, danazol, Ritodrinum, a glucagon, hormones of a thyroid gland, rifampicin, Chlorpromazinum, niacin, salts of lithium, an ekstrogena, oral contraceptives weaken effective effect of Maninil.

High doses of ascorbic acid, ammonium chloride raise a drug reabsorption, strengthening action of Glibenclamidum.

At a concomitant use with the drugs oppressing a marrowy hemopoiesis increase of risk of a miyelosupressiya is noted.

Terms of sale

The recipe is required.

Storage conditions

In the place, unavailable to children, at a temperature no more than 25 degrees Celsius

Period of validity

No more than three years.

Special instructions

Regular control of level of sugar in blood is necessary, to watch a daily curve of concentration of glucose.

At a concomitant use of ethanol the expressed hypoglycemic effect, a headache, dispepsichesky frustration can be noted.

During treatment long stay under the sun is not recommended.

At change of a diet, an emotional and physical overstrain Maninil dose adjustment is required.

Reduces the speed of reactions when driving motor transport.

MNN: Glibenclamidum.

Analogs of Maninil

Analogs it is possible to call tablets Glibamid, Glibenclamidum.


  • Maninil 5 of mg No. 120 of a tabletkiberlin-Hema of AG
  • Maninil 1,75mg No. 120 of a tabletkiberlin-Hema of AG
  • Maninil 3,5mg No. 120 of a tabletkiberlin-Hema of AG

Drugstore of IFC

  • Maninil tbl 3.5mg No. 120, Berlin-Chemie/Menarini Groupgermaniya
  • Maninil tbl 1.75mg No. 120, Berlin-Chemie/Menarini Groupgermaniya
  • Maninil 5 tbl 5 mg No. 120, Berlin-Chemie/Menarini Groupgermaniya
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  • Maninilberlin-Chemie/Menarini Group (Germany)
  • Maninilberlin-Chemie/Menarini Group (Germany)


  • Tab. maninil 3.5mg 120berlin-Hema No.
  • Tab. maninil 3.5mg 120berlin-Hema No.


  • Maninil of 3,5 mg No. 120 of the tab. Berlin-Chemie (Germany)
  • Maninil of 5 mg No. 120 of the tab. Berlin-Chemie (Germany)
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Section: Diabetic
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Education: Graduated from the Bashkir state medical university majoring in "Medical business". In 2011 gained the diploma and the certificate in Therapy. In 2012 received 2 certificate and the diploma in "Functional diagnosis" and "Cardiology". In 2013 completed courses on "Topical issues of otorhinolaryngology in therapy". In 2014 completed advanced training courses in "A clinical echocardiography" and courses in "Medical rehabilitation".

Experience: From 2011 to 2014 the Policlinic No. 33 Ufa worked as the therapist and the cardiologist in MBUZ. Since 2014 the Policlinic No. 33 Ufa works as the cardiologist and the doctor of functional diagnosis in MBUZ.

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