Beehive: honey cosmetics

Honey – an excellent natural product which contains up to sixty useful substances in the structure: fructose, glucose, proteins, mineral salts, hormones, organic acids, vitamins. Also as a part of honey there are enzymes, aromatic substances, microelements – and all this in the natural form!

By means of honey a set of various diseases, in particular treat skin. Honey possesses a number of useful properties: has feature to strengthen and soften an integument, and also to enrich muscles with a glycogen.

Masks on the basis of honey have the magnificent stimulating effect, smooth wrinkles, do skin of more elastic, improve complexion. At the dry and withering face skin masks as a part of which honey contains are recommended.

Honey and lemon mask. A quarter of a glass of honey needs to be mixed with lemon juice ½. The turned-out mix is applied on face skin with roundabouts. After drawing one layer put following. If skin badly "reacts" to such structure, it can be changed. A variation of this recipe is the following structure: to mix a quarter of a glass of honey with two tablespoons of flour and four tablespoons of water.

At sluggish and dry face skin masks from milk and honey are useful. Honey in equal parts is mixed with milk, cream or sour cream. The mask is put on a face normally. Such mix bleaches skin and softens it.

The face pack prepared from honey with birch sap or strong freshly brewed tea in a proportion 1:1 is quite effective.

For clarification and refreshing of face skin use a honey and glyceric mask. Its recipe is simple: one teaspoon of honey should be mixed with glycerin and flour, further to add three teaspoons of water to mix and to stir carefully.

At angry and shelled face skin it is useful to treat by means of yolk and honey masks. It is necessary to mix a teaspoon of honey with one yolk and to apply structure on skin.

The dehydrated and fat-free skin with small wrinkles is well "fed" by a mask from oil, a yolk and honey. One tablespoon of honey is mixed with a yolk and a tablespoon of vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, linen, corn). If skin very dry and sensitive add 0,5 glasses of camomile infusion to structure. For the sluggish and growing old skin in addition enter a teaspoon of juice of a quince, a mountain ash, lemons into the recipe of a mask or broth of fruits of a juniper. To make mix more dense, it is possible to add a little potato or cornmeal.

At flabby and wrinkled skin apply a proteinaceous and honey mask. The teaspoon of honey is mixed with a tablespoon wheat or oatmeal. Then, without stopping stirring slowly, gradually pour in the beaten egg white of one egg in weight.

At sensitive type of face skin before drawing a mask do a compress of grass infusion (lime color, a camomile, a train, parsley, fennel, a dogrose).

All masks on a honey basis hold on skin about 15 - 20 minutes depending on individual feelings. It is necessary to unmask the wadded disk moistened in milk or warm water. Honey masks do 1-2 times a week within a month. After a break in 2-3 months it is possible to repeat "honey rehabilitation".

Needless to say that beauty external depends on what we eat. It is useful to drink grass infusions in a hot and cold look at all seasons of the year. Do not forget to sweeten such tea with a honey spoon: such natural sugar is much more useful. It is possible to have breakfast perfectly in the morning, having made sandwich from rye bread with a thin butter layer and honey: such meal improves mood, gives to cheerfulness and energy.

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