The metabolism at women is slowed down at a certain age

When the woman reaches a certain age, her metabolism is sharply slowed down then there is its stabilization.

The other day results of research of Nathan Yau, graduate of the Californian university were published. It managed to calculate, that age at which in a female organism there is the most expressed delay of a metabolism.

The scientist disproved opinion that delay of a metabolism begins to happen since 20, having confirmed what is most expressed exchange processes are slowed down when the woman is 25 years old.

According to the specialist, the fact that with age the woman begins to move less is the reason of delay of a metabolism. Thus, if not to correct a diet, then decrease in muscle bulk and gradual accumulation of adiposities is inevitable.

By the way, the scientist emphasizes that after sharp delay of metabolic processes at a certain age there is a stabilization of a metabolism. However this thesis is fair only in relation to women. The man's metabolism is slowed down gradually with age and stabilized very seldom.

Therefore, each person has to correct the number of calories in the daily menu to avoid a set of extra kilos with age.

By the way, some nutritionists claim that fasting days, which for persons interested to grow thin much more usefully, than a long diet help "to start" a metabolism. There are many options of fasting days, and all of them promote not only activation of exchange processes, but also clarification of an organism, improvement of work of a number of bodies and systems. The most popular options of such unloading – apple, milk, cucumber, berry and even meat days. Before such practice nevertheless it is worth consulting to the nutritionist and to tell him about all problems with health.

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