Mechanical cleaning of face skin

Cosmetic procedure of cleaning of face skin – one of painful procedures in cosmetology. Despite this fact, face peel is, perhaps, the most demanded procedure in any beauty shop.

Mechanical face peel means removal of pollution from an integument surface by means of mechanical impact on its contaminated sites. It is worth noticing that it is necessary to trust carrying out procedure only to professional cosmetologists.

Procedure is intended for fat or combined like skin and is made by the cosmetologist manually by means of special tools. Before cleaning clarification of skin and its steaming during which skin pores extend, thereby, is carried out facilitating process of removal of devitalized particles of the clogged-up pores.

Tools for carrying out procedure have to be sterile since during cleaning there is a deformation of skin and at inadequate processing of tools the risk of infection with such dangerous infections as AIDS/HIV, hepatitis, etc. is possible. By the way, the other day there passed the International day of fight against hepatitis devoted to incidence and methods of its distribution including. And the way of infection with an infection through blood takes not the last place.

As it was already noticed, face peel quite painful procedure. Some cosmetologists advise beforehand to accept anesthetics which will help to cope with pain during process of clarification of skin.

After procedure the calming mask which has to possess antiinflammatory and narrowing a time effects is applied on skin. You should not be frightened at a view of skin directly after cleaning. At mechanical influence there is a deformation of skin, there are roughnesses and reddenings, but it is short-term effect. Approximately for the second day after carrying out cleaning the integument is leveled, reddenings disappear. In a type of what, it is necessary to appoint procedure with a stock not less than two days for recovery of outward of skin.

In day after clarification it is not recommended to wash a face, to do a make-up, to use any cosmetics, and also to be engaged in the physical exercises interfaced to the increased sweating. Everything listed can lead to a repeated blockage of still enlarged pores of skin.

Procedure, as well as any other, has a number of contraindications: skin inflammations, bronchial asthma, hypertensive and skin diseases, and also critical days.

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