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  • Latin name: Menovasin
  • ATH code: M02AX
  • Active ingredient: Benzocaine + Procainum + Ratsementol (Benzocaine + Procaine + Racementhol)
  • Producer: Moscow pharmaceutical factory, Rostov farmfabrika of closed joint stock company, Tver pharmaceutical factory, Ivanovo pharmaceutical factory, Synthesis of joint stock company, Permfarmation, Tula pharmaceutical factory, Kemerovo farmfabrika, Yaroslavl farmfabrika (Russia) and others

Structure of Menovasinum

  • For topical administration 2,5 grams of menthol, 1 gram of benzocaine, 1 gram of Procainum are a part of 100 ml of spirit solution. Additional substances: 70% alcohol.
  • Menovasinum ointment in number of 1 grams includes 25 mg of gram of menthol, 10 mg of benzocaine, 10 mg of Procainum. Additional substances: white paraffin, mineral oil, water, T-2 emulsifier.

Release form

  • Transparent, colourless solution with a menthol smell. It is intended only for external use — 25, 30, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100 or 40 ml in a glass bottle.
  • White ointment with a menthol smell. 40 grams of ointment in an aluminum tuba — 1 tuba in a pack from paper.

Pharmacological action

The local irritative, antipruritic, distracting, calming, antiseptic and mestnoanesteziruyushchy action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Menovazan is a multicomponent medicine which properties are caused by the active ingredients which are present at structure.

For example, menthol selectively affects receptors tropny to low temperature from what drug causes cold sense, and the irritating effect can be replaced by weak anesthesia. Menthol reflex changes a tone, both superficial, and deep arteries and veins. Stimulates mestnoanesteziruyushchy effect of benzocaine and Procainum.

Procainum has strongly expressed anesthetizing properties, but it does not affect a tone of vessels.

Benzocaine causes local anesthesia in a site of application.

It is proved that such combination of the specified ingredients provides ability of drug to cause reversible braking of excitability and conductivity of axons of neurons, to show distracting and an irritant action, to suppress excitement of walls of nerve fibril, to reduce action potential size, to increase a threshold of depolarization of a wall of nerve fibril, to brake the speed of the ascending action potential stage.


The pharmacokinetics of this means was not studied.

Indications to use of Menovasinum

Solution of Menovasinum, the indication to use

  • mialgiya;
  • neuralgia;
  • pruritic dermatosis;
  • arthralgia.

Ointment Menovasinum, indications to use

Indications to use on ointment are identical to the above-stated indications on solution.


Contraindications to use on ointment and solution:

  • wounds of integuments in the field of intended application;
  • hypersensitivity;
  • diseases of skin of inflammatory character in the field of expected drawing.

It is recommended to apply with care means at children, at pregnancy and during a lactation.

Side effects

Most often there are contact dermatitis and skin allergic reactions.

At long-term use on extensive sites of skin the adynamy, dizziness, lowering of blood pressure (in a similar case therapy by drug is completed) is not excluded.

Application instruction of Menovasinum (Way and dosage)

Menovasinum solution, application instruction

Solution is used only outwardly for what Menovasinum is applied on the affected skin. Liquid is rubbed to three times a day. Terms of treatment depend on medical effect, but not longer than 4 weeks. If there is a need a course of treatment repeat.

The instruction on ointment (including Menovazin-vishfa)

Medicine in this form of release is applied only outwardly to 3 times a day to rubbing in in affected areas of skin. Duration of treatment depends on clinic and a form of a disease. The limit daily dose is equal the 9th gram of ointment.


When using means in the specified dosages system absorption is minimum.

At long treatment emergence of skin allergic reactions such as peeling or dermatitis is possible.

In case of the specified symptoms drug should be cancelled immediately.


It is not recommended to use the described means along with other topical drugs as at such combination effects of the last are stimulated.

Ingredients of drug are capable to weaken antibacterial effects of sulfanamide means.

At a concomitant use of any medicines it is necessary to notify the attending physician.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

To store in the dark place at the room temperature. To protect from children.

Period of validity

Two years.


The most available analogs are listed below: Alor, Amprovizol, Algasan, Bainvel, Deep Relief.

To children

Drug persons should not appoint younger than 18 years.


  • Menovasinum ml solution 40 fl. Tula pharmaceutical factory of Ltd company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Menovasinum solution of outside 40 ml, Ivanovo FF (Ivanovo) Russia
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  • Menovazinternopolsky FF (Ukraine, Ternopil)
  • Menovazingezmp (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Menovasinum 40mlzhitomirskaya FF (Ukraine, Zhytomyr)
  • Menovazinviola FF (Ukraine, Zaporizhia)
  • Menovazinfitofarm (Ukraine, Artemovsk)


  • Menovasinum 40mlzhitomirskaya FF
  • Menovasinum 40mlzhitomirskaya FF
  • Menovasinum 40mlzhitomirskaya FF
  • Menovasinum 40mlzhitomirskaya FF
  • Menovasinum 40mlzhitomirskaya FF


  • Menovasinum of 40 ml zhidk.naruzhn. Pharmacy Karaganda (Kazakhstan)
  • Menovasinum of 50 ml zhidk.naruzhn.
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