Mexican diet

As well as other national diets, the Mexican diet it is quite specific, nevertheless, and it has positive sides. The most important plus is that you feel result four days after which your weight can be reduced by 3-4 kg. Besides, Mexican diet quite cheap. Thirdly, it can be used practically at all seasons of the year whereas, for example, the water-melon diet is available only in August when there are natural water-melons. Is at it and negative sides – for someone can be very difficult to follow it. It will become clear when we consider the menu.
Daily there will be 3 meals:

In the first day you have breakfast orange, in couple of hard boiled eggs and a cup of unsweetened black coffee. You have dinner eight features of prunes. You have supper orange with egg.

The second day a breakfast – coffee and 50 g of cheese. A lunch – orange with egg. A dinner – an average pear and 300 g of kefir.
The third day begins with one cup of black tea. You have dinner a cucumber with tomato and 50 g of cheese. For dinner just you drink a glass of milk.

And, at last, in the last day you have breakfast myuslyam and juice, you have dinner tomato, hard boiled egg and a cucumber, and you have supper in couple of oranges. If to follow this menu, the Mexican diet will give excellent effect.

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