Facial massage

Before drawing a make-up, after a breakfast and usual morning hygiene, spend ten – fifteen minutes for a facial massage. It is considered to be that the woman grows till twenty five years. And with a stunt, therefore (for some it is a sad subject, but, from it you will not get to anywhere) aging begins. Of course, noticeable it becomes very at a distant day. And the more carefully we will watch ourselves, the "we will longer "hold on".

Certainly, "to watch itself" means regular warm-ups, gymnastics, charging, massages, recreational and cleaning diets and so forth. But in this article we will stop on useful properties of a facial massage.

 What gives a facial massage?

Making various correct manipulations with face skin and necks, there is a stimulation of work of sebaceous glands thanks to what, as a result of regular trainings itself, this undesirable greasy luster in t zones disappears.

The T-zone is the center of the person – a zone between eyebrows, area of a nose and a chin which constantly should be powdered that did not shine. It is constant to degrease alcohol, lotions and other chemical liquids, it is not the best exit. Though skin there and fat, but it is also subject to aging.

The following plus of such massage is a stimulation of rejection of the died-off epidermis cells which, first, cork sebaceous glands, secondly, do skin dry and rough, especially in the areas poor in sebaceous glands or completely deprived of them. For example, area around eyes, the center of cheeks, a neck. Further, massaging a face, we stimulate the movement of a limfozhidkost that removes unpleasant puffiness which all have practically since morning, and sometimes and throughout all first half of day (if, of course, it not a consequence of an illness of kidneys, or the wrong way of life).

It is worth mentioning that else ancient Romans surely did every day massage of all body not to strain in gymnastic exercises because massage of muscles makes the same impact as though you did gymnastics on skin.

And the face also consists of muscles. And on a face not only skin becomes wrinkled over time, but also muscles droop, a conclusion from this follows – the person needs charging. You remember, all manipulations with face skin have to be gentle as a touch of wings of a butterfly. By the way, one of the fastest ways to remove swelled after a dream - it is massage by easy roundabouts of the small hillocks which are under ear lobes behind ears, within two minutes.

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