Intestines meteorism – definition of a state at which there is too big accumulation of gases in a digestive tract. It arises because gases are formed too much, or gases are insufficiently removed from intestines. At the healthy person the amount of gases depends, first of all, on its age, features of way of life and eating habits.

Gases generally collect in a stomach, and also in bends of a large intestine. Their education happens in view of several reasons. About 70% of gas which contains in bodies of a digestive tract are air which is swallowed by the person. It actively occurs during talk at acceptance of food, at too fast proglatyvaniye of food, during the use of drinks through a straw, at continuous chewing of an elastic band. Also they are allocated during digestion of food and in the course of neutralization with soda which is accepted during heartburn, a gastric juice. The part of gases comes out through lungs by initial absorption in blood, and also will be allocated through a rectum.

Meteorism origins

At the healthy person gases in a large intestine consist of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. At normal functioning of an organism in days from 500 to 2000 ml of gases are developed. There are several reasons of manifestation of a meteorism at the person. The meteorism alimentary is shown after the use of those products in which there are a lot of starch and celluloses. Also the carbonated drinks, and also food stuffs taken by the person which cause fermentation processes can become the reason of emergence of this type of a meteorism. If in a human body the lack of enzymes takes place, absorption of gases is broken, dysbacteriosis takes place, then in such cases disturbances in digestion processes become the reason of a meteorism. Among the meteorism reasons there can also be an intolerance an organism of lactose which contains in cow's milk. The organism cannot process lactose, respectively, a large amount of gases is formed.

Meteorizmmekhanichesky arises in case of existence in an organism of mechanical obstacles in a gullet – polyps, tumors. Meteorizmdinamichesky is shown at disturbances in motility of a gastrointestinal tract. At such type of a meteorism intestines can not contain too large amount of gases, however, their transit too slow. So, the similar type of a meteorism can arise because of toxic impacts on intestines as a result of any infections. A meteorism circulator — result of disturbances of blood circulation in an organism. Because of it motility of intestines, and also its evakuatorny function is broken, there is a development of a dizbioz. There is also high-rise meteorism which symptoms are shown during sharp rise on height. In that case gases extend, their pressure increases. The meteorism psychogenic arises owing to deviations of mental character.

Meteorism symptoms

As symptoms of a meteorism it is considered to be too frequent release of gases, an unpleasant pungent smell, loud sounds at an exit of gases, constant discomfort and sounds of a swirling in a stomach. Patients who suffer from a meteorism, complain of constant heavy feeling and raspiraniye in a stomach, very often these feelings are followed by pains in different places of a stomach. Perhaps also manifestation of skhvatkoobrazny pain. After gases depart, the pains called by gas colic gradually abate. Sometimes gases depart often and is noisy, in other cases there is a delay of gases. Also at a similar state quite often there is an eructation, a lock or a diarrhea, nausea, in a mouth unpleasant taste and a smell is shown, appetite decreases. Sometimes symptoms of a meteorism is the strengthened heartbeat, burning sensation in heart, heartburn, a headache, feeling of concern, bad mood, weakness. Rather strong otdyshka can be shown.

метеоризмAt newborn babies symptoms of a meteorism are gripes or a large intestine pain. To define that the baby suffers from accumulation of gases, it is necessary to look narrowly at his behavior. As a rule, at a meteorism the child shows concern at once after acceptance of food, reddens, shouts and presses to a leg stomach. In most cases immaturity of intestines is the reason of such illness at newborns. Very often similar symptoms of a meteorism are shown at premature kids. The meteorism reasons at pregnant women – too strong squeezing of intestines the increased uterus, and also the hormonal changes in an organism causing deterioration in work of intestines.

Diagnosis of a meteorism

First of all, the doctor conducts detailed survey of the patient, finds out what symptoms of a meteorism, its anamnesis studies to define what is the reason of the increased gas generation. Radiological examination of bodies of a gastrointestinal tract is in some cases conducted. The auscultation method which is based on studying of noise in intestines is applied to diagnosis of a mechanical or dynamic meteorism of intestines.

Treatment of a meteorism

As a rule, treatment of a meteorism consists not in disposal of symptoms, and in therapy of an illness which provokes manifestations of accumulation of gases. So, if at the person enzymatic insufficiency is observed, it is necessary to accept enzymes if the reasons of a meteorism are covered in dysbacteriosis, treatment of a meteorism will be directed to recovery of optimum microflora in intestines. Similarly corresponding drugs carry out treatment of ponos and locks.

To get rid of strong pain in a stomach, spasmolysants are used. For reduction of formation of gases and overcoming of abdominal distention accept absorbent carbon or a smekta. In case of a meteorism as consequences of intestinal infection the doctor appoints a course of treatment the drugs Hilak-Forte, Lineks, Atsilakt. The drugs used for the prevention of a meteorism there are several types. These are drugs which interfere with production of gases (disflatit, espumizan); drugs which accelerate an exit of gases (cerucal, motilium); drugs which basis are the vegetable raw materials (fennel and fennel is generally used).

However treatment of a meteorism assumes the integrated approach to this process which is based not only on reception of medicines. First of all, an important step is observance of a diet at a meteorism which includes only the products which are not causing the increased gas generation. So, the diet at a meteorism assumes the use of grain, especially buckwheat, dairy products, carrots and beet dishes. But the most important at treatment of a meteorism – to adhere to the principles of the balanced food.

At intolerance it is necessary to limit to an organism of lactose the use of dairy products as much as possible. At the same time fermented milk products in this case are not prohibited. However it is necessary to use them in reasonable quantities. Not less important at treatment of a meteorism to adhere to continuous physical activity, sedentary work can provoke the increased gas generation. A number of the folk remedies which are effectively influencing the general condition of the patient is also successfully applied. These are teas from mint, a root of a valerian, fennel, a camomile, dried ginger. Children of chest age for the prevention of gripes are recommended to accept dill water, children's tea from fennel.

Prevention of a meteorism

метеоризмFor the prevention of manifestation of a meteorism of intestines it is necessary to adhere to the balanced diet of food, first of all, constantly. People at whom the increased formation of gases is periodically shown will be helped by the recommended diet at a meteorism. At the same time it is important not to abuse observance of diets for the purpose of weight loss which can do harm to a digestive tract of the person. Very often the meteorism turns out to be consequence sedentary or not enough active lifestyle of the person that as a result provokes developments of stagnation and the increased formation of gases in an organism. Regular exercise stresses which ideally have to be present at the everyday mode also promote normal functioning of a gastrointestinal tract.

The people suffering from locks are not recommended to resort to the help of enemas and purgatives as such abuse negatively influences the gastrointestinal tract functions constantly. It is necessary to consult with the specialist who will appoint an optimum method of treatment. At the first manifestations of a meteorism it is necessary to address at once the doctor, such symptoms can demonstrate development of serious diseases.

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