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  • Latin name: Medichronalum
  • ATH code: N07BB10
  • Active ingredient: Glycine (Glycine), Monogidrat of glucose (Glucose monohydrate), Formiate of sodium (Natrii formiate)
  • Producer: Darnitsa (Ukraine)


  • The package No. 1 of drug includes 17,5 g of monohydrate of glucose. Additional substance: povidone.
  • The package No. 2 of drug includes 7 g of glycine and 3,5 g of formiate of sodium. Additional substance: povidone.

Release form

Inodorous light yellow granules.

Granules in packages No. 1 and No. 2, one package No. 1 and one package No. 2 in a set. One, seven or twenty one sets in a pack from a cardboard.

Pharmacological action

Disintoxication action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Is the combined means promoting decrease in excess quantity of toxic metabolites (acetic aldehyde) of alcohol in an organism.

Possesses disintoxication action, activates exchange processes, stimulates biosynthesis of catecholamines, in particular noradrenaline that strengthens processes of neuromediation and functional activity of a cerebral cortex, normalizes a limbiko-reticular complex.

Positively influences work of a liver, improves overall health and a dream.

Decrease in symptoms of acute alcoholic poisoning and symptoms of an abstinence syndrome comes approximately in half an hour after reception.

Glycine is quickly soaked up from intestines. Has the bioavailability coming to 100%. Quickly gets into the majority of fabrics and liquids of an organism. It is transformed in a liver under the influence of a glitsinoksidaza.

Formiate of sodium is also actively soaked up in intestines. In an organism reacts with acetic aldehyde with allocation of conjugates which participate in work of a cycle of tricarboxylic acids and increase synthesis of makroergichesky connections.

Indications to use

  • For increase in efficiency of use of other methods of treatment of alcoholism.
  • Alcoholic poisoning, abstinent state.
  • Secondary prevention of alcoholism.
  • Prevention of intoxication.


Side effects

  • Reactions from a nervous system: deterioration in concentration, tension, headache, irritability.
  • Reactions from digestion: nausea.
  • Allergy: an itch, rash on a body, the small tortoiseshell.

Application instruction of Medikhronal Darnits (Way and dosage)

How to accept Medikhronal?

The following route of administration of Medikhronal is recommended. Drug is accepted orally after food, having dissolved previously contents of two packages (No. 1 and No. 2) in 200 ml of water. The single dose is equal to 28,5 g (the sum of mass of granules of both packages). For strengthening of flavoring properties as solvent it is possible to use in not carbonated drinks.

Medikhronal, application instruction

For stopping of acute alcoholic poisonings and abstinent states appoint on 28,5 g of drug in 12 hours in the first days, 28,5 g daily once a day in the second and third day.

In a complex with other means at therapy of an alcoholism and in case of need for secondary prevention Medikhronal appoint 28,5 g a day within a week. Usually take three such courses with breaks in 3 days.

For the prevention of recurrence in one and a half months after treatment by drug consults to pass a repeated monthly cycle of therapy. Passing of repeated preventive cycles of treatment lasting 7-14 days 1-3 times a year is possible.

For the prevention of intoxication it is necessary to take a single dose of drug for half an hour before the expected use of alcoholic drinks.


At overdose by drug emergence of disturbances of digestion is probable: diarrhea, abdominal distention, nausea. Strengthening of expressiveness of side reactions is also possible. The symptomatic treatment is carried out.


Glycine lowers toxicity of antipsychotic means, antikonvulsant, antidepressants, and also anticonvulsants.

When using drug with tranquilizers, antipsychotic and hypnagogues the effect of braking of a nervous system is stimulated.

Medikhronal it is authorized to combine with other drugs for therapy of alcohol addiction, excepting Disulfiramum.

Terms of sale

This means can be got without recipe.

Storage conditions

To protect from children. To store at a temperature up to 25 degrees.

Period of validity

3 years.

Special instructions

It is necessary to be careful at control of mobile mechanisms during treatment this drug.


Antakson, Vivitrol, Colm, Naltreksin, Selinkro, Tetlong, Atsidum With, Biotredin, Proproten 100.


  • Medikhronaldarnitsa (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Medikhronal of a granule 28.5g No. 21darnitsa (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Medikhronal of a granule 28.5g No. 7darnitsa (Ukraine, Kiev)


  • Medikhronal gran. 28.5gdarnitsa
  • Medikhronal gran. 28.5gdarnitsa
  • Medikhronal gran. 28.5gdarnitsa
Section: For a nervous system
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