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  • Latin name: Meridia
  • ATH code: A08AA10
  • Active ingredient: Sibutramin
  • Producer: Abbott GmbH & Co KG (Germany)


1 capsule contains active component of a sibutramin of a hydrochloride monohydrate in number of 10 or 15 mg, and also auxiliary components: dioxide of colloid silicone, monohydrate of lactose, magnesium stearate, microcrystallic cellulose.

Release form

Drug is issued in capsules.

Pharmacological action

Anorexigenic. Drug is used for treatment of obesity.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Active ingredient sibutramin influences in vivo at the expense of inhibition of the return capture of monoamines metabolites.

In synapses the maintenance of neurotransmitters increases that stimulates activity of the central 5-HT-serotoninovykh and adrenergic receptors. The feeling of saturation is as a result shown, at the patient the need for food considerably decreases, at the same time thermoproducts increase.

There is also active impact on brown fatty tissue by activation of b3-adrenoceptors.

Indications to use

Medicine is appointed to patients with alimentary obesity at whom the index of body weight exceeds 30 kg/sq.m.

It is applied at alimentary obesity with IMT of 27 kg/sq.m and more which is combined by a non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or a dislipoproteinemiya.


Drug should not be used in the presence of the following diseases and the reasons: organic premises to obesity, serious violations in food, mental diseases, de la Tourett's syndrome. It is impossible to use drug at simultaneous treatment by MAO inhibitors or at their use for two weeks prior to reception of a meridi, reception of inhibitors of the return serotonin reuptake, hypnagogues, drugs which contain tryptophane, other HP for weight reduction of the central action. This drug is contraindicated also at diseases of cardiovascular system, uncontrollable arterial hypertension, a thyrotoxicosis, heavy disturbances in work of a liver, kidneys, a pheochromocytoma, a benign hyperplasia of a prostate, closed-angle glaucoma, pregnancy and chest feeding. Children, teenagers, people cannot accept drug, 65 years are more senior, that at whom drug, alcohol, medicinal addiction, high sensitivity to a sibutramin is observed.

Carefully appoint cure for arrhythmias in the anamnesis, a cholelithiasis, chronic heart failure, arterial hypertension, neurologic disturbances, disturbances in functioning of a liver, kidneys easy and moderately severe, in the presence in the anamnesis of motor and verbal tics.

Side effects

Side effects in the course of therapy can arise in the first weeks of use of drug. Over time they become less expressed.

In work of TsNS and peripheral nervous system there can be sleeplessness, dizziness, headaches, paresthesias, concern, change in taste. In work of cardiovascular system tachycardia, increase of the ABP, a vazodilatation is shown.

In work of a gastrointestinal tract there can be a dryness in a mouth, loss of appetite, a lock; also nausea, an exacerbation of hemorrhoids can sometimes be shown. As a side effect high sweating can be shown.

Also isolated cases of manifestation of a dysmenorrhea, hypostases, grippopodobny syndrome, dorsodynia and in a stomach, a skin itch, increase of appetite, thirst, a depression, drowsiness, rhinitis, uneasiness, irritability, acute intersticial nephrite, bleedings, Shenleyna-Genokh's purpura, spasms, thrombocytopenia are described.

Meridia, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The specialist has to establish a dose of administration of drug in an individual order.

The initial dose has to make 10 mg. If the effect at the same time is not observed, that is the patient dumps less than 2 kg in four weeks, then the dose at good tolerance of means can be raised to 15 mg a day. In case of absence effective influence treatment should not be continued.

Capsules drug are accepted in the morning, it is necessary to wash down them plentifully. Meal at the same time does not matter.

It is not necessary to continue therapy after three-months administration of drug by that to patients who could not lose weight during this time for 5% of initial level.

It is also not necessary to practice further treatment if after weight reduction against treatment to data of HP the patient gains more than 3 kg. Reception duration drug of Meridia cannot proceed more than two years, information on safety of administration of drug throughout longer time is absent.


Symptoms most often meet the following: dizzinesses, tachycardia, head pains, arterial hypertension.

Treatment on symptoms is applied, and also washing of a gastrointestinal tract is recommended. The hemodialysis is inefficient.

Terms of sale

Treats strong substances. The recipe is required.

Storage conditions

Drug should be stored according to rules of storage of drugs from the list B. To protect from access for children and hit of moisture. Temperature of storage should not exceed 25 °C.

Period of validity

No more than three years.

Special recommendations

It is reasonable to use this means only in cases when a diet, exercise stresses do not render due effect, that is weight in 3 months decreased less than by 3 kg. Use of drug of a meridi needs to be carried out only under careful control of the specialist. It is necessary to apply at the same time an integrated approach to a problem, that is to make change of the principles of food, to increase physical activity. In the course of treatment it is necessary to carry out by drug constantly control of arterial pressure and heart rate. If twice at control measurement the ABP level exceeded 145/90 mm hg, then reception of HP stops.

In case of the admission of a dose of drug two pill in following should not be taken. The Meridia is not combined with alcoholic beverages as alcohol violates the scheme of a diet recommended at administration of drug.

Drug can affect ability to work with dangerous mechanisms and to drive vehicles.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Medicines of Zeliks, Lindaks, Waist.

About Meridia

According to reviews of Meridia, for weight loss this drug is often used at problems with obesity and really most often helps, reducing appetite and leaving the gained effect. However therapy has to be complex and be used only in case of emergency when other ways do not help.

After use of a medicine there can be negative effects for health, develop side effects. Also drug costs much.


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